Wednesday 10/10/2012, 18:55

Can anyone give me any tips/ deck ideas for using Nightmare in elo? never tried them before and i dont really know how to go about using them? thanks.

Thursday 11/10/2012, 10:42

2hko with Cell and Candy Jack smiley

Thursday 11/10/2012, 14:22

Hello, I am new here, how can I get better decks besides using real money?

Friday 12/10/2012, 05:58

Save money for Crs really good

Friday 12/10/2012, 18:35

Half decks for Nightmare is the way to go because their so good at it.

Common ones are with Edwin Pan Artus + Glorg / Azel / Karrion Because you've got a DR life + power manip plus anything else you'd like to add.

Monday 22/10/2012, 19:07

Use Dudley Ld or Orlock. More often than not, you can score the damage with them cheap because people are expecting you to underpill for the -2 life. Works twice as often when you pair them with Frozn.

Monday 22/10/2012, 23:43

Phyllis and Mawpin work well as as unexpensive 2 star cards


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