offline jmod1993 Senior  
Monday 19/07/2010, 10:47

Im looking to save up for a deck like All-stars and Junkz.

they will both have 3, 5star characters, and 1, 4stars too. any flaws or good cards for this deck i will be investing in.

soz, this was written in a rush

offline Fatecalling Veteran  
Monday 19/07/2010, 11:23's ok.i understand. Just breathe in and breathe out. You want to stop playing for victory and you want to play for fun.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 19/07/2010, 13:29

Flaw, a huge star count.
Flaw, you have to choose between two great 4* in Junkz and in All Stars
Flaw, you have to choose which underpowered 5*s to play
Flaw, you would go first 90% of the time, giving your opponent the advantage

But if you insist on getting this kind of a deck.
Peeler/Taham/Haze/Dj Korr Cr
Oyoh/El Gringo/Eyrton/Essie
Those are the cards you'd want to aim for.

offline TCG_Kris Senior  
Monday 26/07/2010, 23:20

If this is for a DT deck, you should rethink. DTs will work better for you the lower your star count. So for T2, 26-29 Stars is ideal and for T1, 20-25 or even lower.

So, my suggestion for a Deck would be:
All Stars:
Jessie Randy Striker Marina
Gil Gibson Rowdy Onik

Which is 26 stars

Gil and Jessie are among the 2 best 2 Stars in the game, just as Rowdy, Striker, Gibson, and Marina are some of the best 4 stars.
Since there's a lower star count, you'll earn more BPs in your DT and get you higher quicker than a high star deck.

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