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Tuesday 04/12/2012, 18:09

In the hectic run up to Christmas and the unexpected voyage of two infamous Clint City members, Copper has had his work cut out for him, down at the Clint City Police Department.

In his haste to be as proactive as possible through this busy season, Dayton has accidentally shred a very important document. This document is an Ancient Crime Statement, describing in detail, one of Clint City's first and most horrific murders. Copper, furious, throws Dayton out of his office and tells him to "Go bust a Montana or something'. For should this document not be remade, or redrawn, the Killer will be released of all charges against them. "And they were guilty as sin." Copper mused.

Horrified, he retrieves the poor strips of ancient parchment from the waste paper basket and glues them back together as best he can. But alas, its no good, the document is far from complete, whole words are either
illegible or entirely missing.

Copper, who was the officer who handled the report at the time, thought back to the interrogation he'd had with the Killer, how the killer had confessed to everything. He believed, even though it was a long long time ago, that he'd be able to fill in the blanks from his memory and remake this very important crime report. He stared at the few salvaged words:


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Wednesday 05/12/2012, 00:06

'At precisely **1** on the **2**, **3** brutally murdered **4** in the middle of **5**. According to **6**, the accused had used a **7** to end the life of the victim, though this was never recovered from the scene of the crime. It will need to be **8** A.S.A.P. Allegedly, **9**, overheard the victim saying **10**, after the Killer sold **11** **12** to the victim for **13**. The Killer has confessed to the crime and will be banished from Clint City, after a fair trial.'

Signed, Copper
(Junior Detective, CCPD)

Copper's memory isn't what it used to be, YOU'LL have to help him as best you can. To do so, you'll need to solve several questions/riddles, which become the answers to the numbered blanks in the crime report. You'll need to complete the ENTIRE report, even one word out of place and the Killer walks free. You can thank Clint City justice system for that!

Complete the report in its entirety and Copper will reward you with A Award Cr to thank you for your help in forcing an old man to remember. And, of course, for keeping a dangerous criminal away from Clint City.


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Wednesday 05/12/2012, 00:06


1) To answer, copy/paste the report with all blanks filled in correctly, to COLOSSAL-TCA 's PM. Do NOT answer HERE, for if you are wrong in any place, others will learn from your potentially correct answers and 'steal' your hard work. If you are 100% correct, you will receive an A Award Cr in your private sales from COLOSSAL-TCA

2) You have three chances to send me your completed report by PM. If you are wrong three times, you are out of the running. Each time, I will let you know if you are right or wrong, but I will not tell you where. Additionally, you may also check your individual answers (for the numbered questions) up to a maximum of three times per question. I shall either tell you if you are RIGHT or WRONG, but offer NO hints or suggestions as to how to correct your mistake(s). YOU AGAIN MUST POST ANSWERS TO ME, BY PRIVATE MESSAGE, answers posed on this topic will NOT be validated. Any obvious guess work, will not even be responded to.

3) The Mystery and the Reward itself, is made available to everyone of all walks of Urban Rivals and is not limited to the EN forum (though this is the only place its posted) In short, everyone and anyone can play and win. Additionally, IF competition is fierce/close, I have two Chiaras (when she becomes Cr) to allocate as separate runner-up prizes.


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Wednesday 05/12/2012, 00:06


4) You may work alone or in groups of friends and/or guilds. However, I have only ONE A Award Cr and that will be allocated ONLY to the first player that correctly posts the FULL solution to my private messages.

5) Posting 'red herrings' and/or lies or hints to the actual answers (or even the actual answers themselves to the various questions) is not JUST allowed, but encouraged. However they MUST be posted HERE, on this topic, for all to see AND must NOT be the complete or partly completed crime report (main answer) THAT, must be sent via PM, as previously stated.

6) I will NOT disclose hints/clues privately to ANYONE. However, should you be struggling with a particular question, then ask HERE on this topic, stating which question you require hints/clues about, so all can see. Please note that my hints/clues may be more of a hindrance, than a help and I will be very frugal as to how many and how often I give them. I will always help the more active players FIRST, if I can see you've been working hard already on this 'Mystery', you will get the most help from me.


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Wednesday 05/12/2012, 00:07


1) This is a very challenging 'Mystery' and I don't anticipate many will solve it 100% In-fact, I wager most will give up. I only hope that the reward(s) for completing it, are more than satisfactory. It will take you time and energy and a good deal of intelligence in order to succeed. To complete it, is far from impossible, but it WILL pose a mental strain to ALL that DARE to enter.

2) It took me one, long, bored, rainy weekend to devise this 'Riddle' and a little time after, to 'perfect' it. Please note, that even though I spent a good deal of time on it, I'm only human, and there may be a misplaced error somewhere. However, these error(s), if any, will be minor, of that I can guarantee.

3) ALL answers to the questions, and indeed, the full solution can be found on the Urban Rival's website (with the exception of question 7) You will only EVER need to be logged into Urban Rivals in order to complete this 'Mystery'.

4) Beware of 'Red Herrings', I'm very fond of them.

5) When you send me an answer(s), I will allow for some small error(s), whether its spelling or otherwise. For example, if one of your answers is 'Andy' when it should be 'Andy Ld', I will accept both/either answers. However, for example, if one of your answers is '99' when it should be '100', then I will STILL tell you you're wrong, even though, you are, indeed, very close. And I will NOT deign to lead you any closer.


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Wednesday 05/12/2012, 00:07


6) Most of the question's individual answers are the names of cards. But not all!

