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«I am Dregn, King of Kings,
Gaze at my work oh mighty Lords and despair!»

Thatʼs what is engraved below the statue of the powerful Emperor who conquered the city of Balgenheim and all its region.
The warrior princes of the almighty Leader of the Vortex, Oflgn and Sekutor, have finally managed to take over the city in the name of the Vortex Empire.
The last rebel garrison of Balgenheim fell and the Leader of the opposition to the previous system, has been taken prisoner.
His daughter, Naja, young recruit, managed to run away in direction of Clint City to ask for some help.
Will the Clint City clans help her? Will they manage to ally to counter the Emperorʼs plans?plans?


There will be individual point and group points.
Group points will determine the winners of a phase.
The individual points will determine who distinguished oneself and who is disqualified in each group.

There will be special rules for decks from phase 2.

The Resistance group will be allowed to use the following clans only: Pussycats, Roots, Sentinel, Rescue, Skeelz, Jungo and La Junta.
The Empire groupe will be allowed to use the following clans only: Uppers, Montana, GHEIST, Vortex, Nightmare, Freaks, Piranas.

IMPORTANT - in case of cheating:

A screenshot is OBLIGATORY. If a player cheats, heʼll be instantly disqualified. But no screenshot, no proof.


When a group wins a phase, the winner will receive a penalty in next phase: one of the allowed clans will disappear from the format. The choice of this clan will be made by the admin in charge of the event (but maybe you can prompt me the best idea in the French comments of the event )

The first players of the winning group of a phase will win prizes.
The first players of the losing group of a phase will also win prizes.

The final phase wonʼt take into account the results of phase 5.

Registrations will start: 02-03-2012
End of registrations and beginning of the event : 02-06-2012

Registrations rules : at least lvl 35 and Imperator.

Registration Fees: 5000 clintz.

Youʼll have 3 days to join in, 200 players will be randomly selected. Make sure you have enough clintz or you wonʼt be able to join in this event.

King of King EN

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Chapter I: «Another day in paradise»

Eliminatory phase. 200 players in 1 winning battle.

02-06-2012 > 02-10-2012

4 days to play you match.

Direct elimination. If some matches are not played, both players will be disqualified. Whatever happens, only 100 players will reach phase 2.

Format: ELO deck. 14 life points/12 pillz.

The 100 winners will be divided in two groups according to the choice of the admin in charge of this event. One group will be called «Clint City Alliance» and the other «Emperorʼs Force».


Chapter I: «Another day in paradise»

(Location: the bar next to Sentinel HQ)

GIRL: Klaus? Are you Klaus?

KLAUS: Himself, babe. And you, who are you?

GIRL (with sparkling eyes): At last! (She collapses, exhausted).

(Location: Rescue hospital)

PASTOR (scratching his beard): Sheʼs fine. Sheʼs exhausted but some sleep and vitamins will fix it. I made the most of it and vaccinated her.

KLAUS: Perfect! But vaccines were not mandatory.

PASTOR (leaving): Hahahaha! Vaccines... not mandatory... hahahaha...

GIRL (waking up): Where...?

KLAUS: Quiet babe. Youʼll need to rest but first I need you to tell me where you come from and what you need.

GIRL: My name is Naja, I am Amadausʼ daughter...

KLAUS: Amadaus! It was ages ago. How is he doing?

NAJA: He has been made prisoner!

KLAUS: Prisoner? By whom?

NAJA: Vortex! They took over Balgenheim! It was so sudden! The opposition has been put in prison.

KLAUS: What? But what happened?

NAJA: We donʼt really know. We think they used their weird portals to make their troops travel and helped by traitors, they manage to infiltrate all garrisons, even the one of my father.

(KLAUS (thinking): If the Vortex are taking over all cities around Clint City...)

KLAUS: I need to talk with the leader of Sentinel. The situation is serious.

NAJA: I come with you!

KLAUS (at the doorway): No babe, you need to sleep. The Rescue will watch over you. You need all your energy for what will surely happen next.

(Location: a street. A cold wind is blowing, Klaus jumps in his car.)

KLAUS: Berserk will have to wait.

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Friday 03/02/2012, 11:47

Dregn should die and die again!

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Friday 03/02/2012, 11:47


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Klaus, Yay like the story, events good to

5/5, Whos Amadaus?

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Interesting. I thought Sakhrom would have an opinion on this event...

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Why is Sasha in the background behind Klaus?

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New clan maybe ...

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