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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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English Euzebe - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Thursday 26/06, 12:21.
Hello all !

You're new in town or an old inhabitant of Clint City, introduce yourself here.
Who are you ? When did you arrive in town ? What is the name of your beloved pet ? Do you prefer chocolate ice cream or sauerkraut hot dogs (with chocolate too if you want) ?

This thread is not made to recruit people in your guild, just to know each other better
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English LOA Daigon - subject is closed
What is a Guild?

Guilds are individual communities in Urban-Rivals. It is a great place to share ideas, strategies and decks with your guildmates. Guilds each receive their own private message boards. Many guilds host events and contests, or inter-guild tournaments. Being in a guild gives you the chance to meet new folks, and develop friendships with like-minded players from across the game.

The person who creates the guild is called the Founder. The Founder then promotes the guild to recruit new members, and organizes the guild to help it grow. The Founder may assign Admins in the guild, who can help with maintaining the member roster or running events. The rest of the guild are Members, and are the bulk of most guilds.

How do I join a Guild?

To join a guild, a player must be at least level 5. You bring your reputation to the guild. Your fair-play rating is often the first criteria guilds look for, and a pretty good indicator of how you play the game. Spend a few minutes looking at the guild page, and make sure you only apply to guilds whose criteria you meet.

Some guilds look for members with high levels, or high ELO scores. Some guilds simply like folk who are fun, and will post a lot on the boards. Find a guild that matches your interests, and make sure they have an active group of people who can share in your ideals. Ultimately, you will only get out of a guild what you are willing to put into it. Be ready for the commitment! ;-]

How do I create a Guild?

You must be Level 10 or higher to create a guild. (If you are already in a guild, you must leave your current one first.) Simply click the purple "The Guilds" tab at the top of your screen, then on the "Create Guild" link.

1 - Choose a Guild Name.
Make sure the name is unique. Use the Search function to see if the name is already taken, or if there are already several guilds with similar names. (Insulting or offensive guild names will not only be rejected, but will be treated as a violation of the Terms & Conditions.)

2 - Add a creative Guild Description.
What types of players are you looking for? What type of goals do you have for your guild? Don't just leave the default text up. Be creative!

3 - Submit your guild and wait for approval.
Be patient. Guilds are read and processed by real people, in the 'first come, first served' manner. If you have been waiting more than 2 days, contact a moderator. Otherwise, be patient, and keep an eye out for PMs from Kate.

Why does my Guild keep getting rejected?

Guilds are approved or rejected by the moderators who review them. The most common 2 reasons guild applications may be rejected are: 1) The name is already in use, or very similar to many other guilds already established; or, 2) The guild description is left blank, or still says, "My very own fantastic guild..."

Be unique. Don't name the guild after yourself. We have more guilds than we can count starting with "Urban", or dedicated to a particular game or cartoon. Use the Search function, and think about what you want your guild to be. Then, come up with a detailed description that helps people understand what you're looking for. Remember - Spelling isn't everything, but it sure can help! ;-]

Remember - All guilds must comply with the Terms & Conditions you agreed to upon registration. Any guilds submitted in violation of the T&C will be refused, with posible action taken against the player making the submission. The Terms & Conditions may be found here:

How do I get new Members?

Your guild needs 4 members within 3 days, or it will be deleted. You need to publicize!

Use these boards, "Introductions & Recruitment", to advertise your guild, and get people's attention. Before you do ANYTHING else, read this post:

You MUST use the [RECR] tag in your Subject line of your recruitment post. You MUST include a link to your guild in the post, even if it shows up by your name, in the post headers. Any posts without the guild link, or a subject tag, will be refused.

This post is your chance to elaborate on the Guild Description. Tell folks who you are, and what you want to accomplish. Let folks know if your guild has any specific criteria, and what types of players you hope to attract. Feel free to brag on your accomplishments, but keep it on topic. This is your chance to highlight your strengths, but do so respectfully, with consideration to other guilds.

A Final Public Service Message:

Moderators are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an questions, or if you require any assistance in the creation of your own guild.

