offline Subz3ro77 Veteran  
Tuesday 15/10/2013, 21:29


I look for some marlysa cr 0xp, I value them 1M250.

For the trades, I have these cards :

Guru Cr 0xp (7M8 )
Splata Cr full (690k)
Tessa Cr full (630k)
Lamar Cr full (540k)
Kerozinn Cr full (480k)
Vickie Cr full (470k)
Sigmund Cr full (450k)
Tanaereva Cr full (250k)
Miss Twice Cr full (230k)
Ombre Cr full (230k)
Skullface Cr full (200k)
Jim Cr full (200k)
Beltran Cr full (200k)
A Award Cr full (200k)
Thaumaturge Cr full (190k)
Selsya Cr full (190k)
Alec Cr full (180k)
Nahi Cr full (180k)
Dwain Cr full (170k)
Jackie Cr full (150k)
Blaaster Cr full (125k)
Caelus Cr full (115k)
Swidz Cr full (115k)
Diyo Cr full (95k)
Cassio Cr full (90k)
Seldnor Cr full (90k)
Page Cr full (85k)
Geuner Cr full (80k)
Kalindra Cr full (80k)
Kenny Cr full (65k)
Dalhia Cr full (65k)
Kreen Cr full (60k)
Chad Bread Cr full (60k)
Smokey Cr full (60k)
Robb Cr full (55k)
Jane Ramba Cr full (40k)
Emeth Cr full (40k)
Marco Cr full (40k)
300 Dreadlash 0xp (255k)
50 Florida Jane 0xp (260k)
36 Mechakolos 0xp (828k)
J'ai un peu de cash, pour complément. Je ne souhaite pas acheter tout cash.

You can choose my offer between all these cards, for a value of 1M250, against your marlysa cr, only 0xp smiley

The trades will be maked in secured trades.

I'm not always on the english forum, so you can send me a private message smiley


offline Cyber Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 16/10/2013, 06:27

"J'ai un peu de cash, pour complément. Je ne souhaite pas acheter tout cash."
I have a little cash to offer. I do not wish to purchase any Marlysa Cr 0 xp via cash.

Good luck Sub! Love the diversity of cards offered. smiley

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