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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Thursday 31/05/07

2 messages
English ArKhalous - subject is closed
Someone please fill me in on the complete rules of EVO playing. I am mostly new here and like what I know of it so far, but would like to make sure I know what I am doing......thanks
1 message
English Red Fury - subject is closed
The Undercover Devils are a fun guild. we r all about fun and collecting cards. i have made so many friends in the Undercover Devils guild. Also we have players who have been playing for a long time so we can help if your new. we take all levels! we want u to join us! message me if u have any questions i have spoken french for 2 years now if ur french plz consider joining! maybe the name suits you!

Red Fury- Admin of Undercover Devils
2 messages
English Evancx - subject is closed
You have not responded to my offer for 4 days! I would be happy if u said no even!
4 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I wonder how many battles one can have with the same player until the battle points become zero ? in that case, is it possible for you to display the number of times we have battled each player on the game window? that would be great!!
Wednesday 30/05/07

25 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Entry: Level 10
Creation:tuesday 05/09/06, 103 members
Everyone is invited to join
as long as u are a human playing this game...you may NOW click the link below and postulate:
1 message
English johnnie walker - subject is closed
1 message
English BikouKumori - subject is closed
First could I get a vet guild admin to tell me how to actually add people to the guild? The Guild Profile is here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=28729
1 message
English iluvramen95 - subject is closed
We need members we exept all countrys and personalities whether your or or or or
12 messages
English abc3000 - subject is closed
Want to join a guild.
just not certain where to join.
1 message
English Mjr Payne - subject is closed
Look no further, the Army of Decadence needs you!
we are small, but looking to expand, anybody level 20 or higher will be given the option of becoming an admin, all who apply will be accepted, only requirement is that you are american.
Tuesday 29/05/07

1 message
English globeragon - subject is closed
Urban lords are now recruiting any level!
1 message
English ID-Baista - subject is closed
What Country are you from? We don't care, we accept anyone from any country! Our guild consists of all countries and are recruiting anyone, JOIN NOW!
9 messages
English Liquid Evo - subject is closed
Well, first of all, I' m looking for a guild atm, And wondering if anyone would like to accept me (preferably a UK clan)

Second, My friend, Needed one of my cards called Eyrton. So I decided I should open up a private sell and sell it to him. All of a sudden when I opened it, He had already brought the card. So now I tried to take Eryton off the private sales and back into my deck. But for some reason, I could not find the option and now I kinda want Eryton back.
So this is how I got stuck and couldn't take Eryton off the private sales. If you could show me / tell me or if theres a way to get him, I would be greatful

Thx for your time!
2 messages
English LilKing - subject is closed
Hoe do you read your messages
3 messages
English pokon lover - subject is closed
Why are there alot of players with the same pic.when i play i see whole room has same pic.only few dont.
2 messages
English t-dog - subject is closed
can anyone tell me how to delete a guild plz and thankxs
Monday 28/05/07

10 messages
English pokemasrt - subject is closed
I need a guild to join
1 message
English Unkle Juggalo - subject is closed
Well then here we are in Clint City with a Clown Clan of Scrub Ninjas just for you to join and make great come on in we'll fire up a doob and kill us some haters.
4 messages
English POX4ur - subject is closed
Im new here. Hi everbody
Saturday 26/05/07

2 messages
English Elsman - subject is closed
Did someone notice how Python resemble Solid Snake?? Cool!!! (the stance at lvl 4 it's the same XD)

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