In the English community, we have 3 moderators specifically designated to help out with the guild creation and recruitment questions. These moderators are:
LOA Daigon

Thank you.
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English Euzebe - subject is closed
Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
Please, read, follow these rules and all your threads will be validated.


[RECR] = Recruitment
[INTRO] = Introduction
[LFG] = Looking For a Guild
[RP] = Role play / Fanfic


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

[INTRO] + Title
Introduce yourself
Please, Don’t give personal information as your name, your address or phone number, your password, etc.

[LFG] + Title
Introduce yourself
Explain which kind of guild your looking for.

[RP] + Title
Post your Fanfic / Role play / story.


For example, we will make a guild hyperlink:

Step 1. Locate the desired URL at the top of the screen.
Example: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=157954

Step 2. Copy the segment at the end: guild = 157954

Step 3. Remove the [ = ] symbol and replace it with a [ : ] symbol

Step 4. Then post it and you will have a hyperlink to the guild. Ex: Open Casket

(Remember, to do a preset, event, or player name all you have to do is follow these same steps with a different URL)



You have to know that more than 50% of guild creation requests are refused.
If you want to create your “very own fantastic guild”, please, read and follow this :

- Try to find something original for the name of your guild ( use the guild search tool). Avoid things like “Urban” something, “The killerz”, names with Dark Knights/killers/fighters/soldiers, “naruto” something. If the name of your guild already exists, it will be refused.
- If the name of your guild is your nickname, it will be refused.
- Don’t use too many strange characters as ¥, † or Ø
- Describe your guild in more than 1 sentence. If it’s too short, it will be refused.
- If you Don’t describe it, it will be refused (no “My very own fantastic guild” ) .

And of course no titles or descriptions containing insults, racist comments, religious or illegal subject matter.

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English Its ALL ON Me - last answer from AsianRepublic, today at 20:52.
I have played this game since 08 and havent had a guild ever.... But im looking for one now and would love to join one thats high lv. As far as my lv goes and my collection for my account i have played on an off for lasts couple of years because of the game dying down.
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English Aggro_HoA - last answer from Jin Kisaragi, today at 18:27.

This is a guild for those who feel the call of war, for those who revel in the destruction of their opponents and reap the spoils of victory.

Ares is looking for level 35+ members who wish to be in an active, exciting guild with contests, games, and prizes.

We are savage to our enemies and honorable to our fellow Harbingers.
The Greek god of war, Ares, needs you, warrior!

Harbingers of Ares

edited by HoA-Predator Wednesday 28/05, 22:24
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English W M Daexen - last answer from RAP MORE THEN, today at 17:35.
Wise Men Distracted

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... A chick named Kate stumbled across a guild unlike any she had ever encountered. After a brief conversation over some wings and beers, she quickly realized these were not the typical noob guilds she was accustomed to dealing with. These guys were smart and saavy, cool and collected, rich and beautiful... basically the most interesting guild in the world! They had mastered every facet of the game called Urban Rivals, and probably life too. And what's more, they were incredibly humble... Well Kate knew instantly that she just HAD to join this guild somehow. After years of arduous training (and hazing), she finally was able to call herself a proud member of Wise Men Distracted. And all was good for many years, until one day the Wise Men found out that Kate was a cheating little tramp who betrayed WMD by secretly awarding Cr's to noobs that didn't deserve them. Can you believe it?! So the Wise Men used their Wise Powers and transformed Kate into a lvl 1 noob, and banished her from all guilds permanently. Nobody ****'s with WMD!

We are wise (most of the time), men (and women! - still looking for 3-gendered aliens to join), and distracted (not that distracted... oooh... I have another life in Candy Crush... be right back)...

care to join us?

Send your inquiries along with a 100K clintz processing fee to your favorite WMD admin (processing fee waived for appropriately wise and unwise, distracted and not-so-distraced applicants).
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English CB Redblood - last answer from RAP MORE THEN, today at 17:07.
We are unique in some ways?
We offer champions
We offer help
We offer rewards

What Clintz bank is here to is to give a chance for the young players, prizes as well and to release full potential.

