Wednesday 22/05/2013, 09:16

Hi guys just experimenting with the Roots and i have a quite unusual setup but anyway here it is.

ELO C-ries It Is Unusual

Question: Who is more versatile and better in ELO, Craho or Ellie?

Wednesday 22/05/2013, 10:49

It's a unique build, to say the least. I would get rid of Ojibway and Rosen, throw in Simeon and Tuck, then replace Miken Moose with Noodile Cr or Craho, if you want to use him.

To answer your question, Ellie.

Wednesday 22/05/2013, 12:11

Ok deck. I would personally change Ojibway to Tuck, Rosen to Simeon, Miken Moose to Noodile Cr ( Craho if Noodile Cr isn't possible).

Thursday 23/05/2013, 05:14

Thanks i'll try that

Thursday 23/05/2013, 19:03

My unusual deck, it seems to work got 1360 now but im gonna try hitting t100 with this xD

Friday 24/05/2013, 07:31

That looks pretty solid


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