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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Sunday 20/05/07

1 message
English MindHigh - subject is closed
Need 2 members! it doesn't metter your skill you can be free to join us!

2 messages
English Dkill }{TFO}{ - subject is closed
I just put thought this guild to be aprroved so i wanted to start recuting now. we take any one with a level above 5. if you want to become want to be a mod write why i should make you one.
6 messages
Română NeoTachyon - subject is closed
I need recruits for my guild so we can fight and train plus i hold tornaments as well please join Jeff_hardy guild
4 messages
English Vesuvan - subject is closed
A Growing Multi-Culteral Guild:We shall eliminate our foes with brute strength and the best tactics. We shall wipe the other guilds out with our power. We will become surpreme! *Min lvl 25 required To Join!
Strength In Numbers

Requirments to join:
1) minimum lvl 25 +
2) option to wear world flag in profile but is prefered: to unite our multi culteral guild as one under the worlds flag!
3) must be an active reguler playing member


1) Play in internal tournaments with low cost entry fees to play to win ctz and (r) , (u), (cr) cards
2) meet and represent in the same guild with great members of this game
3)build your battle points, cards, and experiance amognst your members.
4) contribute to a great growing multi-culteral guild- in 2-3 months we have gone from rank 2200 to rank 80 we are currently sitting in the top 100 for guild/rank and moving up constantly!
5) great communication and help from all fellow guild members! + bonuses and perks!

Come check us out @ http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=6291 & request to postulate !
Saturday 19/05/07

2 messages
English Crazy1ed - subject is closed
Join today , all I expect is you do your best and have fun
1 message
English Nyliram132 - subject is closed
The guild Curse of the Moon is looking for members. If you like Vampire, succubus or other night creature, this guild is for you.

here is the guild page : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=8939

And i'm sorry if my english is not the best..

hope to see you in my guild,

2 messages
English _ANDING_ - subject is closed
Are other clans stronger than the others? pls tell me which clans are stronger/weaker against the other. pls tell me im kinda new here
1 message
Română DANYez - subject is closed
The rules are:-to be guru,imperator or titan
-min lvl 25 and to be active elo only for professionist
-any nationality
Post ho whant to join my guild!!!!!Or Pm me!!!!
1 message
English phantomchris - subject is closed
If ur lookin for a guild join us!

5 messages
English Dustybuckets - subject is closed
Just looking for a guild to join
2 messages
English Symbolic - subject is closed
Well I have been here for almost a week and I am looking to join a guild so if you have a guild let me know, and I will check it out...if you want me in your guild that is.
2 messages
English Mr PibblesLoA - subject is closed
Hey guys i used to be with the snakepit but that didnt work out i then made my own guild that didnt work out and i postulated to cops and control Freaks that didnt worh either so i really need a guild that does tourneys and that have people who are constantly on. i am a lvl 26 i do Uppers, Montana, geist, and Ulu Watu. so plz if any one needs me plz ask. i really want to join a guild.
Mr. J
Friday 18/05/07

1 message
English Anime Fan - subject is closed
Ok so i got a new guild but only got 3 days so help me keep it please, but if u hate anime i suggest u stay away from meheres my adress http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=24523
3 messages
English Dustybuckets - subject is closed
Join please its an evil guild open to anyone......
1 message
English Silver River - subject is closed
Hey everyone!
i would really like if you choose to be in this guild. it doesn't matter what language you speak. You are here yo have fun and so am i.
Welcome to zodiac remembrance.
just request to be in this guild and mail me witha reason why you wan to join.
It's your choice, you have the power. see you later
1 message
English quter - subject is closed
Join the foo fighters we already have 18 members and its only been 4 days
7 messages
English speggy - subject is closed
Hi i'm James cunningham
i'm a lvl 7 but just found the forum today i live in blackburn,england adn ejoy magic; the gathering, AQ DF and wii
4 messages
English Sliss - subject is closed
I just started playing today and have a question. I have a card that has Attack 8 Power 1. If it attacks another character successfully how many damage will it do to that character? What i want to know is how can i find out how much max damage a character can do.
2 messages
English jhawk4lyfe - subject is closed
Ok what do i do to buy cards and do i get credets with clinks or what please anser
6 messages
English Ichigo EVO - subject is closed
Just looking for a good guild to belong to. Everything else is taking forever...

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