Whether you are lonely, there will always be someone about to give you a hand.

We don't just give, you have to make the effort to do well in modes such as Daily Tourney.

Many players have benefited joining Clintz Bank and after 2 weeks many players have walked away with at least some decent card.

If you feel bored or tired of your inactive guild feel free to stay with us, we will make it as homely as possible for you.

This may all be but words but do try and see for yourself.
Why not join Clintz Bank?

Clintz Bank
Clintz Bank

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English Babs Hartley - last answer from Redford Reems, today at 13:15.
That's right. We want YOU to join TnT.
But only if you are at least Level 20, 18+ years of age, and have some sort of amazing emotional disorder.

TnTers are super hip, progressive, active, and somewhat disturbed. We want people who play the game and/or those who LOVE to talk about all kinds of crazy stuff in our active guild forum.

Do you like putting your fists in various foods? Welcome to your new home.
Do you believe that prawn shrimp make good personal saviors? You belong here.
Do you despise racism, sexism, homophobia all while loving that which is degenerate, depraved, and flat-out kooky? Come on in, then. I have something for you to sit on.

Please let us know your dietary requirements and any food allergies you might have. TRiNiTY

edited by Artemis-BZ Monday 10/06/2013, 05:25
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English RAP MORE THEN - subject is closed
I am leaving this game with 1 reason
The people who say u are beggers are the real baggers , they do not have food to eat and they are enternal and every thing in this game , so u cant do this , u cant hurt anyone with out reason, I know when I will publish this subject my account will be blocked but i want to say my words with out problem , the people who are new in this game are fool cause they do not know the game rules, there is only 1 rule int his game , bagger , bl bagger, dont like bagger every thing like this , only the people who are legend are good in this game , i advice every one to leave this lol people game who only has 1 word bagger , why this word is introduced bagger, it should be blocked, 1 man say join my guild then i will give u less loss of 20 but otherwise u will get loss of 40 k , what is this , i advice left this game , when there will no player then people will automatically think about this , to mods plz dont destroy my subject unless every onw know about this, what is this game? , the time u are playing this game to earn things , at that time if u read ur lessons then u will have real cash instead of this, i had played 5 years this game but only 1 word had broken my confidence , bagger, if i say to u begger the what u will do? i know u will be shamed and u will not chat
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English XC-MerLiN - last answer from AsianRepublic, today at 07:51.
De Novo Recruitment drive for our modest guild.
We are in business for just one reason. To excel.
We are truly INTERNATIONAL, and our 100 players represent 50+ countries, what better testimony do you need?
Because English is our lingua franca, it will be an advantage if you speak English, but that is not a strict requirement, since Page and Brin took care of that with their google translate

☛ Minimum Level 50 AND 1450 ELO
☛ or Level 100 and 1400+
☛ or Level 200 and noob!
☛ Active & Crazy ('Normal' people are not allowed in)
☛ UR Staff, mods, ops, forum ops, and event team members can join provided they are not one of the 1990389 people in our BL.
ELO requirement can be waived if you have min level 75 and achieved one of the following
* Level 30/40 Survivor ELO/EXT
* 100 DT wins

If you meet our requirements, why don't you send a request to join to one of our guild admin, and we will take it up from there!

By joining, you benefit from

1. A support network that excels anything any game has ever seen (our board is our Facebook).
2. Comprehensive guidance on your way to excellence and glory.
3. Unparalleled friendship and camaraderie that would make any other guild go green with envy.
4. The prestige of fighting it out as a TEAM, shoulder to shoulder with some of the best ever HONEST players ever to play any game.

We await welcoming you to our guild, Team E X C A L I B U R

Let's go!

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English tgh02 - subject is closed
Join Open Casket http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/guilds/guild/?id=157954

Join Casketeers for Boundless Nights of Mayhem!

