offline facemuffin Senior  
Tuesday 29/06/2010, 16:46

In DM.
That means, which cards are the least threatening at all points of the game, where your opponent will play fast?
1 power cards with no help preferred.

offline St3f Guru  
Friday 09/07/2010, 19:48

I don't know but I find tham funny: but I never get a full dm

offline badna0 Imperator  
Friday 09/07/2010, 21:13

50 itty bitty clintz isn't bad money for in betweenz tournaments.
Survivor stresses me out too much. I think I make more in DM, if you count how fast T2 matches go.

offline drakenkanon Master  
Friday 09/07/2010, 21:14

@traxxxion: same here smiley, whats the purpose of leveling anyway? that is when you are level 50

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Friday 09/07/2010, 21:28

Not to mention the ridiculous rule of lower beats a higher level= more points
I ridiculed Fraggle's perception on that but he hasn't replied smiley

offline Wraith_ Veteran Organized Konfusion
Saturday 10/07/2010, 08:30

Hey if we beat a player twice we get -5 points if he beats us he gets +points for revenge ...????smiley

offline drakenkanon Master  
Saturday 10/07/2010, 12:54

Of course: if you are a low level with bad cards you should be worth less points if one opponent keept beating you.

offline Zhudac Master  
Sunday 11/07/2010, 00:08


Many so-called "noobs" tend to have better cards than you. I imagine when you're past level 40-50 or so when most players are below your level, that you'll suffer penalties every game when realistically level 25+ people have all the capacity to build a deck as good as yours (I'd argue level 20+, but some people don't play DT or ELO...) unless you have any of the Big Five, which is such a minority of the players that it shouldn't affect everybody.

The only way this could help is for "true" noobs who are low levels and are playing with terrible decks. However, they should stay in the level-restricted (like safe neighborhood) rooms instead of going somewhere else to reap benefit of their inexperience in the game. Going head-to-head in a real, fair match against other people with similar skill levels would help noobs more, IMO. There is a reason why noobs don't get 50 extra points for beating higher-levels in ELO, so why shouldn't that apply to DMs too?

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Sunday 11/07/2010, 00:14

We should get points for beating ppl who like to brag about their elo and survivor scores being higher than yours XD
So when you beat them you can say, well you're better than me at survivor, and elo, but you suck at playing me smiley

offline spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Monday 24/10/2011, 22:14

I tryied to play in DM room with same tactics - lose fast all games. Then I met deck with one of the strongest cards - Caelus CR ... my opponent played pretty slow, so I showed him, that Caelus CR got real opponent in Clunt City smiley

offline Xtyx_ Imperator Casual Grind
Tuesday 25/10/2011, 10:32

Facemuffin - Senior - Tuesday 29/06/2010, 21:46

lol spagr

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