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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Saturday 19/05/07

2 messages
English Symbolic - subject is closed
Well I have been here for almost a week and I am looking to join a guild so if you have a guild let me know, and I will check it out...if you want me in your guild that is.
2 messages
English Mr PibblesLoA - subject is closed
Hey guys i used to be with the snakepit but that didnt work out i then made my own guild that didnt work out and i postulated to cops and control Freaks that didnt worh either so i really need a guild that does tourneys and that have people who are constantly on. i am a lvl 26 i do Uppers, Montana, geist, and Ulu Watu. so plz if any one needs me plz ask. i really want to join a guild.
Mr. J
Friday 18/05/07

1 message
English Anime Fan - subject is closed
Ok so i got a new guild but only got 3 days so help me keep it please, but if u hate anime i suggest u stay away from meheres my adress http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=24523
3 messages
English Dustybuckets - subject is closed
Join please its an evil guild open to anyone......
1 message
English Silver River - subject is closed
Hey everyone!
i would really like if you choose to be in this guild. it doesn't matter what language you speak. You are here yo have fun and so am i.
Welcome to zodiac remembrance.
just request to be in this guild and mail me witha reason why you wan to join.
It's your choice, you have the power. see you later
1 message
English quter - subject is closed
Join the foo fighters we already have 18 members and its only been 4 days
7 messages
English speggy - subject is closed
Hi i'm James cunningham
i'm a lvl 7 but just found the forum today i live in blackburn,england adn ejoy magic; the gathering, AQ DF and wii
4 messages
English Sliss - subject is closed
I just started playing today and have a question. I have a card that has Attack 8 Power 1. If it attacks another character successfully how many damage will it do to that character? What i want to know is how can i find out how much max damage a character can do.
2 messages
English jhawk4lyfe - subject is closed
Ok what do i do to buy cards and do i get credets with clinks or what please anser
6 messages
English Ichigo EVO - subject is closed
Just looking for a good guild to belong to. Everything else is taking forever...
Thursday 17/05/07

1 message
English ultemate01 - subject is closed
If you are a filipino.....kindly join my guid
1 message
English Jinkster - subject is closed
Hello, I would like to try the Java version, but when i click the button at the bottom it just opens up a new page witha different looking graphic and thats it. And it appears at the top of a page a banner would show up be inside the banner is the flash version of the game. Anytips on fixing this? I do have the most up to date Java that i can get.

Also, I see alot of players with EVO in their names, either in the front or back of it. What exactly does this Mean? Are they just trying to be cool by Putting EVO in the name or does it actually stand for something?

Thank you, Jinkster
4 messages
English darthuchicha - subject is closed
Im new and just started yesterday.
So I need a guild.
Please let me in
Wednesday 16/05/07

1 message
English Blaze Master - subject is closed
Treason, The Urban Knights (no names will be mentioned) hacked into one of the Destiny Defenders Admins and destroyed The Destiny Defenders, now the Arival of the DESTINY HEROES will need all the help they can get to once and for all DESTROY the Urbanknights.

Former Destiny Defenders and not we need you, so please help, Help us WIN the WAR!
1 message
English Goffernipples - subject is closed
Join us so we may be the best guild on here
All we aim for if #1
First 3 members will be temp admins and once we get running the best players may become admin
Tuesday 15/05/07

1 message
English 0JessBoy - subject is closed
Hey jw if you would like to join our guild Australian Invasion

link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=21300

just a small guild atm but hope to grow larger with every Australian member we recruit

have a look and if you like what you see PM me back

1 message
English UrbanRivalKing - subject is closed
I want to build up an army that can defeat every other country and prove that the uk are always the best. Everyone from the UK are welcome with people from everywhere else not so welcome. Apply from UK and your in. Outside the UK and maybe. LET THE UNITED KINGDOM RULE ALL
1 message
English XC 1984 - subject is closed
I need recruits for my guild so we can fight and train plus i hold tornaments as well please join
3 messages
English JimNNail - subject is closed
Hey guys I'm a noob at this game but I'm going to give it a shot. My wife will be using my account here to. She plays card games to. I would like to make friends here that will help us get good at this game or maybe join a clan or a guild if there are any here.
3 messages
English quter - subject is closed
Alowing any lvl group 6 or above no lvl 5 any one that is on the guild has to be on the friends list so we can trade cards an such . The best thing is not only are we a great kick butt guild there is also a band named the foo fighters. so join and a great well known guild.

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