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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Thursday 24/07/14

7 messages
English Pingerz - subject is closed
Hello community, I'm currently looking for a guild that is nice and active, forum wise and battle wise. I don't really care what guild it is as long as it has those two qualities and can deal with my sometimes pointless ramblings.
Tuesday 22/07/14

4 messages
English Its ALL ON Me - subject is closed
I have played this game since 08 and havent had a guild ever.... But im looking for one now and would love to join one thats high lv. As far as my lv goes and my collection for my account i have played on an off for lasts couple of years because of the game dying down.
8 messages
English (RAP) - subject is closed
I am leaving this game with 1 reason
The people who say u are beggers are the real baggers , they do not have food to eat and they are enternal and every thing in this game , so u cant do this , u cant hurt anyone with out reason, I know when I will publish this subject my account will be blocked but i want to say my words with out problem , the people who are new in this game are fool cause they do not know the game rules, there is only 1 rule int his game , bagger , bl bagger, dont like bagger every thing like this , only the people who are legend are good in this game , i advice every one to leave this lol people game who only has 1 word bagger , why this word is introduced bagger, it should be blocked, 1 man say join my guild then i will give u less loss of 20 but otherwise u will get loss of 40 k , what is this , i advice left this game , when there will no player then people will automatically think about this , to mods plz dont destroy my subject unless every onw know about this, what is this game? , the time u are playing this game to earn things , at that time if u read ur lessons then u will have real cash instead of this, i had played 5 years this game but only 1 word had broken my confidence , bagger, if i say to u begger the what u will do? i know u will be shamed and u will not chat
Monday 21/07/14

510 messages
English tgh02 - subject is closed
Join Open Casket http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/guilds/guild/?id=157954

Join Casketeers for Boundless Nights of Mayhem!

This is 99.9fm Open Casket The Spirit of Radio
This is Aaron Angelo guiding you through this encroaching dusk
You, yes you balaclava-wearing mendicant holding a straight Razor against your mother's neck

Yeah~ that's it, put it down and listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxhbQs2_fl8

..and that was "Open Casket" by Death from their 1988 debut album Leprosy

Clint City's Infamous Open Casket was born in 2008. Tonight Open Casket Admins are unbuckling our Casketeers' straight jackets and releasing them to add New Bloods into our ranks

Submit your measurements to OC Admins and we'll assemble your casket promptly
All applicants receive a custom-fit Casket and never-ending cans of SPAM! Free!
Your free Bed & Lodging is provided courtesy of Guild: 157954

- Minimum Level 25
- Obey Open Casket rules (T&C)
- Play one or more regularly: ELO | DT | Coliseum | Survivor | DM
- Troll better than Arunarsirakul
- Strip-off against -Saladin
- Must be greedier tgh02
- Send selfies to Jamox360

Open Casket offers: ELO Coliseum DT Discussions | Events | Lotteries | Nightly Chat
We whore our souls to earn enormous stacks of Clintz in Market
We're hard-working folks committed to revelry & merriment and spamming = Lots of SPAM

So put away your straight Razor and join us before tomorrow’s searing Dawn force our doors shut
Friday 18/07/14

11 messages
English ((TinyGlitch)) - subject is closed
Any guild
14 messages
English play_0 - subject is closed
After my old guild went pretty inactive im looking for a new guild
Thursday 17/07/14

2 messages
English Revan- - subject is closed
Hey, just realized the guild I was in got deleted. So.. Here I am.

I am active, friendly and have a lot of guild experience. Founding, admin, etc. I'm just looking for an active guild with crazy/fun/friendly members. Pm me with an offer if you'd like me to join. Thanks
10 messages
English TheFearedOrc - subject is closed
Hi, I have been pretty inactive over the last couple of years, looking to play a little again...

Looking for some random guild to join for a bit of fun.
66 messages
English play_0 - subject is closed
Looking for a guild to join , look no more , join infinity . We are a group of kickass crazy people who think we are perfectly sane , don't ask me how I know . We want to help each other in the game and at the same time have some fun .
We don't care about you current scores we will help you improve , no matter what you level is . And you will have crazy fun here.

Founder :play_0
Co-founder :0 Jeremy

Allied with : Checkmate
Wednesday 16/07/14

4 messages
English FO Kiltron - subject is closed
In this world we face countless trials. Dreams of achieving greatness, glory, and fame. The road we walk is not an easy one, but with our name sake in mind we move Forever Onward.

We are open for recruitment and ready to take Urban Rivals by storm!
Forever Onward

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Tuesday 15/07/14

4 messages
English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed
Hello people,

I'm looking for guilds to visit

I play:
-Classic mode

I'm a little bit inactive these weeks because i'm on a Holiday. But when i'm back i will be active often

I will make a list for guild to visit (I will stay maxinal 1 month.)

I hope i can find some good guilds

Sincerely, Crimes
4 messages
English 0 Bandit - subject is closed
Looking for any good players..
► 1300 ELO / top 20 daily tournaments
► A minimum of 400 guild activity points/week.
► Good online attitude.
► Players must communicate through the message board and chats

edited by ArtemisBZ Tuesday 15/07, 12:07
2 messages
English ohmhgawd - subject is closed
Come join the rebellion we are a group of friends that are looking for people to join our rebel force we are active in chat and very friendly

Requirements are:
-min lvl 30 (exceptions may apply)
-speak english
-active in game and chat
-be friendly to guild mates

we are rebels we are family join now and be part of the rebellion!!
Saturday 12/07/14

2 messages
English ohmhgawd - subject is closed
Join my guild must speak english and be lvl 30 or up
Rebels of the Darkness

edited by ArtemisBZ Saturday 12/07, 04:40
Friday 11/07/14

4 messages
English lordbacon - subject is closed
Looking for players to join my guild we will take anyone
City Walkers

edited by ArtemisBZ Thursday 10/07, 08:26
1 message
English Striker Alex - subject is closed
Hey just started up my guild, looking for new members to join, wed love to have anyone. Truth Be Told joining us is the right decision.

edited by ArtemisBZ Friday 11/07, 08:08
4 messages
English HOA-JAMES - subject is closed
Hey guys I made a guild for new and experienced players to help ppl out trade battle level up and have fun after I accept my first 10 applicants the first 3 will be made admins
Minimum level 10
No other requirements everyone is free to come and have fun
4 messages
English HOA-JAMES - subject is closed
Hey guys I made a new guild for new and experienced players if u want a fun guild. To trade chat and have fun plz join
Thursday 10/07/14

12 messages
English darkdragondt - subject is closed
Hi, im the founder and Leader of Legendary Domination. Currently we are looking for new members (no matter what level you are) You just have to fit these requirements:

- Active
- Over level 5
- Friendly and Kind

We host card giveaway's and events so be sure to apply!
Legendary Domination

edited by -Wicer- Monday 14/04, 01:01
Wednesday 09/07/14

8 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
For a brief period of time Potato Flavored Potatoes was one of the most active guilds in the U.S of A.
Since then things have changed.
Activity went into the toilet and the message boards went from active conversations to a "siesta" room.
Partly because I as guild master didn't do my job to be active and almost left the game entirely.
Partly because half of the guild was filled with inactive sons of mothers.
Now we're trying to restore The Potato Flavored Potatoes to it's former glory

Old Rules:

Be level 15+
don't flame
Don't curse excesively
Try and be nice

New Rules to be added on:
Be active on the message boards or if that's to much...
We are also making a feedback thread on what's good or bad (mostly bad) about our guild and where to improve

if you would like to help us return to our glory and try to rejuvenate our message boards
APLY FOR THE Potato Flavored Potatoes

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