Tuesday 30/05/2006, 16:28

I could find out who was buying all the credits? because i have gotten 132 credits from my recruits so far and id really like to thank whoever has been buying them

Tuesday 30/05/2006, 19:02

We'll be added to the "things to do" list smiley

Tuesday 30/05/2006, 19:08

Actually you can find out by looking to which of you recruits got a star

Tuesday 30/05/2006, 21:21

But id have to wait an entire month to see that...
(Your thing says you get your first star 31 days after your first purchase)

Wednesday 31/05/2006, 06:25

The sentence is not clear: you get your first star immediatly, FOR 31 days
after your last purchase.
I'll modify the website to make it clear.

Wednesday 31/05/2006, 14:04

Oh! I wondered about that! LOL i didnt think it made much sense lol


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