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Introductions and Recruitment

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Thursday 10/08/06

2 messages
English NXKiller - subject is closed
I am getting really confused
4 messages
English Lonith - subject is closed
This goes out to all of you people looking to Buy, Sell, Trade or what ever. I'm sick and tired of leaving answers to your posts and then you don't update or reply. Please don't post anymore if this is all your going to do. I reply cause I need, want or have what you got. If you post you want a card and I have it I will reply to your post, but lately I've got only 5 answers back from over 20 posts I answered to. Please stop this crap and reply so people like me can move on to people that really want to do trdes and sells.
6 messages
English NN-K_Jun - subject is closed
Hey Clint Staff, how 'bout making a printable version of the characters? I'm trying to print them out but it's not working. How 'bout it Fraggle?
2 messages
English xujinhua - subject is closed
I want to buy characters.where to go
1 message
English Kupofather - subject is closed
I made an account for my little brother on my computer and i dont want the two of us to get deleted. It was just to get him setup so he can play at the library tomorrow. (I dont let him touch my computer normally )

So that wil lbe the only time his IP and mine are identical. PLEASE DONT DELETE US! THankyou,

His Username is Elflord
My Username is Kupofather
Wednesday 09/08/06

3 messages
English KW}FatTx - subject is closed
There r letters on my cards during battles that i dont know thee meaning
3 messages
English Coolhand_EVO - subject is closed
I changed my name to <evo-evo-evo> and it is undefined. I can't change my name now and I can't play. Please help. Thank you.
4 messages
English evo-weskull - subject is closed
There should a separate room or like a section so that you can use 1 character for training, then the battles will be short. (And it is not available during tournys)
5 messages
English santazxcre - subject is closed
I can find how to create my deck for the battle like the old urbanrivals place help plz
3 messages
English evo-weskull - subject is closed
I need help... i cannot sell my cards on the market, do you need to do something before u can sell on the market???
7 messages
English Jason*** - subject is closed
How do i get credits without buying them
1 message
English LoD-ElScumo - subject is closed
Join the Legion of Doom. Help each other get cards, train with other members, talk with other members, etc. Aid the legion of doom in our ultimate goal to destroy and rise over all other guilds. chaos and destruction
1 message
English LoD-ElScumo - subject is closed
The ultimate guild is finally here


join in the goal for ultimate destruction
8 messages
English Doktor - subject is closed
Hi how is it going all of you hot guys, i am look for a love anyone intrested?
Tuesday 08/08/06

1 message
English Starfish - subject is closed
Join my worriors! Message me for more info and battle tactics... Will succeed!!!
3 messages
English evo-weskull - subject is closed
You should recieve more points & clints for finishing a battle with pillz left over.
6 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hello everyone,

Here are the prizes for the August ELO tournament:

1 : Kiki - Armanda - Ndololo
2 - 5 : General - Lyse Teria
6 - 10 : Berserkgirl
11 - 25 : 1 random rare

The list of prizes on the website will update shortly.
3 messages
English Tyberriuss - subject is closed
When I try to buy cards from the market I get the mesage ,, Unable to buy this card because we could not identify you "

What should I do?
1 message
English Nico Robin - subject is closed
Join the most carefree, fun, thrill, challenge seeking crew on site! Recruiting anime characters of all kinds now. Real name characters get better guild benefits (if released any) so hurry! Yattaaa!
sigining off
~The Going Merry~ Guild
1 message
English A Ravenshadow - subject is closed
On your player information along with your level and currently battle points, is it possible to have the following listed as well:
Your current monthly overall ranking
Your current monthly national ranking
Your current monthly battle points

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