offline -Argos-ZS Titan D-Versified
Monday 17/06/2013, 01:07

Dreamin' Big

In this unique event styled after Colossal's NHL series, compete against your fellow players with special perks and items to be the last man standing.
Yes, it's a lottery. You just have some power over the results.

With a main prize of 60k (not staff sponsored, so you'll get it tonight!), there's no good reason not to be there. However, slots are filling fast and I will only accept 16 players!

The deadline for joining is 9PM tonight, EDT.

Hope to see you there!

offline -Argos-ZS Titan D-Versified
Monday 17/06/2013, 02:34

I've had to send this to too many people smiley

To everyone who applied without reading the rules, I sent the following:


Dreamin' Big is like, the best thing ever. Unfortunately, you can't get in until you send me your perk selection (German section) and item selection (Spanish section). You also might want to declare an alliance (French section) and earn extra lives (Turkish section). Make sure to check all of those out, because I want you to be able to be in this event too!


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