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Thursday 09/06/2011, 10:48

From Monday, June 20th, taking into account the views you expressed through your voting over the past few months, the staff list of permanent ELO bans will be changed to better correspond to the 14 life points and no semi-evolved characters format: Wanda and Charlie will no longer be bannedYayoi, Sigma Gil, Kerry and Uranus will be banned.Players’ weekly votes will allow you to influence the list of banned characters. So don’t forget to vote every week!Happy gaming to you all!

offline Asarien Imperator Nightmare Before Christmas
Thursday 09/06/2011, 19:29

Just my 2 cents...
Wanda was just a debt to the Pussycats: if we can't play semi-evos (that's what PC's were good at, with cards like her, or Baby Q, Emma, Gwen, etc...), Wanda isn't anymore the valuable 1* it was, so Ok. In the other hand, switching Charlie and Yayoi seems a bit weird: PC's lose her only SoA, and get back a truck, maybe a not so good trade.

Sigma is the chronicle of a foretold death: no other card has been longer banned by the staff -has been playable only 1 week since 20/12/2010-, but the highest poison in game, able to counter every heal and damage past it, was asking for that.

Gil also deserves the ban, specially when compared with other pillz manipulators: with the same ability there's only Dahlia, a huge 5*; with the same pillz stolen and lower min. there's Andsom, with 1* more and -1 strength. Only Naginata steals more pillz, 5, but also with a quite higher min. of 6 and at the cost of 5*.

Uranus... what can I say? Everyone who doesn't use it hates it, and some of them who use it hate it too. The only other DR who can compare to it... belongs to the same clan. That's just unbalanced, so bye-bye to the bald pain in the ass she was.

As for Kerry... why? Well, every other clan, except Fang Pi, has at least one 4* 6/6, 5 of them being also SoB -Chlora, Maamoon, Ronald, Gertrud and Baby Q-; none of them sees much play tho, while Kerry was a staple for Rescue. So maybe that's WHY.

May that make more people get interested by and take part in votations.

offline Mango {UE} Titan The Unfound Effort
Thursday 09/06/2011, 20:12

He was a great card, but only playable by good players!!!

i thought permabans were for the cards that were either ridicously OP or the ones that could completely change the course of the game!!!! (Uranus, sigma finally!) and yes, i know when gil was played right he could srsly ALTER the course of a battle, but when it really comes down to it, he only has 2 dmg. If he is up against any good player, or a gheist/roots deck he is just another 2*. Now that is not OP in any way at all, and the admins just took out another staple junkz player. What next gibson????

oh and >smiley take that annoying rescue players. Thank you admins for the kerry ban!!!
and just so you guys know that im not completely biast, the rescue clan is a very powerful clan. In mono (and who would play them not in mono?) they have the strongest, yes strongest bonus. it is better than all other atk manp, montana included becuase of no min. Its better than all the +- pwr clans to 5 pillz, and in elo thats a ton. the only clans who can counter are the SoB, and all they do is counter. so yes, taking out a staple 4* for the rescue was muchly needed.
Ps thank you for wanda!

offline PhaserhawkLoA Legend  
Thursday 09/06/2011, 20:32

Now that I have had time to cool off, I would like to readress my issues with the new ELO bans. First and foremost, Wanda should be back in the new ELO, (should never have left) Charlie.....don't care, she see play but not all that much in IMO. Yayoi, was not overpowered in th clan she was in, she was the only thing that gave Pussycats a chance, she is a 7/6 SoA with a clan bonus of damage reduction, how many other cards are similar to Yayoi that aren't banned and are in better clans...a lot. Brian, Quibik, Bogdan, etc. all similar cards yet not banned, I know it was a knee jerk reaction because of bringing Charlie and Wanda back, but the big issue players have, is that you ELO ban a good card and don't offer up a replacement for awhile. If you gave us 7/5 for the same stars and clan sooner, losing Yayoi wouldn't be a big deal. That's why there is an uproar for Gil and Uranus, I don't a majority of people realize these cards are probably a little too powerful for ELO, but.....where is the replacement? Give us Uranus clone but -4 damage min 2, give us a Yayoi clone 7/5 SoA, give us a Gil replacment -3 pillz min 6 or something. As for Sigma, well I can see why you banned her, but....you never gave the players a chance to see if she was worthy of a ban. That I find is what irks me the most. Sure you can do play testing, but not in the numbers we players can, you should have allowed Sigma in the new ELO for at least 2 weeks so you could have seen how she would have affe

offline Billy Queens Senior  
Thursday 09/06/2011, 20:35

There are alot of new cards that take the place of old cards and whatnot, but banning Yayoi is a joke. I guess you bring back 2 cards for one, but Charlie isn't powerful?

Meh, whatever, considering only 24% of people vote to ban elo cards every week.... just roll with it.

offline sjs00 Veteran  
Thursday 09/06/2011, 20:35

The perma of Gil completely ruined my Junkz Ranas....

offline PhaserhawkLoA Legend  
Thursday 09/06/2011, 20:35

Shame on UR for banning Kerry, terrible terrible, terrible, terrible idea. Keep Charlie, give back Kerry. I agree with almost everything UR does this is uncalled for, shame on you UR, shame on you.

offline Anton Chigurh Imperator WeAreOne_R20
Thursday 09/06/2011, 20:40

Really dont agree on the ban of yayoi, maybe shes OPd but ban her only after you give us decent soa and 4stars for pussycats

one rescue card had to go probly not the right one, elvira is the only soa for rescue so it couldnt have been her

rest of the bans: understandable and good

not adressed in this round of bans:
permaban ghumbo and bonnie ld already!
switch lou with objibway

offline Boss Z Titan Fallen Legends
Thursday 09/06/2011, 20:49

So we get back 2 cards that were PERMA-Bans... and we lose 4 cards??
Umm... that seems a LITTLE bit stupid, but Wanda didn't deserve to be on the list anymore, so I'm happy, and getting Chalie back will prove fun and GREAT for the Pussycats... but this doesn't seem right, Lol

offline Babs Hartley Colossus TRiNiTY
Thursday 09/06/2011, 21:33

Thx for destroying half of my favorite presets. RIP Gil and Uranus.
Can we have semi-evo and 12 life back?
Will you just give us an oldskool ELO mode and be done with it? lol

offline TheBatman_ Guru The Unbeatable Legion of Justice
Thursday 09/06/2011, 21:51

Unban Copper!

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