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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Saturday 08/03/14

2 messages
English Minas Anor - subject is closed
My best friend was killed the other day and authorities were considering suicide because he was hit by a train. He was a user on here (Minas Tirith) that was repeatedly harassed and blackmailed by another user on this site (_R34per_). Please pray with me. Praise the lord.
Friday 07/03/14

14 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed

In the begining there was nothing
then a magical banana appeared.
he created everything including a site called urban rivals.
he then rescinded control of it and gave it to "Fraggle" and the admins to run.
then he created a guild.
A wonderful guild where he and his folowers slowly broke the rules that he had created.
But why?

An Insult Thread

have you wanted to showcase an insult or wanted to insult somebody.
You Can!
just don't mention the person you're insulting and don't cuss too much and you can post.

Useless arguments
there will be a thread solely for useless arguments. back and forth and anybody can join. the topic will be on something like is pizza better than hot dogs. after 25 posts or so a new topic will be announced and the argument winner(s) will be rewarded with Timber(s)

anybody who joins will get happiness. i guarantee it.
2 messages
English ragna44 - subject is closed
Looking for a friendly guild join Seraphim guild takes all comers
just sign up and wait to be accepted


edited by -Wicer- Friday 07/03, 15:26
2 messages
English ragna44 - subject is closed
seraphim guild looking for new active members
Thursday 06/03/14

5 messages
English Tuttobuno - 7 - subject is closed
Hello peeps. i used to play this game 2 years ago. , i'm back . I'm currently looking for guild who most of the guild member play elo mode and able to update about what's new about urban-rivals. i used to get into top 100 last time.so... ANY GUILD ?
Wednesday 05/03/14

2 messages
English Smithy Baii - subject is closed
Only started a few days ago, and looking for a guild to join.

I am on daily, and I level up quite quickly.

Thank you
Tuesday 04/03/14

3 messages
English NexusVolt - subject is closed
Hey guys my name is nexus and i just started today (i've been playing for 3 years but forgot my other account)
But i can also make HQ avatars

But hope we can get along
3 messages
English DUC RAP - subject is closed
I had seen people who dont like their guild because their founders dont appoint them the champion of elo, tourney.....etc. I had made this guild for those people and they will like my guild. u just have to enter in my guild through the link below and join it
Monday 03/03/14

1 message
English IsL_Black - subject is closed

The guild idea is to create a meeting place for all those players who are tired and stressed from the request for records or other by their own guilds want to have their well-deserved rest
We offer a forum "normal"
many minigames with possibility to win great prizes
a suitable area to loans card to members who need it and a case back for emergencies

We accept players from the LV20 onwards
Players who speak Italian / English

25 messages
English ---SiM-HoA--- - subject is closed
Harbingers of Ares our founder, Tricky, has been hacked by ????? and HoA has been deleted (I hope staff takes real nice care of that slimy SoB)

For the mean time while this is sorted out, please join this guild.

Hopefully we can retrieve the old HoA, but from what I hear that is not possible.

Stay strong, warriors!

edited by UM_AaaBattery Friday 28/02, 10:24
Friday 28/02/14

8 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
be nice
don't cuss (too much)
be level 15+ (lower standards)
be active-ish

from now on every person that joins gets a free Timber YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

edited by ArtemisBZ Friday 21/02, 03:56
3 messages
English HoA_Ashas - subject is closed
Im 51 level player
Piranas user ,Deathmatch player.
Age 19.
I get along with everyone in clan.
I would like to be in chat active clan.
Thursday 27/02/14

15 messages
English Sir B00BY - subject is closed
Dear fellow players in the Urban Rivals Community,
I am here to offer my editing tool to help YOU!
To keep threads looking pretty, and to keep the main post as accurate as possible, I will happily edit any and all updates to your thread's main post!
Please comment below with the following:

- Thread link
- Updates (simply a list of requirement changes, story changes, etc.)
- Any fancy form you want to add (stars, smiley faces, etc.)
- Any change to the thread name that you would like to have done.

After completion, I will comment here "done " and that will signify your changes have been made and are up to date

Happy recruiting!
Sir B00BY

edited by Sir B00BY Thursday 19/09/2013, 19:29
Sunday 23/02/14

2 messages
English KINENVEU - subject is closed
Hobby-one guild is recruiting.

No requirement needed.

If you enjoy the game, come to meet new people, or simply profit from the guild bonuses free of charge.

see you around.

Saturday 22/02/14

2 messages
English apoco25 - subject is closed
A guild for fun and perks.
11 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
Welcome to

we aim to become the best guild elo


1500 elo no exceptions

"Yesterday is history,today is a gift,tomorrow is mistery"

Friday 21/02/14

8 messages
English hardknocks25 - subject is closed
Sphinx brawlers everybody is wellcome

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