offline Fraggle Titan  
Monday 11/12/2006, 08:17

Hello everybody,

As you may have noticed, the outcome has been impredictible until the last minute but in the end, supporters of the no-random
option won the poll.
Starting from now, the randomness has been removed from the Danger Zone, no matter what kind of game you wish to play (ELO,
normal, tournaments..): the character with the higher attack will always win the round.
If both characters attacks are equals, they have both 50% chances to win the round.
Next poll will be up soon!

offline 6SimS-Sven Guru UTOPiA
Monday 11/12/2006, 10:06

Whew i voted like 5 times i dont care to my money....smiley

offline Fraggle Titan  
Monday 11/12/2006, 11:10

Reminder: ONLY IN THE DANGER ZONE smiley
If you have any outcome that seems to contredict the law of the games, please double check power and bonus and then, if you are sure of the
results, send us a mail to the contact team with a maximum of details (we might have left a bug somewhere).

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