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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Saturday 16/12/06

1 message
Deutsch Frankize - subject is closed

My nephew (DevilSlasher) and I (Frankize) are both from Belgium and are looking for a belgian guild to join.
4 messages
English Emotional_ - subject is closed
Well i mean pretty much what i just said so post if you have or you are in a cool guild
Friday 15/12/06

1 message
English ryice - subject is closed
Blood arena need you
we need you to join blood arena

2 messages
Español CiberH65 - subject is closed
Hey everyone! I was looking at the guilds and I didn't see one from PR...so I decided to make one of my own for all those Puertorricans out there that don't have a place in clint city. So all who support the isle of enchantment please join and all those Boricuas out there GET IN HERE AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!

7 messages
Deutsch Frankize - subject is closed

I just started playing this game. I could use a little help and i am looking for a guild 2 .
7 messages
English Corbcorb - subject is closed
4 every 1 whos not in a guild, join the guild urbanrivals destructors, as we will soon rule urban rivals, and when we do, dont expect any charity
Thursday 14/12/06

1 message
English Collector_HM - subject is closed
Hey im looking for any one that wants to join my guild please let emno if you are intested.Troy101
Wednesday 13/12/06

5 messages
Deutsch Mich4250 - subject is closed
How do you trade cards with athor people
3 messages
English cyberslash - subject is closed
Hi I am new in this game, can anyone help me here. I need more clintz and good cards, How can I earn them and alos How can I earn free credits if possible thanks for your time answering my questions. peace out.
Tuesday 12/12/06

2 messages
English Killingshadow - subject is closed
Hey i need a guild

and can give me some tips or whateva
Monday 11/12/06

1 message
English 6Warriors6 - subject is closed
Am looking for players over the level of thirteen for my guild. its name is urban rivals destructors. we look to strive forwards in this game and need support. friends are invited to come to.
join us at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=4111 and be part of the revalation
5 messages
Česky Plysak_CZ - subject is closed
I know I am noob, but how do I use pills ? When I click to Activate fury, it tooks me from my inventory but no function... My character still have only 1 pill next to him. Then I play second and never win . thx for help
2 messages
Português jakim - subject is closed
Podiam me responder para que serve Uma guild?
2 messages
English saint21 - subject is closed
Ei join my guild %u2122%u2020%u2122 we need more member
Sunday 10/12/06

6 messages
English Partida22 - subject is closed
Im new.can you tell me the hottest girl cards.thanks!
9 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
Without abilities, bonuses and pillz, would attack be equal to the power of the card?
Saturday 09/12/06

17 messages
English 0- JP - subject is closed
Hi, i'm Lburna73, i just started playing seriously yesterday, hope to be on top of my country's players here at Clint UR, i dont have a credit account but, ill try to make it big my own little way, outwit, out smart, and survive!

If not... DOTA NA TO!!!
1 message
ελληνικά Mentekas - subject is closed
Raiding party is our name...plz come to make it great
8 messages
English Lighthart - subject is closed
Hello... this is Lighthart, an indonesian people..
i'm recruiting any new member that pass requirement below
- loyal
- can speak in english
- have good attitude n behavior
- help others

Pro player not use drugs!!!

if you feel you're the right person just click link below... see u soon!

Friday 08/12/06

6 messages
English Baahaa - subject is closed
To reduce the amount of guild's maybe guild wars can be made..this would be where the owner of the guild picks certain players and the opposing guild picks their players and go out in a war loser gets their guild deleted.

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