offline jjteo Master Pretty Handsome Guild
Monday 18/07/2011, 18:00

Hello , i am thinking of creating a nightmare deck for survival mode but i need some advice. This is my current deck.
Should i mix in some other clan's cards? Or stick to purely nightmare?


offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 19/07/2011, 13:16

Mono nightmare is fine but the deck you are currently using will have trouble in T2 survivor because most pople use loads of 5*'s, the nightmare 5*'s are expensive, e.g kolos, so your best bet is to make it ELO.

To do this remove Arawaka, then change Edwin to Phyllis, Dieter to Mawpin and Azel to Eadh.

P.s to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, You only copy the preset=1949309 and change the = to :

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