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Saturday 26/08/06

1 message
English white ninja - subject is closed
Is there any benifets of a guild?
Friday 25/08/06

9 messages
English biduin - subject is closed
Yesterday i had 118 elo rating today i logger in and i had 960 why?
5 messages
English Kedanna - subject is closed
*laughs and dances because I'm #1 on the ELO charts right now* Its nice to finally see The Gathering on top for once, get used to it because my guild is going places. *giggles*

Okay staff people, I'm hyper you don't need to post this if you don't wanna.
1 message
English Fraggle - subject is closed
We CANNOT follow the message board.
20 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

Unfortunatly, there is too much cheating in the top of ELO, we are forced to suspend the prizes after August and we are also forced to cancel the new format.

2 messages
English Ragedoll - subject is closed
First issue,,, i've posted atleast 3 post that i felt were inportent to me and not one of them has come up or atleast i can't find them evam after searchin 6pages and i've noticed the pages don't move fast enough in 1day for me to ;ose it past 6 pages..
second issue,,, if by some sort of fluke i did miss them i can assume that i'm not the only person to have this issue...i suggest some sort of message tracker attached to you profile so that you can find all ofyour own posted messages easyer

if this message dosen't make it on the board could i atleast get a message with somesort of explination from the mod who dissides what goes on the board why my messages Don,t go threw thanx for your time
10 messages
English Kupofather - subject is closed
I log off this morning and i have 8 credits. I log on now:
Level 15
919 Clintz
108 credits

SOMEONE BOUGHT 1000 credits! *whistles*

And i checked my profile (its hard as heck to find that page now for some reason...)
"You have 41 sponsorees, you earned 311 credits thru them"

GOd i love having sponsorees with deep pocket books!
Thursday 24/08/06

1 message
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
Really.. having played both.. the Java version of the game is far superior to the Flash version, except for all the damn confirmations. Is it possible to streamline that so it's not always confirming you want to do things.

Also can you fix the message system so that it's more in line with the flash (Ie I don't have to keep erasing Go?, as opposed to sending a stupid message every time)
1 message
English Smithpwns - subject is closed
1 message
English Moredeth - subject is closed
So as to reduce the time out.
why not to introduce a black list on your oponent, those put in there do not appear in your opponent list and their challenge are automatically rejected.

So you don't loose time to have such a list home.
4 messages
English Adam2k6 - subject is closed
Y the hell do noobs think that there the best at every game and the next noob to battle me ill kick them where the sun dont shine.
1 message
English Zuimushi - subject is closed
Does anyone know a place where that shows all of the characters of this game and their damage and powers?
1 message
English Jonsie - subject is closed
I'm looking for one, but don't know which to join. Post please if you know of a good guild.
Wednesday 23/08/06

5 messages
English 0-StVamp-EVO - subject is closed
This might sound silly or somebody else might have ask the same question but I couldn't find the post subject.

Otome of Fang Pi Clang is a male or female ? The info stated male but pictures are female...hmmm
3 messages
English biduin - subject is closed
How about to add suggestion forum on Message Board ?


guild suggestions

how about to add such update into guild
i`m admin of the guild but why you can only make admin others?
how about to add mod and staff to guild?

then how about to do able private tournaments in guild?

In elo system there are too many scamms
Last time when i played in
2 messages
English Stegy - subject is closed
I was wondering, how many credits do you gain from playing in tournaments? I just played in one today by sheer luck and when I left to go eat and came back I had gained 1 credit.
1 message
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Modifications on the ELO format and tournament are coming very soon, please read Staff Announcements.
Tuesday 22/08/06

3 messages
English AOD vino man - subject is closed
What, if any, is the benefit of joining a guild?
12 messages
English crowley098 - subject is closed
I've been playing and it says on the rules that the first player needs to send it's maxed character with 1 pillz.

But everytime I fight a French person, it's different, I talked to someone about it, and he said that it says that on the rules, that the first person needs to use 6 pillz.

are the French and English instructions on the game help contradictory?
5 messages
English Kedanna - subject is closed
At the time of writing this, my current elo level is 1301, I've been as low as 1000 and as high as 1360, at the time it made me 2nd place. Anyway, 9 out of 10 times when I try to play someone they refuse, I don't understand why, my points are high enough to really be seen as a power player, and its not low enough to be seen as a major threat to points. So... why is it no one seems to want to play with me?

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