This is 99.9fm Open Casket The Spirit of Radio
This is Aaron Angelo guiding you through this encroaching dusk
You, yes you balaclava-wearing mendicant holding a straight Razor against your mother's neck

Yeah~ that's it, put it down and listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxhbQs2_fl8

..and that was "Open Casket" by Death from their 1988 debut album Leprosy

Clint City's Infamous Open Casket was born in 2008. Tonight Open Casket Admins are unbuckling our Casketeers' straight jackets and releasing them to add New Bloods into our ranks

Submit your measurements to OC Admins and we'll assemble your casket promptly
All applicants receive a custom-fit Casket and never-ending cans of SPAM! Free!
Your free Bed & Lodging is provided courtesy of Guild: 157954

- Minimum Level 25
- Obey Open Casket rules (T&C)
- Play one or more regularly: ELO | DT | Coliseum | Survivor | DM
- Troll better than Arunarsirakul
- Strip-off against -Saladin
- Must be greedier tgh02
- Send selfies to Jamox360

Open Casket offers: ELO Coliseum DT Discussions | Events | Lotteries | Nightly Chat
We whore our souls to earn enormous stacks of Clintz in Market
We're hard-working folks committed to revelry & merriment and spamming = Lots of SPAM

So put away your straight Razor and join us before tomorrow’s searing dawn force our doors shut
Saturday 19/07/14

25 messages
English OTK-Goldfiend - last answer from OTK-Demon, Saturday 19/07, 21:39.
We are a new guild full of potential! I need an experienced player to can manage upcoming events for the guild. No specific requirements; just have fun!
Order Of The Knights

edited by Artemis-BZ Friday 25/04, 01:17
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English Pingerz - last answer from CB Titan, Saturday 19/07, 16:16.
Hello community, I'm currently looking for a guild that is nice and active, forum wise and battle wise. I don't really care what guild it is as long as it has those two qualities and can deal with my sometimes pointless ramblings.
Friday 18/07/14

11 messages
English ((TinyGlitch)) - subject is closed
Any guild
14 messages
English play_0 - subject is closed
After my old guild went pretty inactive im looking for a new guild
Thursday 17/07/14

2 messages
Deutsch Revan-TpU - subject is closed
Hey, just realized the guild I was in got deleted. So.. Here I am.

I am active, friendly and have a lot of guild experience. Founding, admin, etc. I'm just looking for an active guild with crazy/fun/friendly members. Pm me with an offer if you'd like me to join. Thanks
10 messages
English JimbotMachine - subject is closed
Hi, I have been pretty inactive over the last couple of years, looking to play a little again...

Looking for some random guild to join for a bit of fun.
12 messages
English AeroSchmidt - last answer from AeroSchmidt, Thursday 17/07, 14:12.

If your looking for a guild based in Wisconsin we can fill that void. Heck if your looking for an English speaking guild we can fill that as well.

We are a small group of friendly people who enjoy Urban Rivals. We are always ready to help, encourage, and provide positive feedback.


Fortis Atque Fidelis

edited by Artemis-BZ Wednesday 09/07, 23:55
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English play_0 - subject is closed
Looking for a guild to join , look no more , join infinity . We are a group of kickass crazy people who think we are perfectly sane , don't ask me how I know . We want to help each other in the game and at the same time have some fun .
We don't care about you current scores we will help you improve , no matter what you level is . And you will have crazy fun here.

Founder :play_0
Co-founder :0 Jeremy

Allied with : Checkmate
Wednesday 16/07/14

525 messages
English WP_Bauldy - last answer from Jamox360, Wednesday 16/07, 14:12.
The War Party guild has decided to take a radical step in trying to help not just the guild but the UR community as a whole.

It is well documented the number of new players coming into the game has dropped dramatically in recent times. Not only that but many new players who do join are leaving after a few days.

One contribution to this is guilds making unrealistic requirements for players of a lower level to join. So these new players get very little choice in guilds and as a result get very little encouragement to carry on. Made even worse if they apply to a guild who knocks them back without so much as a word spoken between the to. This doesn't apply to all guilds but the majority of guilds who claim a name for themselves request such things.

So as a guild we have made the decision to go the other way. We will now be actively recruiting new players to the game in the hope we can encourage them to stick with it and use it as a regular escape from the stresses of day to day life. Joining in with our active forums, Chat and all the events etc that come with being a war party member.

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