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Sunday 21/10/2012, 08:47

Greetings , the present stated above is one of the most ideal deck I could think of , using Skeelz. smiley
Personally , this deck lacks heavy hitters , or should I say the 2* / 3* fillers lack damage .. I've also thought of replacing my Greem with Jay , but wonder what if I had 2 revenge-based cards in one hand .. It won't do me any good , and therefore , this deck remains as it is .. In terms of power , I believe this deck is considered pretty alright in ELO , and thus , there's isn't a need to reconsider this deck .. However , do have a look at this deck , and your perspectives , comments , criticizes , and ratings will be welcome , as well as any ideas on how to reconstruct this deck into a monstrous one ! smiley
Thanks in Advance ! smiley

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