offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 21/09/2010, 09:52

Hello all,

It’s been several weeks now we are testing a new tool which will allow you to create auctions. You’ll by able to sell one single card or a bunch of them in your auctions.
We think this tool is ready now and you should be able to use it easily. But to be sure of it, we will release its Beta version. It means you’ll be able to test this tool and create your own auctions. smiley
To get to this new tool, go on the «Collection» tab then «Auctions». If we notice a problem during this testing phase, we will reserve the right to deactivate this tool to avoid major issues.
Let us know in this thread if you meet problems.
This tool is available for player over level 15.

If you notice a problem, please, give as much details as you can with screenshots if it’s possible. No off-board messages please.

Have fun smiley

offline UE_cherrkoola Imperator  
Wednesday 29/09/2010, 02:25

I think the auction tool should let you close the auction if nobody has placed a bid on it

offline PriMinizZzTA Colossus TrAitorzZz
Thursday 30/09/2010, 16:05

Maddog i agree with that

and want to object , i mean Object with a Capital O to the estimation on the cards , they are not correct

and thus disturb the already thin attractiveness of the auctions

as an example of this i would like to give the following auction : 74 copies of Jackie this buyout price is of excellent proportions

though its seems that its expensive , if i had that money i would buy it without thinking , you know what i mean ???

offline Ravnod Master † OVER KILL †
Thursday 30/09/2010, 16:21

@ PriM
- i know what you mean..

i agree to maddog to.. and some of them are OP, i rather buy in the market than the auction...

offline BesucherXia Titan XiongDang
Friday 01/10/2010, 01:44

I hope UR would limit the starting price to some proportions of market one.

It's simply a spam as some people are selling rubbish far more expensive than its really value in the market.

offline St3f Guru  
Friday 01/10/2010, 13:40

I lost 5 k with the auction glitch contacted support a week ago and still no answersmiley

offline XC-MerLiN Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 01/10/2010, 19:14

Lots of people are misusing this facility and there are many cheaters trying to auction cards like Kiki while advertising him as Kiki Cr, etc.

offline kTizzle(TCA) Imperator  
Saturday 02/10/2010, 01:42

@ Stef I have the same problem

offline HoA Zero Hero Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 02/10/2010, 09:40

I lost a ongh for 1500 In a glitch and my lamar cr went on for 240 Too !!!!
And i cant even make auction it wont let me click ok , when i say i want to crete an auction !!!!

offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Saturday 02/10/2010, 11:45

I cant make an auction smiley

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Saturday 02/10/2010, 15:19

Oh jolly...I just looked at auctions again you seem to have added this stupid American idea of a "reserve price". Well... at my first look, auction was pretty much useless already - 99.99% is simply unattractive. And also with a "reserve price"? Come on, that is not even a proper auction any more. Either things are sold to the highest bidder over the initial price or not. Yes, I detest this feature and will simply ignore any auction (house) using this "feature". Also, no, "my" national ebay does not support this, so it is not standard. It is nonsensical. ...


Well, auctions always seem(d) like a good idea. And in theory they are. But on a market where every good is instantly available from no matter what source, the usefulness already diminishes... and here we see the end-result of nearly total uselessness: people want to buy cheap (yeah, otherwise they could buy from the marker immediately...) but more than that sellers want to get more money than they get right now from the market... I looked at auctions a couple of times and always found it a waste of time. Unfortunately, there is no technical solution to this... maybe auctions don't really work here. smiley
Maybe Dutch Auction (price goes down in set intervals, card is sold as soon as somebody bids; starting price an minimum is set) might work. The upcoming trading feature (cards v. cards) holds much more promise, imo.

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