Monday 17/06/2013, 17:34

Not tried the PCs for a long time, any advice on how to prove this would be appreciated.

I like how the Vortex bonus works with defensive cards, and how much if a threat Charlie is despite her lack of power/attack manipulation.

Poison and plus life to gap.
Revenge works with DR.
Vortex bonus for pill return on bluff cover.

Comments and ratings appreciated, especially comments and ideas for improvements.


Monday 17/06/2013, 20:20

It's kinda hard to rate your deck if you don't post one smiley

Monday 17/06/2013, 20:55

Heh. Oops.


Tuesday 18/06/2013, 03:35

Any advice on this one? I've not used PC before.

Wednesday 19/06/2013, 10:39

Nice deck. smiley

Wednesday 19/06/2013, 16:10


Cheers! I made an edit based on feedback.

Chose Neloe over cwing. Not a fan of having two defeat cards in a deck. The lowest draw is pretty scary: an 8 power card that does 7 DOT and a potential -10 DR. Plus it has both bonuses intact.

Cements and rates appreciated!

Wednesday 19/06/2013, 16:12

Apologies, broke the link.

Here: deleted

Wednesday 19/06/2013, 20:09

Take what I have to say with a grain of salt, as I'm not the best or most active ELO player around. I'd have reservations about a deck where both bonuses only benefit you when you lose. It's a nice looking deck though.

Wednesday 19/06/2013, 21:30

The bonuses benefit you the entire time, the threat of pill return or DR allows you to manipulate the game.

Plus the majority of the deck is 7-8 power.


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