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Introductions and Recruitment

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Saturday 02/09/06

13 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
I need a good ACTIVE guild. Not one that is there just for name sake. Any available?
Friday 01/09/06

1 message
English DeftMute - subject is closed
What happened to the win % on my profile
it still says x out of y
but no %
now i have to do the math
2 messages
English Aira Angel - subject is closed
Hi all, I'm new to urban rivals and have been battleing alot, but my fair play rating isn't changing, what is it that I am going wrong, i dont want to be playing unfairly with anyone. Does any one have an answer for me?? thanks
4 messages
English TouchMeSoftly - subject is closed
Does anyone know?
2 messages
English 599033 - subject is closed
How Do I Join A Tourney?
Thursday 31/08/06

5 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hello everyone,

We're happy to announce that credits by phone is now available for the US at the shop:
One phone call (5$) give you 70 credits.
2 messages
Česky cBp_Fojtik - subject is closed
What are paremeters and special ability of Gabrielle from Ulu Watu?
Wednesday 30/08/06

15 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
Open registration is now being conducted on the Urban Rivals Tournament web site at http://www.joseffconsulting.com/URT/. We'd like to thank Joseff Betancourt for lending us server space while we get our own domain registered. Tournament rules are in the rules section. Please read these before registering.

This is a third party Tournament.
4 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

We've just added a "fansites" page to the site.
Feel free to add your site if it's not yet on the page.
5 messages
Deutsch Jolly Roger - subject is closed
I was in a battle and the second round was finished. On the card-select screen it said "waiting for [my opponent]". It was my turn to open the round (piccing first). Because my opponent wasnt ready i couldnt do nothing.

So I went out of the game and challanged another player so that i would get the message "fight in progress". When I went back to my game, the second round was replayed. And when it was finally my turn to pic a card, the message "battle time-out appeared". I thought my opponen timed-out (because i was waiting so long when the message "waiting for ..." would go away) but insted it was me who timed-out.
This is surely impossible, because i couldnt select a card ("waiting for..."-message wouldnt go away).

It is really a shame that my honisty level drops because of .....yeah because of what? temporarely computer problems at CUR?
Tuesday 29/08/06

1 message
Português Christy J - subject is closed
How can we trade cards???????
17 messages
English moomoobotox489 - subject is closed
Could it couldnt be more of a copy of golem from lotr if it tried (my precious)
7 messages
English 2cool - subject is closed
Kate send me

Votre resultat du tournoi ELO de la semaine:

Le premier a fini avec 1215 en ELO
Le Jackpot a fini a 7749 Clintz et vous gagnez 90 Clintz!
Vous avez ete tire au sort parmis les participants et vous avez gagner un perso Rare!
Armand vient d'etre ajoute automatiquement dans votre collection.

Un nouveau tournoi est en cours et il finira dans 7 jours exactement. Note: le nouveau systeme ELO est en test jusqu'Ã la semaine prochaine, les prixs indiqués dans ce message ne sont PAS réels.
Monday 28/08/06

6 messages
English MisterMoo - subject is closed
Any1 know wy DJ Korr, General, Kiki and Vickie are baneed from elo play?
2 messages
English tyler1 - subject is closed
I find the noise in battles and off a bit annoying an d would like it turned off any help on this..and no i cant turn my speakers off as i'm listenening to music on it most off the time!!!
Sunday 27/08/06

3 messages
English Hotshot10ras - subject is closed
When is the next cards leaving clint city and also when are the next new cards entering clint city?
55 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

We are thinking of removing the level up points bonus during tournaments periods.
This will make tournaments harder for high levels players but more accessible to everyone.
What do you think?
10 messages
English Slane - subject is closed
Is there a way to see the level of a person before you agree to fight?
6 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Check out the games rules, elo system to get the complete details.
1 message
English ballen - subject is closed
Vinner du?

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