Thursday 01/03/2007, 08:26

There is another question:
How do modifires apply? I mean do they stack first then resolve, or resolve without stacking via specific order.
Example: If my opponent plays Tania (2/6, stop bonus, -2 dam) boosted by Ambre (3 courage), and I play Striker (6/6, stop ability, -2power), I suggest 3 situations:
1. Tania stops my bonus and has power 5
2. Tania doesn't stop my bonus and has 3 power, because 2 own 3 Ambre and -2 Striker.
3. Tania doesn't stop my bonus and has 4 power, because 2 own -1 Striker (-2 power, min 1), 3 Ambre.

Does Courage stack? (If I Have Ami and Ambre shall Ami has 9 power or 6 for her first round)

Thursday 01/03/2007, 09:46

Courage adds up to the current abilities/bonus of says so in the rules that the leaders' added effect would be if a card already has 3courage,then you have Ambre and play the card on the first round..your card will have 6courage..try it in the danger zone for confirmation..Gg's

Thursday 01/03/2007, 10:14

Reliable information for this topic can be seen in the message board/staff's announcements..It came from Dr. Ido himself regarding Ambre's new stats..for the readers, please check it..Gg's

Thursday 01/03/2007, 13:24

Thanks, It's clear for courage, and what for First situation?
As I understood from the first top, resolvation comes step by step:
So If courage is counted as fact without resolvation, I lower Tania to 3 power, does it?
If not then Tania goes first she has 3 power (because courage is applied earlier than -2 power), if Tania goes second then she has 4 (because striker's -2 power applies first)

Thursday 01/03/2007, 13:53

When Tania is first played her power would become 5 with the help of Ambre then when you play striker, he would stop tania's ability thus allowing striker's bonus to take effect..tania's power would be reduced to 3..


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