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Saturday 19/08/06

3 messages
English Smc - subject is closed
How to get into evo system i can`t find
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English Marsell4000 - subject is closed
Can someone help clear something up regarding Leader cards that I can't seem to find an answer on?

It says that leaders help the rest of their team in a fight. How? Am I right in thinking they do nothing until they get to level 5 (or whenever their ability is) and thats when they'll gain something to help their team-mates? I do get the part about 2 leaders cancelling the other out, but don't have 2 leaders. Just wanted it confirmed.

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English 0 Dark Army - subject is closed
Today I battled the player Moredeth. He/she had 2 times the card Esfalt in play. I'm wondering what the maximum limit is for each cards.

Another question: what does "Courage" mean?

And finally how are the (team)bonuses (like 3 power) applied? Example: I have two Sentinels in play, each with an power of 4 and an unlocked ability "power 5". I'm going to use one of them. I feed him 4 additional pillz. What is his total power?
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English Neomal - subject is closed
How can you join a gang. Some one please join me to your group.
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English 2cool - subject is closed
Hi guys i would like to say that most of the players playing this game are children and i dont think they can buy any credits therefore they will be unable to trade as you say that if trading is allowed they may cheat but i would like to put my suggestion you guys change that they cant trade untill buying credits from shop to we can trade when we reach level 25 or something so that they dont cheat who want we children are unable to buy credits and i believe that most of the people will say that my idea is right please guys think about it bcoz i really wanna trade some of my cards and i hope most of the people will agree to me right guys i hope that u guys will think about this and i really hope that you guys will really put my idea on the game thank you guys for reading this and hope it was a good suggestion thank and i even say you guys continue the idea of selling credits through money not everyone can play every tournament and gain credits and i believe you guys will still recieve .
Friday 18/08/06

3 messages
English 0 Dark Army - subject is closed
During my last battle (vs Duende_Loko) my match was bugged. He (honourly) won the 4th battle. The match ended in a draw. The problem is, I can't leave my battlescreen.
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Deutsch Jolly Roger - subject is closed
Now you can only get Leader card when you buy a "new blood" booster pack (and in the full deck pack).

They should be available in the other packs to like the oter clans...

In a few weeks time they will be no longer available in the new blood pack, since new characters will be added.
Thursday 17/08/06

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English TnC-Macthorpe - subject is closed
Having got my deck nearly complete and winning a tournament I now play ELO. But how does it work? I know the basics but how is the increase/decrease in ELO rating determined? Do you still earn Battle Points for ELO?
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English squirrelx - subject is closed
Im new at this game and i have 2 questions one is on some cards powers at the very end it will say min 8 or min 3 etc what does that mean
and secound i think i no what attack and damage is but what is power
2 messages
English white ninja - subject is closed
Do i have to accept people to join my guild or do they come in automatically? if i have to accept them, where do i accept them
10 messages
English wardin - subject is closed
I played DA - Kingconan in a elo match last night. No wonder he wins the ELO monthly, he times out if he is losing. How fair is
4 messages
English white ninja - subject is closed
It called Rulers of time!. check it out. if your not in a guild yet, come to mines
Wednesday 16/08/06

1 message
English deaththrow3 - subject is closed
When i started off i clicked on the wrong country when i was supposed to pick on australia. can i change that?
2 messages
English lobodragonevo - subject is closed
I have a character that has x to power. Is this added o the power score before or after the pills multiplyer?
2 messages
English lobodragonevo - subject is closed
I just had a match and it ended like this. Opponent had 5 pills, card Caciope lvl 2(6/3) with 2 pills vs my 6 pills and my card Saddy lvl 3(5/5) with all 6 pills. Not only did I lose the fight but my opponent got a free fury to win the match. How is this possible?
2 messages
English sistako - subject is closed
Has anyone been logged out while they were playing?? An if soo did you have a problem with loggin back in????? How do I get in touch with the staff or admen?
8 messages
English VIVA LA JASON - subject is closed
12 messages
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
Now I evo a lot, and I've seen all manner of nonsense in the name of Evo.

I understand that especially in tournaments you don't want to lose during an Evo match. However I also see a lot of people forgetting what the point of the match is. There's no ability to communicate between people so you have to actually consider your opponent when you're evoing.

Things not to do: I understand that people run completed characters. Maybe it's because they forgot to take them out, maybe it's to make sure that they have someone for their opponents to beat up and not have to pick and chose who gets xp. Whatever the reason there's certain characters to avoid.

1) Anything with a 7 or 8 power. (Vickie, Dorian, Wanda, GraksmxxT)

How exactly do you expect a 1 power character with 6 pillz to beat a 7 power character?

2) Groups of Sakrohm, Uppers, or Montana characters, or anyone who reduces Attack or Power (Estalt, Lost Hogg, Jackie)

All three of these groups have a bonus of - attack to the opponent. As if it wasn't hard enough for a 2 power character to beat someone, with their piddling 14 ATK you're going to take away half of it?

3) Lao, Don, Crystal, Copper etc.

I've lost more matches before their time because of 8 damage characters overpowering my character on round 2 and then doing 8 to me KOing me because the previous round I'd taken 4 or 5, and Lao in particular is dangerous if you're leveling fellow Fang Pi Clang members.

Characters that are a good idea to use as Evo targets (In no particular Order)

1) Uranus
2) Ricardo
3) Sigmund
4) Ninja Nyne
5) Vermyn N
6) Gina Glint
1 message
English Kate - subject is closed
Si praticamnete qundo avvio il gioco compare la schermata iniziale dove c'è una ragazza con la scritta "please wait...", però dopo un po compare un messaggio di errore che mi dice "Impossibile accedere a Urban Rivals poichè si è verificato un errore di rete durante l'identificazione."
come risolco il porblema????
2 messages
Português rafasmax - subject is closed
Can i reset account or delete and create a new one?

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