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Introductions and Recruitment

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Thursday 09/11/06

1 message
English Greebo EVO - subject is closed
Is there anything I can do, they were working earlier today, but now it's just a blank screen.
3 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Well i now see people like da-bigvi are "moderators"...how do players get to be like them?and what do they do?
5 messages
English LazyHorse - subject is closed
I don't mean in terms of stats, like who you like to use the most/is the most powerful, but just by the character's biography & appearance, who's your favorite?

It's Vickie and Otakool for me, they're damned funny, but still tough.
Wednesday 08/11/06

4 messages
English Min137 - subject is closed
Is it only possible to save one deck? Or can I have a few different decks?

Monday 06/11/06

6 messages
English chrisdab AOD - subject is closed
Once a Leader plays a round their effects dont work for the rest of the fight... Not what one expects when getting a Leader.
3 messages
English CitizenHK - subject is closed
Just wonder why is it named Fang Pi Clang

the first thing that pop into my mind for Fang Pi is fart in chinese

and what is clang?
8 messages
English MisterMoo - subject is closed
Wow, i just realized tht the Uppers have two crossdressers, Jim, and Jackie... thats just plain creepie
4 messages
English -sCapeg0d- - subject is closed
Lets all post new discoveries like new character abilities etc here, Please do contribute.
4 messages
English mysterious - subject is closed
Someone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trade me i tied of havin my stupid amiral py hes almost lvl 3
Sunday 05/11/06

2 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
hey can anybody explain about this game
Saturday 04/11/06

5 messages
English DEADEYE - subject is closed
I'm looking to join a guild, as my record's pretty good..any recommendations?
1 message
English Sick or Sane - subject is closed
We will except people with exceptional skills on our team, the guild is called Soul Reapers in the USA catagory, we need some more recrutes for a great team, u can help. if u wanna join just remember Soul Reapers
5 messages
English ManInBlack - subject is closed
Where the newbies become giants. All the newbies that want to become good players are accepted. Our motto: "All the players are fair play... cause that ones that are cheaters aren't players, they are murderers.
If you think like that please join The World of NEWbies
2 messages
English CitizenHK - subject is closed
Why do the All Stars appears to be kina evil haha
2 messages
English Jakester - subject is closed
Please join the ones ive just made it today will get good
5 messages
English MafiaPenguin - subject is closed
Proably alredy sed or made but guild wars would be good
1 message
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hello, the Staff is doing it's first real life event this week end in Paris.
If you want, you can check out our webcam during the event at:
Friday 03/11/06

3 messages
English chrisdab AOD - subject is closed
Can you add an option in the menu to skip the fight scenes? I just want to see the results after I make my decision. It gets old after a couple hundred times of watching missles go back and forth. Maybe it can eliminate some of the repetitive clicking on menus and the accelerate button every battle.

12 messages
English chrisdab AOD - subject is closed
Why do some people get popup messages telling them that status of the tourney and their place in them? I have never gotten those popup messages but I seen others get them all the time durring tourneys. Wheres the option to change those?
Thursday 02/11/06

1 message
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I think there should be a linkpage where we can find out more about the people who started clint fighting and a brief history with credits about the developers of the game! that would be really cool

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