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Tuesday 10/04/2012, 18:11

Hey everyone!

This is the 29th event of the CC Circuit. For those of you unfamiliar with the CC Circuit, it's a popular circuit of events run by yours truly with wacky and unconventional formats, friendly and formidable regulars, and excellent prizes! They are open to the public and I encourage everyone to check them out. More information as well as free instant notification of upcoming events ban be found in the event "CC Circuit Players" to which there is a link in my profile.


The first installation of this event was the 11th overall event of the CC Circuit and it was very popular. I presented players with three choices as to what this next event would be and the overwhelming majority wanted this.

Good vs Evil vs Neutral 2.0

Clans were divided prior to the event into three categories- GOOD, EVIL, and NEUTRAL. A player must select one of the three prior to the event and then using ONLY clans within those categories battle the other players through challenging and changing deck formats in an attempt to get as many points as possible.

Whether you've never heard of the CC CIrcuit before today, you're an occasional player looking for a fun event, or you're a hardened CC Circuit veteran it's always a good time to become a part of the CC CIrcuit and have an excellent time for a very low entry fee. CC Circuit events are the perfect balance of laid back and competitive and winners walk away with generous prizes.

Even if you decide not to play PLEASE RATE GREEN! smiley

Thanks all!

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Tuesday 10/04/2012, 19:13

Join up,people! smiley

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