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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Thursday 27/02/14

Sunday 23/02/14

2 messages
English KINENVEU - subject is closed
Hobby-one guild is recruiting.

No requirement needed.

If you enjoy the game, come to meet new people, or simply profit from the guild bonuses free of charge.

see you around.

Saturday 22/02/14

2 messages
English apoco25 - subject is closed
A guild for fun and perks.
11 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
Welcome to

we aim to become the best guild elo


1500 elo no exceptions

"Yesterday is history,today is a gift,tomorrow is mistery"

Friday 21/02/14

8 messages
English hardknocks25 - subject is closed
Sphinx brawlers everybody is wellcome
1 message
English hardknocks25 - subject is closed
Just starting out, all range of player's needed. Spots are not limited
373 messages
English Infiniti - subject is closed
Good~ Morning Clint City!
This is 99.9 Clint City Radio, the rhythm of the city. This is DJ Aaron Angelo signing in this beautiful morning. So, listener..you, yes you! The person with a with a balaclava and a straight Razor on that nerd's neck. Yeah~ that's it put that down and listen.


..and that was "Open Casket" by Death, which made its debut in their album Leprosy in 1988! Speaking of caskets, check this out! One of Clint city's infamous guilds, Open Casket along with their Leader (and clinically declared troll members) have had their straight jackets unbuckled and have been let loose in the forums of Clint City! They're out looking for new bloods to join them in their ranks. The guild has everything you'd want lotteries, events, contests, a big stack of clintz for joi.... now I think about it..... A big pat on the back! They may seem insane, but they're good folk, hard-working, committed and all that schnitzel.

Guild offers free bed and lodging! You get a casket and cans of SPAM free! But of course there are a few measurements for your casket as follows:

- Be at least Level 25.
- Obey the rules (T&Cs).
- Beat Charlie, Derby Queen, elchew_OC or Jerry in a strip contest.

Never has the requirements been so simple!

So get your hands off that throat and find one of those trolls OR~ try and find Infiniti, tgh02 or Hobbitusz. Caskets are filling up fast!

This is~ DJ double AA, for Clint City Radio, the rhythm of the city! And now here is a story for you all to hear.

Through the fires we fight and winds we soar. Through it all never are we a bore. Spam comes and spam goes. But here lies the mighty heroes. The dragon with his mighty bounty. There he comes laying waste to the county. Who can stand stop its destruction. Maybe it is those who won't go towards corruption. A squire comes and learns to fight. Oh this land here is such a wonderful sight. With many here that oversee the lands. Why don't you join our little crazy band? A gift you will find when you open the basket. It is nothing other than this Open Casket.
The world is changed, I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air . Much that once was is lost; for none now live who remember it. It began with the forging of the great rings: three for D-Versified, fun, great, and great beings. Seven for Time Conquers All; great players and chatters of Clint City. And nine rings were passed to E X C A L I B U R, who above all else desire power. But they were all of them deceived for another ring was made: in the land of Open Casket, in the fires of Spam, the lord tgh02 forged, in secret, a master ring to control all others. And into this ring he poured his knowledge, his wealth,and his will to help all life.
One Ring to Rule them All.
One by one the guilds of Clint City fell to the power of the Ring. But there were some who resisted. Those who resisted well, they suck because they can't join Open Casket because they broke the rules.

Now a small advert break....


Hello everybody,

Our forums are pretty active during the day but however at night it starts to slow down, to solve this problem I would like to buy Australians.

I value 1 Australian over 50 million clintz, the market price does not give a accurate value so I can not give an exact value.
They don't need to be level 25 but if they turn inactive before reaching level 25 they will be removed from the guild.

Send to my PS for price of your choice and I will buy them every time I check my PS. If you have multiple we can do this trade many many many many many many many many many more times.

Thanks for reading,
Good day.

Open Casket will be recruiting again later in the year folks!

edited by Infiniti Friday 21/02, 13:18
Thursday 20/02/14

2 messages
English deicideultra - subject is closed
Nu Earth Rangers is open for joining.

