Wednesday 24/10/2012, 23:29

I was thinking about buying some Newblood Packs, and it says it is from the last 35 characters... Well, I have searched, and searched, and searched... and didn't find the list with the last 35 characters...

I think it should defenitly be one, because I have no clue of what I might get from it... Does anyone knows what are the last 35 characters?

Thursday 25/10/2012, 10:01

Go to 'Collection'
Then go to 'The Shop'
Click 'Get more Credits'
Hover over the 'New Blood Pack'

And your list will appear.

Thursday 25/10/2012, 10:24

Hover your mouse cursor over the pack or click it. There's your list.

Thursday 25/10/2012, 12:11

"Go to 'Collection'
Then go to 'The Shop'
Click 'Get more Characters'
Hover over the 'New Blood Pack' and a list appears.

This is Mr Intelijents message but with 'Get more credits' changed to 'get more characters'.

I was going to edit his post but i posted it her instead incase it wan't a mistake.

Friday 26/10/2012, 08:39

Thankyou UM_AaaBattery, it was indeed a mistake. I haven't baught a pack of cards in about two years so I am still a little rusty with the new system.

On a different note the creater of this thread has two stars next to his name, so I assume he has already figured out how to buy the packs and has purchased them.

Friday 26/10/2012, 22:35

The stars just appear if you buy credits. you don't need to buy packs.

Sorry for correcting you again i don't want you to feel bad about me doing it.

Sunday 28/10/2012, 06:58

Way to make me feel like an idiot ^

No it's fine haha, last time I was seriously into this game you could win a DT with 330 points, oh how the times have changed smiley

Sunday 28/10/2012, 10:44

Actually, the times haven't changed. The DTs still run at the same time of the day as before.

*drumroll* smiley

Sunday 28/10/2012, 12:53

I won a DT with Mickey T, Veenyle, Taham and Na Boh in my deck. The DT system has changed my friend smiley

Monday 05/11/2012, 17:54

Things haven't changed much im still pulling Ogoun Kyu in packs smiley


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