offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Friday 06/04/2007, 14:45

I guess you already noticed that the site changed smiley. Tell us what you think of it...

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Saturday 07/04/2007, 06:17

CBP_Tarr: look there
You see the video of the previous version? When the mouse is not hovering the small picture of the card, there is no ability and bonuses displayed. Did you have something different?
And in the current version, do you have the full card appear when you hover (without clicking) on the small picture?

offline X-Thuga-X Legend  
Saturday 07/04/2007, 08:41

When i have the mouse above a card like chloe i can not see the whole ability!?smiley

offline DANYez Imperator  
Saturday 07/04/2007, 10:55

And another bug i have put 6 pills on a card and when it was the battle i was having only 1 pillsmiley

offline Progenitor Titan  
Saturday 07/04/2007, 12:13

I have to say that the new site is a turn off for me and here's why: I think I speak for more then myself when I say simpicity is key. For me, simpicity and ease of use alone is more functionable den adding all these features to make it look functionable, now there's just too many things to take sight of. That would not normally be a problem, features are good but I feel the main reason is because everything feels so streched out; the empty spaces, added features and big playing screen just makes all of it feel bigger and somewhat messier it is overwhelming compared to the simple layout of old.
I really don't mind the drop down tabs, I feel it is an improvement unless pple can't read(community is where forums is etc, it is easy to get used to) However the layout is stretched so that if Im playing the game is the now big screen, I can't see the tabs and have to scroll. I think the main problem lies with the huge, cumbersome and uncompromising screen, everything would be a step up if we got to keep the old screen. Not only does it stretch out the whole site, it just feels cumbersome and like an eyesore for me and cumbersome in every sense of the word as we now have to mouse over to see ablities, the ablities aren't written in full and sometimes the mouse over is stuck on one card. Another example of stretched out is the profile screen, and the big spacing btw the fair play status and player name in the play screen. I appreciate the devs putting effort to make things look

offline Progenitor Titan  
Saturday 07/04/2007, 12:20

Sorted out and categorizing them, but I still prefer my options to be all in a place I can pinpoint rather then taking time to look around, sure it is sorted out, but btw the enlarged layout and having many things to look at, sometimes it is more frustrating den user friendly. The drop down menu was a good step , but I rather some things to be grouped together den sorted to be place in diff areas unnecessarily , eg. the clan selection list suddenly placed to the far right in the market, now I have to look both left and right. Overall, it is ok , not neccessarily a step up for me with all the suddenly rearrangement of things to different places in a expanded layout that can be frustrating, but the cumbersome fat screen is the real downer for me. I wish we were given a poll to choose from the new and old layout, I can see the effort in part of the devs, but I can also see the frustration for me.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Saturday 07/04/2007, 12:32

As I said, we are totally convinced that the new version is better (and so far, the feedback we've got has been extremely positive).
Again, we CANNOT keep both the old and the new version running. And we are quite certains that most of your concerns will be removed while we are squashing the latest bugs (long abilities on the card, stuff like that) and while you will be accustomed to it.
We also cannot keep a hyper long menu on the left, because we will add features and stuff torough 2007+, and the list would be more and more cluttered.

We are aware that there will always be some "who prefered the previous version", and usually they are the most "voicy", we will try to add small things so as many people as possible will be happy smiley Obviously, we will not be able to satisfy everybody.

Btw, we have broken records yesterday with 2450 players playing just 2h after the release (last record: 1950), so we are definitly satisfied with the new site smiley

ps: Please report -bugs- using "contact us", not this thread, thx.

offline Karon Guru  
Saturday 07/04/2007, 12:41

Looks very good and beatifully ordered. One little thing though: I can't see the minimum damage on "damage reducer"-cards. I'm running 1024x768 screen solution, so that problem shouldn't be nescessary.

offline Karon Guru  
Saturday 07/04/2007, 12:44

I like the the layout, and the graphics are just beautifull. One thing though: I can't see the minimum damage on damage-reducer cards. I'm running 1024x768 screen solution, so this should not need to be a problem.

offline Margyanni Imperator Dynasty of Lost Souls
Saturday 07/04/2007, 14:25

I love it so far, but I have a few concerns
1. my screen is 1024X 768 and when a card is played that says -X opposing damage, min Y the min Y part dont fit and therefore dont show.. i have to try and guess or remember what that card was.
2. I still havent figured out on the collector pro page how to edit a deck i already had working, so then i switched back to the my deck page and edited the deck with the collectors page. I still cant find where you edit existing decks on the pro page.
3. When im in a fight. as soon as the page loads the 4 cards for me and my opponent for the game, it just shows pictures of the cards on the play field. Before it showed the picture of the card and had the # of damage & # of power right below the picture as well as the stars filled etc without having to hover over cards. It showed the complete card and stats of that card. now it just shows the pic of the character until you hover it. Im new and dont know every card by heart yet so this is a pain for me. If i hover it shows all the information but then i have to hover and wait over each card of mine and my opponents cards over and over to remember what they have and i have. its really a pain when your trying to play. Especially during tournaments when speed is important.
4. and lastly.... when im on the room pages that lists everyones names available to fight, its so big now i have to scroll my screen down then scroll the site down to see it all, it wont fit and that wastes my time.

offline Pocket Coffin Titan Bloody Carotas
Saturday 07/04/2007, 14:31

Awesome, i'm impressed how much effort is spent into this game day after day.

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