offline Kheshik Senior Ronin Clan
Friday 12/04/2013, 04:25

Ronin Clan

Ronin is an entirely new guild made with new players in mind with an easygoing attitude toward the game although senior players would not be rejected.

With the game having been ongoing for some time the idea behind the guild is to involve new players with each other and provide a place where newcomers can band together while experiencing Urban Rivals.

The guild would operate in a laid back manner, with an emphasis on fun and camaraderie over winning games, or at least until members want to start being competitive.

Above all though, this clan is meant to be a friendly and cooled down place where we can enjoy ourselves while meeting new people.

If this seems appealing I hope you will join our guild.smiley

offline Kheshik Senior Ronin Clan
Friday 12/04/2013, 04:30

As a side note, I also speak Spanish so speakers of this language are also welcome!

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