offline Asik Hero Moogle Mafia
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 15:39

Okay, this one has me stumped: Ulu Watu v. Gheist; Ulu Watu has a bonus of " 2 power", Gheist has a bonus of "stop opp ability"; Tafa of Ulu Watu has the ability "Stop opp Bonus"; what happens when Tafa fights a member of Gheist (and this is assuming that Ulu Watu and Gheist bonus are both valid/active)? Does her ability allow her bonus to be preserved or does she simply lose the %u201C 2 power%u201D bonus? Does initive (i.e. number of pilz) play a roll?

offline Z Earth Novice  
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 15:44

The bonus of the uluwatu are preserved (because the bonus of the gheist is block by the ability of Tafa).
Number of pillz doesn't count in bonus/ability activations.

offline Asik Hero Moogle Mafia
Tuesday 06/06/2006, 15:57

Just for the record, i didn't write "% u201C 2 power %" the computer changed what i wrote to that. and thank you.

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