offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Tuesday 20/03/2007, 17:49

We need your opinion on what we think is an important matter: What do you want to do with characters that are too strong for the ELO mode. Currently we ban them from the ELO mode and they keep their overpowered stats. Another option would be to alter their stats, so they could fit in the ELO mode and allow them. Which one do you prefer? You can go to your profil page and tell us.

offline T4rryT5ughman Titan Army of Darkness
Friday 23/03/2007, 11:24

IN repsonse to JP, good points both but as far as 'commit to it and buy credits at the shop', I need to refute that point. Imagine, non evolved cards banned from ELO play. Would that required those who want to play in that mode to buy more cards EVO them before hand or buy them from the market fully evolved if they can? That be would good for both the market player and ELO player and the site owners as well. Just my counterpoint to the matter. As far as making too strong cards into collectors then making weaker, I HIGHLY disagree. We need more ORIGINAL cards with more maybe a couple more abilities developed. Rhashing the the old is not really a good thing.

offline AOD_CKANE Guru  
Friday 23/03/2007, 13:49

Yes I think we need newer cards instead of trying to recycle the older cards into a new direction. I understand the developers problems here as well. It cost money to commission art and to have staff to administer the database and so forth (so thats why you wouldn't want such a huge collection in the 1000's), but on the other hand this is a collector card game -- and even if it wasn't designed to be a collector card game originally, it is now.

Like most projects certain things happen that you simply have to accept and work with, not against. So I think instead of working against the older stats cards -- that no longer fit into the plan -- you should work with them and modify the plan to fit the cards.

Just my 3 cents. I like potatoes.

offline cBp_Fojtik Colossus Czech Beer Power
Friday 23/03/2007, 13:50

About playing not fully evolved cards in ELO:
Game is more flexible with it. But it is very expensive and time consuming to buy non leveled cards I need to play. I personally prefere to have possibility play not fully evolved cards in ELO. But I want some possibility to downgrade level of my fully evolved character. For example sent my character in some brainwosh therapy smiley And pay 100 clintz for level down.

offline Bloodmoor Imperator  
Friday 23/03/2007, 14:08

The poll is not assumes by option that we all agree to either ban or down-grade....what of us that want neither?

offline AOD_CKANE Guru  
Friday 23/03/2007, 15:25

Then you don't participate in the poll. That is always a option.

offline DanTheTimid Titan  
Friday 23/03/2007, 15:28

If you want neither... then you play regular mode. ELO mode is meant for stratedgists who want a fun balanced game that favors players who build and play smartly instead of just spending the most money on the most over powered cards. My guess is the majority of people who are voting against having stats changed are people who don't even play ELO mode but play regular and don't want their powerful regular cards getting weakened so that the ELO players have more options. Its a shame it looks like ELO mode is going to suffer because regular mode is more popular, but I understand their point of view, they spent alot of money on those cards, they don't ELO so they don't care if they're banned there, they just want them to continue to be ridiculously amazing in regular.

Continuing the other subject I would LOVE if once card was max leveled you could pay a small ctz fee to "advanced level" it which would allow you to choose which level of it to use whenever adding it to a deck.

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