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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Friday 15/11/13

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English EddTheFreak - subject is closed

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Español SamanthaReyes - subject is closed
Hi we are looking for active players are people tht wants to visit that's okay. We are not looking for much we are new u can say compared to the other guilds thts why we need new members we are really friendly join us if u want 2.Its okay if you wanna join . By the way i'm SamanthaReyes but my friends call me Sam and i'm one of the admins of the blacklist. Join Us Today! :3
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English Kate - subject is closed
Welcome to the babylon !

The Sanctuary of Urban, recruiting best players in the game: Elo, Dt, DM !

Membership : ON


- Must be active on the forum

- Pm one of the admin to ask for joining the guild

- Only 1400 elo is needed

Link ----->
Thursday 14/11/13

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English HoA_Colours - subject is closed
Hi i'm currently a returning player i have been gone for i think almost a year and a half. i have been an on and off player so i actually got off a year after playing the game for a month. and i just wanted to see if there are still guilds who are active. since my friends in my current guild are not anymore active. and i'm getting lonely here. just want to see a very active guild who helps people with their needs troubles and stuff and i hope to stay like that for a year or even up to 5 years, who knows. so please feel free to comment.
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English Scarface777 - subject is closed
We are a new guild and hardcore gamers of any game and of game systems of the past and present so join us.
so come join us and chat about your favorite systems and game. My favorite system is N64 and favorite game is goldeneye 007 and UR .

edited by Artemis-BZ Thursday 14/11/2013, 04:36
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English 1NightStand - subject is closed
♛ ◄ ◄ L A S T OF US ► ►

Are you prepared?
Our family will guide you to your success.
The Last Of Us will make you a better person and player in every aspect.

We're expanding be prepared and apply.

We are looking for great dedicated players. We are a very friendly guild who have great personalities and turn their attentions on making new friends,and improving all deck varieties and helping each other in card acquiring.

-Active message boards featuring everything from strategy discussion to forum games to real life events to hobby discussion to giveaways to market advice to question and answer threads.

We have really active chat room, share your personality.

(New) must be level 40 and above to apply
But can make exceptions after evaluating the profile

Members must check Guild Message Board everyday.

Our guild message board will be validated. (Up to date) please don't hesitate to ask anything in the message boards.

We don't expect you to be amazing at UR but we only expect you to be yourselves.

We are now recruiting! We stop at 150
We are the most active English speaking guild.

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Wednesday 13/11/13

36 messages
English cipf1024 - subject is closed
I need a guild peeps
2 messages
English XSEEKTOKILLX - subject is closed
Join my guild Stardust Saviors any level is welcomed
Monday 11/11/13

1 message
English Noobster11 - subject is closed
All are Welcome
I am a noob so help would be appreciated.
I don't know how to link my guild so sorry.
64 messages
English -CALLOUS- - subject is closed
Limit Break

"The perfect combination of casual and competitive"

-Fully established level 28 guild that has been around for almost two years.

-Extremely active members with regular housecleaning to keep it that way.

-Booming message boards with everything from forum games to market threads to guides to strategy discussion to question and answer threads to real life discussion and more!

-Accomplished guild. Many players with 25+ survivor, 1400+ elo, repeat DT wins, repeat Event wins and huge collections via successful market investments. We also reached the final stage of Battle of Olympus!

-THE ONLY GUILD with three members of the EN Event Team. If you like events and want to become more involved with them this is the place to be.

-Proud international guild. Members from 15+ countries and we proudly embrace the diversity. As long as you speak English you're more than welcome!


-Level 45+. Higher is always better. No exceptions to this minimum.

-Active in the game. Our idea of active means playing every week and preferably maxing out your guild points bar regularly.

-Active and appropriate contributor to our message boards.

--Friendly, mature, laid-back personality. If you create drama within the guild, have a bad reputation or have a short temper you're out.

--Presentable numbers in important areas such as elo score, survivor score, win ratio, collection percentage and fair play rating. You don't have to be a pro, and we'll help you improve in any area you wish to improve at, but don't apply with a 33% win rate and expect to get accepted.

-SEND AN ADMIN A MESSAGE BEFORE APPLYING! This is mandatory. Tell us a little bit about you and why you'd like to join us.

The thing that really distinguishes Limit Break from other premier guilds is the environment. We're competitive but we're not elitists and we're an active group with a positive attitude that puts the team first. When you look at the package as a whole- accomplishments, environment, stability, reputation, activity... Limit Break may very well be the overall best guild in Urban Rivals!

