Prizes for the August ELO Tournament

Monday 07/08/2006, 16:08

Hello everyone,

Here are the prizes for the August ELO tournament:

1 : Kiki - Armanda - Ndololo
2 - 5 : General - Lyse Teria
6 - 10 : Berserkgirl
11 - 25 : 1 random rare

The list of prizes on the website will update shortly.

Monday 07/08/2006, 17:38

Why do you hand out cards that are forbidden in the tournament as prizes?

Monday 07/08/2006, 17:53

Because it saves you 1000s of clintz in this COLLECTIBLE cardgame. Sheesh

Monday 07/08/2006, 19:58

Ooooooh! It's like the English civil war all over again!

Tuesday 08/08/2006, 10:29

But there are other cards are expensive that are allowed in that tournament that you can actually use...

Tuesday 08/08/2006, 10:55

The main reason is that thoses card (1 to 10) are Collectors, meaning it's the only way to get them (except of course purchasing it from another


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