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Tuesday 15/05/2012, 03:10

With recent game interface it's very random. At some point it says that Tourney will start in 0 minutes. I've red on this forum that game started before end of time will count towards score but on multiple examples I can say it doesn't. So - this is fake info that hasn't been removed from message board.
Then, for days I was wandering how the hell if I'm starting when Tourney starts and I win all games top fellow has 3 times more points then I do. I've been told that the key is to either win or lose but fast. But then again it depends on your opponent. You can do your move in 5 seconds but if he wastes 1 minute twice you are way behind. But there'se always man on top that looks like all his opponents did their moves in 5 seconds and they all lost.
In fact I suspect that if what have been said about counting game started in 59th minute of Tourney towards score is not true - then most probably whoever starts before Tourney begins and finishes his game when Tourney is on - this score counts. Can anyway confirm/deny this (but not top Tourney players please).

offline about4turtles Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 15/05/2012, 07:11

1. Any match that ENDS during Dt time is counted (at least to my knowledge)
2. Win fast, lose faster. Dt is all about fast play
3. It's also quite a bit on luck as skill that u get fast opponents
4. Low star decks gain more points fofacing higher star opponents. Thats how the top scores are far above u and 16* decks and 9+ card decks are being played are being made

offline Growing WMD Titan  
Tuesday 15/05/2012, 12:37

Tournament starts as soon as time is XX:00, from what i have found.
best way to find out what time it is for you is to start a match at either XX:59 and see if it counts for Dt or not. And then do the same for XX:00. if in battle history there is a triohy system it counted. That is to find out when it starts. It end once the hour is over. any matches started before the hours is over still count, even if they go over the one hour mark.
keys to winning:
low star deck 16* to 20*
Win fast loss faster
the winners of Dts average 30 points if not higher per winning game while playing 18-24 games per hour. Ranging from 2(if quick victory and opp. played fast) to 5 minutes. With the average being 3. This coming from a player with an extended history with many DT won and top finishes.

offline badna0 Imperator  
Tuesday 15/05/2012, 21:22

What jayceone said (Any match that ENDS during Dt time is counted) is actually technically incorrect.

Any match that begins during the tourney time (:00 to :59) is counted for bp. The issue here is that there is lag time between the server time and the time displayed below the flash app, which refreshes ~ every 2 minutes.

Take the following examples:
Assuming a tournament that runs from XX:00 to XX:59...

"Tournament begins in 0 minutes", time is XX-1:59. Any match begun now will not count for the tournament because the tournament hasn't started.

(1 minute later)

"Tournament begins in 0 minutes" -- server time is XX+1:00. Any match begun now will count for the tournament, however the text does not display this as it has not updated to the start of the tournament.

(59 minutes later)

"Tournament ends in 0 minutes" -- server time is XX:59. Any match begun now will still be given to you as the tournament is still ongoing.

(1 minute later)

"Tournament ends in 0 minutes" -- server time is XX+1:00. Any match begun now will not be given to you, the tournament has ended, but the text has not updated.

Lastly, I've attached a picture that provides a little bit of evidence:

The finish time is recorded in the battle history.
21:01 is yellow, which means it counted for the tourney. This battle started before 21:00.

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