Hey guys we have a reward system going , were you play well and we give you cards from a raffle draw and the cards are made public to the guild so you know what you have a chance to win see the guild here :

I want to build this guild on a teaching and learning platform also a place where you can safely post your cards that you want or want to get rid off.

Joining requirements:

Level 5-35 ( I don't want to allow to high level players into the guild as of yet so the lower leveled players can grow in the guild for a short period of time and at a later date i will heighten the cap on the levels)

a fair-play of at least 94%

a willingness to teach and learn within the guild

Please understand that this is a low leveled guild and i am looking foward to building it up with other urban rival players.

nu earth Rangers
Wednesday 19/02/14

10 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
I am remaking the
we are a community that likes to have fun
be over 25+
don't cuss
be active enough
i might just make a few people who join of a high enough level mod
Monday 17/02/14

7 messages
English deicideultra - subject is closed
The New Nu Earth Guild is not an elite guild accepting only Members Between Level 5 to Level 35 Allowing Members to grow and learn from one another And Creating A powerful Guild from the ground up.

The Nu Earth guild is one that will be built around discussion Allowing the sharing of ideas techniques and strategies revolving around Urban Rivals.

The Requirements For Joining:

As Before Mentioned Level 5-35 ( except under great consideration )
A fair play rating of at least 90%
A willingness to teach the other guild members
Consistent activity

I want to run this guild on a small reward system giving out cards to members that preform well.

This will be done as a random draw depending on star ratings of your cards and your level.

Every 2 weeks a list of the cards up for grabs will be posted (yes there will be rare and powerful cards) all the rules regarding the reward system will be posted shortly.

All members must be aware that if they are chosen to be an administrator they must give a card of their choice to a low leveled member of the guild of coarse of their choice.

The First 5 member's to Join the NU Earth Rangers Will All receive A bonus card on joining once the card Give away list has been posted, There will also be random card give away's every month or so.

I look forward to creating a comfortable learning atmosphere for all so that we may create a powerful guild Together.


NU Earth Rangers

edited by Artemis-BZ Sunday 16/02, 03:26
Sunday 16/02/14

5 messages
English Cherno3 - subject is closed
Hi Looking for a guild to have fun in! Running Ulu Watu right now. Very Active!!
Saturday 15/02/14

2 messages
English Big_Perms - subject is closed
Hello all! Looking for active Peeps for a fun and open guild. Only requirement is that your somewhat active and participate in the forum. To be honest, community is #1. And that's what we try to build here. BP
2 messages
English -Mordecai - subject is closed
With an arsenal of kick-ass, overpowered weapons and a knack for being a badass,it’s not the end of days for you...

This is your...


Join Now
Thursday 13/02/14

2 messages
English dolan dukc - subject is closed
We need members! All you need is 3 things : Speak English, have Tool in the beginning of your user name and have at least one themed deck. Thanks a lot!
1 message
English jasonmichael - subject is closed
Currently recruiting new members. Looking to improve your character? Want to be part of a team environment? Here's your chance!

Click on the link to join the Guild:

edited by Artemis-BZ Thursday 13/02, 05:06
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ελληνικά NextLvLStr4ts - subject is closed

Manatee here
I have just left WP (Great Guild) in order for new beginings
Return of Destiny is the continuation of the guild Wrath of Destiny
we are looking for active members who regularly post on the message board

No requirements except for being active

ACTIVITY DRAW:Every Week all players with Max Activity (Min 5)
Will be entered in a loytery to in 5k

edited by Artemis-BZ Friday 17/01, 06:07
Wednesday 12/02/14

7 messages
English ZarahK - subject is closed
Hello All. We just created a new guild and would like to welcome anyone interested to join. Please feel free to apply and join us. Looking forward to some great times.
x The Candy Bandits x
~ ZarahK ~

edited by Artemis-BZ Tuesday 04/02, 04:08
Tuesday 11/02/14

2 messages
English minky67 - subject is closed
Come join a new guild the wrekin crew
easy going friendly fun.........
5 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed

for a limited time first 5 people to join over level 40 will become admin

only rules are
Must be level 25+
Must post on forums every once in a while
Must be a troll

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