7) Its possible to complete the report without ALL of the answers... if you're smart enough. But you will still need ALMOST all of them. Remember, you only get three possible chances to send me the fully completed report, so there's no point leaving any blanks. Remember also, obvious guess work will NOT warrant a response. So make sure you are RIGHT, before sending me a completed report. The same applies when checking your individual answers with me.

smiley You will mainly need THREE things to complete this 'Riddle', if you possess all three, you stand a very good chance. You will need Intelligence, a strong knowledge of the Urban Rival's website and above all else, careful, calculated patience.


I hope you enjoy this 'Riddle'/'Mystery', as much as I enjoyed making it. I'm sure I will love watching all your brains explode in an attempt to solve it. I once created something very similar (though not as good as this one, in my opinion) under another name and another time. Those that played that particular event, will remember me well. And to those that DO remember me, perhaps for my events or for my friendship, my grateful thanks and warm regards go out to you. And to everyone else, I wish you well on your hunt to find the Killer. This above all else... have fun!

And Merry Christmas!



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Wednesday 05/12/2012, 00:07

1) I've been playing in ELO:

Elo you won by forfeit against Player 1 (10-smiley: 1277 ELO
Elo you lost by default against Player 2 (5-14): ???? ELO
Elo you almost won against Player 3 (4-5): ???? ELO
Elo you won by forfeit against Player 4 (10-14): ???? ELO
Elo you narrowly escaped from Player 5 (7-6): ???? ELO
Elo you drew with Player 6 (4-4): ???? ELO
Elo you almost won against Player 7 (10-12): ???? ELO
Elo you narrowly escaped from Player 8 (4-1): ???? ELO
Elo you annihilated Player 9 (12-1): ???? ELO

Considering the other player's scores were:

Player 1: 1274 ELO
Player 2: 1299 ELO
Player 3: 1249 ELO
Player 4: 1272 ELO
Player 5: 1298 ELO
Player 6: 1258 ELO
Player 7: 1303 ELO
Player 8: 1318 ELO
Player 9: 1266 ELO

And I received no penalties or anything that may effect my score in any other way. What is my current ELO score after beating player 9?

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Wednesday 05/12/2012, 00:08

2) Acid Dc has decided to finally find a cure to the sleeping sickness, that's been coursing through his veins for years. Actually, he's been meaning to get something done about if for a while now, but... laziness... you know?

At the Rescue Center in Clint City, Kerry looks him up and down and says, to Acid Dc's shock, that this was no tsetse fly bite, as originally diagnosed, but more likely a particularly nasty poisoning, by, most likely, one of the Junkz's many enemies.
"Not to worry, there's a cure". Kerry smiled. "But its important we know the date on which you were poisoned, or sometime close to it, as the dosage in which I will prescribe pertains to exactly how long you've been poisoned for. An overdose or.... 'underdose', will probably result in either death, or increased symptoms of the sickness".

Acid Dc considered this, worriedly. It was a long long time ago, after all.

"Well we know it can't be anytime before the day you came to Clint City right?" Acid Dc nodded.
"And we know it can't be before **/**/** right?" Acid Dc agreed, they were narrowing it down, perhaps there WAS hope for a cure, after all.

What is the date '**/**/**' that Kerry mentions?

3) Who appears as if my magic,
In between Aktara and Crassus?

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Wednesday 05/12/2012, 00:08

4) Four Piranas discovered a chest of plunder, on a small island somewhere off Clint City's coastline.

Inside the chest were four objects of various wealth. A Spyglass made of solid gold, a necklace of exotic jewels, an expertly carved wooden flute and a bag of gold with exactly 33,400 Clintz inside.

Bloodh, being the captain, seized what he believed to be the item of the greatest value, the necklace. Dahlia, drew second and picked the spyglass. Despite the fact that Raeth really wanted the flute, he was no fool, and chose the bag of gold, for he knew it to be worth more. So, in the end, Gran Vista was left with the flute.

At first they were happy with their spoils, but not for long, for each pirate desired someone else's part of the treasure. They decided to exchange each other's items, but 'fairly'.

Dahlia really wanted the necklace, for she loved jewelery and Bloodh offered it in exchange for the spyglass + 42,800 Clintz. She agreed and handed both parts of the trade to Bloodh, who happily gave up the necklace.

Gran Vista desired the spyglass, who thought he'd see for miles with it up in the crow's nest. He only had 10,600
Clintz in the world and Bloodh (ever the greedy captain) decided that this was not enough and wanted 11,140
Clintz instead.


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Wednesday 05/12/2012, 00:08

Raeth who was still staring at the spyglass with a hungry look, offered to buy it from Gran Vista. Gran Vista sold it to Raeth for 720 Clintz, who was now able to pay Bloodh for the spyglass with 180 Clintz leftover.

Now everyone had what they wanted, but ONE was not content, Bloodh seethed with jealousy at Raeth 's small fortune and decided to steal it from him. That very night he crept into the crew's chambers and stole the bag of gold from where Raeth was sleeping.

The next day, Bloodh sat in the captain's cabin counting his total coin. He was furious to discover that his total only came to 83,863 Clintz. At first he thought he'd added incorrectly, so he added it again, then again, then again. Every time it came to the same figure of 83,863 Clintz. In a rage he summoned Raeth, who came at once.

Raeth wasn't shocked to learn that it was Bloodh who had stolen his bag of gold, but was flabbergasted when together they counted the total Clintz from yesterday's fiasco. Raeth quickly admitted he had spent 60 of the clintz from the bag of gold, the previous evening on rum, but 60 clintz was nowhere close to the actual figure which was clearly missing from the total amount.
"Surely that figure should be 86,560 Clintz?" Raeth thought.

Taking into account that Raeth IS telling the truth AND they counted correctly AND no-one else other than Bloodh stole from the bag of gold: Who has the missing Clintz?

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Clint City, night.