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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Tuesday 11/03/14

1 message
Deutsch Ceal Crest - subject is closed
Do you have a passion for both George R R Martin's A Game of Thrones and beating your opponents? The local GoT Fan Club wants you. Coming all the way from Westeros to rule Clive City our goal is to win and have fun doing it. Because, in the Urban Game of Rivals, you win, or you get 1HKOed.

Worried about top bar requirements to join? No worries, just apply here and we'll have you sorted out.
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English Snowee46 - subject is closed
Please join my guild we are a friendly and active guild looking for new members

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English Saga - subject is closed
The Nocturnals

A new fun guild for beginners with plenty of prizes since I don't play anymore


You must be over level 20
You must be able to twerk better than Miley
To be able to get into better relationship than Taylor Swift.
To be able to count to 100

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Monday 10/03/14

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English brian12748 - subject is closed
This is a guild for those that might have been rejected from other guilds and wish to take revenge, enjoy scaring people and telling jokes, or just love to simply dominate. This guild contains members of all levels, and we welcome the weak just as much as the strong.
Of course, encouragement is encouraged, but since we are the "Kings of the night," we do not welcome people who are always telling lies to brighten up everyones days. We want our days to be dark as night.
Even if it doesn't feel too good to lose, we don't fight because of jealousy, but simply because we enjoy winning. Winning is obviously better than losing, and everyone in this guild should love clintz and credits! Ranks in the guild are not based entirely on how strong you are (although some of it is), but more on how you act and how fit you are to be a King of the Night.
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English SOURAV PATRA - subject is closed
I have founded a new guild named Straw_hat_crew.
I was pretty much active in the guilds where i was before, so it's natural that i'll do more for my own guild.
I am not saying that we are the best, but we are ambitious.
Therefore if anyone want he/she can join us

edited by Artemis-BZ Saturday 08/03, 12:41
1 message
English Kate - subject is closed
replica aaa Omega watches
Sunday 09/03/14

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English B-Day Present - subject is closed
It is my friends birthday coming up soon, and as they like urban rivals a lot, i was wondering if there is a physical product such as a credit token card or something that i would be able to get for them?

Any help would be appreciated
1 message
English darkemaiden - subject is closed
My guild is Shadow Rebels. This guild is made for people who feel like they don't belong anywhere, or also for those people who are currently struggling from depression.

I aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for members.
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

edited by Artemis-BZ Sunday 09/03, 14:06
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English brian12748 - subject is closed
Unlike some people, I won't decline people who are stronger than me. We welcome the strong just as much as the weaker, and want as many members as possible.
There is no racism and things like that in this guild, but talking in a ruder manner is acceptable (but no swearing!) We encourage encouragement, but please don't be one of those rainbow boys. Negativity is no good, unless you are talking about someone else in a different guild.
This is a guild for those who feel a need to crush those in their way, have a grudge on certain people and must annihilate them, or just want to simply dominate.

edited by Artemis-BZ Sunday 09/03, 14:06
Saturday 08/03/14

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English DT Tricky - subject is closed
Hello,I am a 15 year old male. I'm looking for a new guild because the one I'm currently in isn't active enough to my taste.

My top tourney score is 655 but i could do better then that. It is my favorite game mode. 27* deck
My elo is 1250-1300. I know its weak but im trying to improve it even though i don't really like played elo.
I'm looking for a guild that has events every week and an active message board.
My collection value is 1.2m but Im trying to improve it by investments and trying my best to win event.
Also looking for a guild that could help me grow my collection and help me with my elo score.
1 message
English Jabelli - subject is closed
Hi all, we are a newly formed guild looking for some members interested in helping establish a new guild from the ground up. If interested apply here: Eternal Wanderers

edited by Artemis-BZ Saturday 08/03, 04:52
2 messages
English Minas Anor - subject is closed
My best friend was killed the other day and authorities were considering suicide because he was hit by a train. He was a user on here (Minas Tirith) that was repeatedly harassed and blackmailed by another user on this site (_R34per_). Please pray with me. Praise the lord.
Friday 07/03/14

14 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed

In the begining there was nothing
then a magical banana appeared.
he created everything including a site called urban rivals.
he then rescinded control of it and gave it to "Fraggle" and the admins to run.
then he created a guild.
A wonderful guild where he and his folowers slowly broke the rules that he had created.
But why?

An Insult Thread

have you wanted to showcase an insult or wanted to insult somebody.
You Can!
just don't mention the person you're insulting and don't cuss too much and you can post.

Useless arguments
there will be a thread solely for useless arguments. back and forth and anybody can join. the topic will be on something like is pizza better than hot dogs. after 25 posts or so a new topic will be announced and the argument winner(s) will be rewarded with Timber(s)

anybody who joins will get happiness. i guarantee it.
2 messages
English ragna44 - subject is closed
Looking for a friendly guild join Seraphim guild takes all comers
just sign up and wait to be accepted


edited by -Wicer- Friday 07/03, 15:26
2 messages
English ragna44 - subject is closed
seraphim guild looking for new active members
Thursday 06/03/14

5 messages
English Tuttobuno - 7 - subject is closed
Hello peeps. i used to play this game 2 years ago. , i'm back . I'm currently looking for guild who most of the guild member play elo mode and able to update about what's new about urban-rivals. i used to get into top 100 last time.so... ANY GUILD ?
Wednesday 05/03/14

2 messages
English Smithy Baii - subject is closed
Only started a few days ago, and looking for a guild to join.

I am on daily, and I level up quite quickly.

Thank you
Tuesday 04/03/14

3 messages
English NexusVolt - subject is closed
Hey guys my name is nexus and i just started today (i've been playing for 3 years but forgot my other account)
But i can also make HQ avatars

But hope we can get along

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