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Welcome. Get ready to fight, like you never did, you will have to make the most of your cards and build carefully your game strategy.
Good luck!

Phase 1
From 108 to 54 players
14 Life Points - 12 pillz
Type 1
Four cards for which the addition of power and basic damage must be an even number.
Four cards for which the addition of power and basic damage must be an odd number.
The power or the basic damage of every single card must be different from their own star number.
All the cards must be designed by a different graphic designer.

Phase 2
From 54 to 27 players
12 Life Points - 12 pillz
Type 1
No semi-evoluted cards allowed
All the cards must have a power and a basic damage different from all the others.
Explanation: You have to do a deck with 8 cards, whose power goes from 1 to 8 considering the basic value on the card, and a damage that goes from 1 to 8 considering the basic value on the card.

Phase 3
From 27 to 9 players
12 Life Points - 11 Pillz
Type 1
Your Deck cannot have double characters in it.
Your Deck must contain at least 3 characters with the first name's letter that is to be the same as your own clan's one.
Your Deck must contain at least 2 clans.
Your Deck Must contain at least 1 card (active power) without numbers in its ability or in its bonus.
Your Deck cannot contain any 5 level cards.
You have to play unavoidable the cards in "column style" (not unavoidable from left to right or viceversa)

Phase 4
From 9 to 3 players
12 Life Points - 15 Pillz
Type 1
Your Deck cannot have double characters in it.
A little surprise about deck's composition [(no P. no B.) I shall explain it to the 9 semi-finalists]
Unavoidable to play the cards in exit order from the left to the right.
It's forbidden to play a number of pillz higher than the number star's card.
EX: Guru Cr if at the higher level, can be played with max 5 pillz. Caelus Cr if semi-evoluted at level 4, can be played with max 4 pillz.

Phase 5
12 Life Points - 12 Pillz
Type 1
Your Deck cannot have double characters in it.
No semi-evoluted cards allowed
To form the deck, choose 3 of the following pairs:

Stacey – Eyrton
Karen – Loma Noju
Striker – Davina
Sigurd – Miss Jessie

B Ball – Fifty
Randal – Sleam
Chlora – Kluwn
Fixit – Graff

Taylor – Bernie
Elvis – Darril
Lola – Revok
Melanie – Boyle

Kuei – Sakazuki
Fei – Xia Leming
Zhu Tang – Katy
Kusuri – Hattori

Baldovino – Wonald
Grudj – Karmov
Olga – Mamoon
Hula – Rhyno

Frozn – No cards.

Wardom – Ludmilla
Toro – Mini Mund
Bristone – Methane
Arkn – XU52

Bragh – Jean
Chill – Nyema
Scopica – Eggman
Pegh – Eduardo

Haze – Flanagan
Nobrodroid – Onik
Tremorh – Fizzle
Dash – Maazk

Ray – Dean
Arnie – Laura
Trish – Dacote
Wardog – Dugan

Leader – It isn't a Clan.

Don – Ficcanaso
Grezzo – Veccio
Oscar – Donnie
Spiaghi – Enzo

Karrion – Sheitane
Azgroth – Cutey
Kenny – Russel
Artus – Ielena

Selma – Tula
Raeth – Goldie
Tyd – Sting
Hawkins – Sliman

Louise – Ella
Diana – Candice
Muze – Veronica
Lucy – Clara

Hax – Krash
Kerry – Slyde
Anita – Benson
Steve – Nancy

Shakra – Jeto
Ratanah – Craho
Jeena – Lilly
Arno – Armand

Stella – Embolt
Slopsh – Nata
Uranus – Lakit
Wakai – Eris

Havok – Kyle
Coby – Katja
Melvin – Malia
Lehane – Chloe

Tomas – Todd
Greem – Drake
Chiara – Damian
Sasha – Dwan

Serena – Orlando
Shayna – Janice
Nanook – Zack
Gabrielle – Stanly

Dorian – Jonas
Maurice – Stanford
Oxen – Beetenka
Wendel – Herman

Shaakarti – Drorb
Dagg – Qorah
Sunder – Krung
Neloe – Sekutor

Choose 3 ones among the above pairs. The two remaining cards composing the deck, you can choose them but they cannot be in the present list.
[Send me the deck to have it confirmed it's correct]

-The players are due to the higher fairness towards the opponent and to remember that this is just a game.
-Anyone who will lack of respect, cheat or insult the opponent will be subjected to be sanctioned depending on the seriousness of the act, including the expulsion from the event.
-Should you find errors, cheatings or infractions by your opponent, it is compulsory to send a screenshoot to prove your accusation.
-For the inactive ones two screens are required (with a clear invitation to play in the event) to which no reply is given, sent in different days, before the deadline expires.
-A challenge lost for timeout or leaving the duel, to be cancelled, must be requested by the winner.
-For any further doubt or problem, relevant to the event, deck composition or phases, please contact LVK4.


Over 300.000 clintz and 150 Credits

----> The Last Battle - The Gathering

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