offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 09/12/2011, 12:26

He went on vacation to a tropical island to relax and get over his depression. Bad idea!! On his return, Bikini Joe Ld is not only still down but meaner than ever before and he’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve. Help the Freaks get Clint City laughing again (with the help of a few custard pies, if needs be).Bikini Joe Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions associated with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before January 8th, 2012.

offline DUC-BrancuzZz Imperator Dutch Urban Crew
Friday 09/12/2011, 17:31

Jeah i got the same Steel, it has a reason why i want to 'close' it -_-

offline JR_Ledeir Imperator The Trend
Friday 09/12/2011, 19:13

I highly approve of Freaks LD missions requiring the use of poison!

offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Friday 09/12/2011, 23:36

People wondering where Travis is....
The ld rotation goes something like this.
New Ld ---> Old Ld ---> New ld ---> Old Ld and continues in this format. (arrows represent a time period of 2 or so weeks. )
Considering it was valentina is was bound an older ld were to come out.
So in conclusion Travis Ld will be the next ld out, on around christmas eve / christmas day.

offline Awesoe Colossus aussie crusaders
Saturday 10/12/2011, 00:31

If you are using freaks and the missions dont unlock change your deck and then change back that worked for me smiley

offline The_HoAx Hero  
Saturday 10/12/2011, 01:23

I believe I should get a 1 clintz (is there a "z" as it isn't plural?) for using part of my username smiley smiley smiley

offline Carnage_Time Imperator D-Versified
Saturday 10/12/2011, 04:20

Wow, way too easy of missions...

I would much rather the reach 5 in survivor missions.

Or card specific missions. Even someone with 2 of the weakest Freaks can complete these missions, not hard at all.

offline Frosted Bark Imperator  
Saturday 10/12/2011, 13:50

After valentinas missions this is a welcome change

offline ultimate echo e Titan  
Saturday 10/12/2011, 14:05

Bikini Joe Ld is useless!!!

offline gamon-gamon Master  
Sunday 11/12/2011, 00:01

Please UR release duddley LD next timesmiley

offline kdogground2 Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 11/12/2011, 03:50

He isn't useless. It's the freaks bonus what is the problem. 6 Clans can eliminate it with a heal card and two can half it. With 2 SoB clans thats 10/21 that make it useless. (10/20 also have a better poison)

So yeah not worthless. Freaks just need a stronger bonus, >_>

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