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All star + uppers

All star + Uppers
Thursday 24/05/2007, 12:47
electricity - Master English

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All star + uppers
electricity - Master English - Thursday 24/05/2007, 12:47

I plan to create this deck

lamar *5
Striker *4
Alexei *3
Flo *2

Samantha *2
Rubie *3
Zatman *3
Frankie Hi *3

I still save my clintz to create this elo deck, do you have any suggestion about this deck

0- JP - Titan - † OVER KILL † English
Thursday 24/05/2007, 13:57

Nice deck, i used that build before with good results. But IMO, if you can sell in the market, use Pussycats instead of the Uppers since thinking strategy is easier when you have damage reduction. There will be alot of possibilities if you use unevolved cards such as:

*1 Zatman
*3 Dorian
*2 Frankie Hi
*2 Gina Glitt

6SimS-Sven - Guru - UTOPiA English
Thursday 24/05/2007, 18:35

Note, electricity cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).
Its a bit omg using Zatman at level 1....i like playing that guy on level 3

Your deck is allright...you can stay with the deck as long as you can defend yourself each round But i prefer swapping frankie for Gina Glitt level 2...and swap for Alexei level 3==>Marina level 4...so you can have a bit of defense...anyway i dont like the deck with Gina Glitt...too easy to beat especially when you draw Samantha,Rubie,gina...how will you win?Anyway a good Uppers deck is always with Dorian...try to save him up heres a good deck i prefer almost the best i think

Rubie or Frankie-3

La Junta-12
Jane Ramba-3
Bruce or Amiral Py or Leo-3

La Junta aint bad...just bluff or go 5 for pill with jane ramba-she hits 6...Leo is another card underestimated by some,too bad when the ability is -2 opp. min 2

Goodluck my friend,
"A refuse is a nooby doing"
ibtd - Imperator - Die Frettchen English
Thursday 24/05/2007, 18:50

I am running this version:

All Stars 14*

Lamar 5*
Marina 4*
Alexei or Striker 3*
Flo 2*

Uppers 11*

Zatman 3*
Franki Hi 3*
Rubie 3*
Gina Glitt 2*

2 Stop Opp Ability cards, 2 Stop Opp Bonus cards, 2 damage reducer. I hate unevolved cards, but it's definately better than running Lewis and Samantha in those spots.

101Xtc - Hero - New Generation Español
Thursday 24/05/2007, 21:53

this might sound stupid but i dont understand the ELO rules still...can some pm and explain me? please

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