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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Tuesday 26/09/06

3 messages
Deutsch Kardinal - subject is closed
Answer me plz
4 messages
English Sjoerd - subject is closed

Can i also sell cards after i bought clintz or card pack in shop?
Or only after buying credits?

3 messages
English 1f-ZoMyGod - subject is closed
What's Eslat's ability?
3 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
You can now get more informations about your cards by clicking on them: you'll see a complete history of who get it first and who purchased it since then until it's
yours !
2 messages
English KevinCastle15 - subject is closed
I think you should add something where you can talk to the person while you are battling that will be helpful like if they are taking to long you can tell them to and stuff but its just a suggestion
4 messages
English cowbrains788 - subject is closed
Whose picture is on the buy clintz option at the shop
9 messages
Español KV SecaDanEVO - subject is closed
3 lvl A Award have power3 damage4
7 messages
English KW}FatTx - subject is closed
Ok, first thing, EVO is a coop play style not played fairly by many.
I don't think most are ignorant off there actions but this is not the
time for that subject, I'm going to explain what I mean by fair.

Your deck should not be more than 20, if need be have 2 or 3 decks.
You are not limited to how many different decks you can name.
I modify mine daily but thats just my way.
Your 20 cards need to be balanced. eg.(10 fully evolved/10 not fully evolved)
The 10 fully evolved should ONLY be 4 and 5 star cards, VERY IMPORTANT,
so you provide, and vice versa are provided, a higher evo % in the end.
Your 10 not fully evolved cards which you are seeking to fully evolve
need not be a specific star level just keep a 10/10 deck balance because
otherwise you may end up with 3 FE(fully evolved)cards and only 1 NFE(not
fully evolved)card.Which does YOU an injustice.
When choosing your card during play ALWAYS play your 4/5 star FE
card versus there NFE card as they will do the same, hopefully
4 messages
English Sjoerd - subject is closed
How save is the shop?
Do i only have to call once to get a code?
What are your experiences
1 message
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
It's so annoying.they lose the first round and the leave.it's not nice.it's cowardly
Monday 25/09/06

1 message
English Sjoerd - subject is closed
Hallo Nederlanders

Speciaal voor alle Nederlanders die dit spel spelen heb ik een guild gemaakt.
Zin om te joinen?, doe dat Dan gewoon.



Leider van:
Nederland, een gilde voor onze Nederlandse compagnons.
2 messages
English DEADEYE - subject is closed
I ain't got a clue how to evolve my characters..lol
1 message
English Danish_Zombie - subject is closed
How do People join my guild
Sunday 24/09/06

5 messages
English varney_thepimp - subject is closed
Come join our guild all welcome.
9 messages
English WILimanjaro - subject is closed
Ok, one of my guys attacks. I give him Fury. His clan bonus gives a bonus to power. I won the fight. However, he only did the damage with his BASE power fury. Is this a bug?
3 messages
English neo_08ms - subject is closed
Well like can you give me stats for him at level 3?

also what is the ability that he gets at level 3?
8 messages
Español KV SecaDanEVO - subject is closed
"Never play without fair-play", that's our motto. Please join my guild and let's become one of the best guilds in Clint City. I accept everyone of you, doesn't matter your nationality and your level. I wanna transform this guild from an ordinary guild to a famous one!!! But for this I need you, so join "KO Fighters Club"
Saturday 23/09/06

1 message
English varney_thepimp - subject is closed
It is "enemies of god" is the name of my guild excepting all

that means all is welcome!
2 messages
English fufumibu - subject is closed
Do u have to them or do u get some other way
3 messages
English Juzni vetar - subject is closed
I'd really like to create a guild for people from Ex-Yugoslavia but first would like to know how many people could be interested.
So if you're serbian,croatian,slovenian,macedonian,bosnian ...whatever your religion,contact me.

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