We welcome no pressure no obligation visits and of course we're looking for permanent members as well. Join us today!
Saturday 09/11/13

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English Hoatzin - subject is closed
You're a pro and want to join a guild with other pros?
Then is for you
You're a newbie and you want become a pro?
Then is for you
You're a pro and you want become a newbie?
Then is for you
You're a newbie and you want stay a newbie?
Then is for you
You're an average player and you think you're pro and want to become the king of the world?
Then is for you
You're an newbie and you think you're pro and want to become the king of the world?
Then is for you
You're a pro and want to stop UR giving out big 5s to low tops?
Then is for you
You're a newbie and want to make UR give out more big 5s to low tops?
Then is for you

Aside from the serious nature of most modern guilds on Urban Rivals, there is us. What makes us different? Being able to spot the difference between a lemon and a yellow acidic thing that hurts once dripped into your eyes. For that alone, you should join.

Not everyone can join this guild, like any other guild, there are requirements:
ELO: Minimum 1000
→ DT: top 1000
Survivor: 2
→ At least Level 5
→ Active (or Retired with minimum 1300 elo)

We hope to see you around.

edited by Infiniti Saturday 02/11/2013, 20:24
Friday 08/11/13

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English Myeltd - subject is closed
After a 46 day retirement from this game caused by 110-hour work weeks and my lack of "tolerable" people to chat with on here (why oh why did char get banned), I have decided to try my luck at guilds for one final time before finally calling it quits and moving to virtual-florida like all retiring gamers. Guild-wise, I am (and only am) following this criteria:

-Guild must be one I have never been in before (for obvious reasons)
-Guild must not rely on their "reputation" to attract members (I couldn't care less about that)
-Guild chat/forums must be decently active (to prevent boredom)
-Guild must be mature, preferably non-requirement oriented (again, for obvious reasons)

Bonus points to guilds that don't primarily speak english, and I will only take requests via private message or in the private chat feature. Oh, and any/all invites which lack creativity or look like they were just copied/pasted will be ignored.
Thursday 07/11/13

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English spalk - subject is closed
Nowadays everyone can speak English, our guild invites anglephone players come to us. We will give you the good quality of response to your questions about Urban-Rival ! yes the gamer of my guild is the french guy but everybody speaks english in 2013 !

Do not hesitate to come in fellowship french , english with our guilde, gamer experience, maturity, and more .....................

Yes, our guild is small our behalf abuse somewhat, but time will give us reason to name!

les Rois d'Urban Rivals

edited by Artemis-BZ Saturday 26/10/2013, 14:03
Wednesday 06/11/13

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English BC - PizzaGuy - subject is closed
Now what sets us apart from other fun and great clans is that we are still new. SO if you want to be a part of one of the new uprising clans join us.

-We like to help each other out.

-You like strategy? We'll talk strategy.

-You need a certain card? We'll send it to you

-We take in people from all walks of life.

-You can be any level.

-You can be level of experience.

- You just have to play at least each week so we know that you aren't a liar.

-We like to talk. We have a fairly active message board so if that's your thing then so be it.

If this doesn't sound fun then you are boring (you are still invited if you are boring). So check us out now. It never hurts to just look.

So come and join us here The Bran Clan
4 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
Bonjour comment t allez vous ?
2 messages
English Scarface777 - subject is closed
Join us we are the legend of the mayans and we need people who will take charge in a battle of justice so help us fight and take back what is ours ......
Tuesday 05/11/13

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English HF_Prentjie_ - subject is closed

Yes, League of Reapers is new and we are recruiting... That recruit can be you..
No need to be a certain level to join.

Join the LEAGUE OF REAPERS and become Champions NOW

edited by Artemis-BZ Tuesday 05/11/2013, 13:10
Sunday 03/11/13

2 messages
English Crossed_X - subject is closed
Hi guys m a new guy in this guild, first of all i would like to request to all please try post every thing in English because i don't understand french.
Friday 01/11/13

1 message
English big_J85 - subject is closed
Hello everyone, I feel like i am finally getting to know the ins and outs of this game i love to play if you would like to join the ground and pound guild i will insure you i will teach you and show you things you may not know yet plus we will be a successful guild, like Drake said started from the bottom now were here. ground and pound will grind their way to the top. who wants to join the movement

edited by Artemis-BZ Friday 01/11/2013, 04:33

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