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Introductions and Recruitment

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Monday 20/11/06

2 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
Some of the cards' abilities (Stop Opp Ability) has not been working where the opponent had no stop opp ability in ability nor bonus...and it did not stop the damage reducing ability of the opponent...can somebody tell me why please
1 message
Português Sad Ice - subject is closed
What courage does.. i read the text in the tutorial but didnt understand...
it's add power to char or it multiply the power like pillz??
1 message
English Bishop4869 - subject is closed
Don't be a Luke, join the darkside.
Army of Darkness.
Help us become the dominant force.

Army of Darkness
2 messages
English SniperZ - subject is closed
1. Interested in joining a guild?
2. Interested in being in a family?
3. Interested in the mafia?

Here's your chance. Come and be a part of the family. Join 'The Godfather'.

Motto: - "You mess with the family, and the family messes with you."
Sunday 19/11/06

1 message
English Baahaa - subject is closed
Recruiting for a guild atm Untouchables http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=3746 apply if interested
1 message
English Kupofather - subject is closed
We're a bit overdue for a topic, so here it is:
The Moogle Mafia prides itself on being the biggest clan in the entire world. We are bigger than anyone game, we have bases on several other games which i will not go into here (im not sure what the game recruiting laws are here) But Urban rivals is one of our medium sized locations. We are all primarily English speakers, but we'll accept anyone... However, Spanish, French, German, Italian and English is the extent of our foreign language knowledge.
We have a laid back, take things as they come attitude. Real Life will always come first with us however, so if you are one of those die hard virtual reality enthusiasts you should probably find a different guild. That doesnt mean we dont know our stuff of course, the vast majority of us ARE diehard video gamers for life, but we know how to control our obsession. We'll be there for you thick and thin, If you'd like to join, just apply. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=179
2 messages
English PharoahX16 - subject is closed
Champs United is looking for english speaking players you dont have to speak english well just good enough everyone is accepted link below
Saturday 18/11/06

1 message
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Hello my name is rogueknight, and i love to fight. anyone who hasnt yet a member of guild can join me on making one....
1 message
English 69ShawRace81 - subject is closed
I just started a new guild called League of fairplay, anyone is welcome to join
4 messages
English IcePickki - subject is closed
I was just wondering how u really make a guild? i dont find anything anywhere? so. ill ask U How Do You Create A Guild?
1 message
Español KV SecaDanEVO - subject is closed
Can you tell me what ability has Marlysa ? pls
2 messages
English -sCapeg0d- - subject is closed
Wouldn't a page that depicts all the charaters abilities(if available) & their power and damages at each level be of much convenience?
3 messages
English NN-K_Jun - subject is closed
How about adding a space for te guild logo?
12 messages
Česky cBp_Fojtik - subject is closed
Have some questions about timing of abilities and bonuses. Whose ability or bonus is faster - attacker or blocker?

For example: fight between
Vladimir(ability -5 opp attack min 1, bonus Stop opp ability)
Jackie(ability stop opp bonus, -10 opp attack min 3)

When Vladimir is attacker and Jackie is blocker - gain Vladimir ability -5 opp attack min 1 or not? And is it different when Jackie is attacker and Vladimir is blocker?

Can be ability of Leader nulified by stop opp ability or stop opp bonus? For example Hugo with ability 6 team attack (give he this 6 attack to himself?) - can be this ability stopped?

If I have 2 Hugos, will be their ability canceled? And if not, will be cumulative? ( 12 team attack)
2 messages
English Lynden-evo - subject is closed
Why not make cards Collectors that are worth it like those two that jut turned collector they aren't worth it.
Suggestions well Havok or something.
P.S:Why isn't the Contact Form working
The last thing that says "Click here to access our contact form." It isn't working.
4 messages
English kurokama - subject is closed
I´m wondering if ´the exists as a level 1 character because i got him as level 3 i think, are there more characters that starts out as partially developed too?
Friday 17/11/06

3 messages
English Unknown Entity - subject is closed
What does "Ability at Level 5" mean? is there any significance to that?
1 message
English IcePickki - subject is closed
Looking for finnish guild members to finnish guild
4 messages
English fw-Snakinator - subject is closed
Dudes and dudetts the Fire wolves are recruiting so come join

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