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Tuesday 22/08/06

5 messages
English Kedanna - subject is closed
At the time of writing this, my current elo level is 1301, I've been as low as 1000 and as high as 1360, at the time it made me 2nd place. Anyway, 9 out of 10 times when I try to play someone they refuse, I don't understand why, my points are high enough to really be seen as a power player, and its not low enough to be seen as a major threat to points. So... why is it no one seems to want to play with me?
1 message
English Djmather - subject is closed
Ok how does a guild help you
does it give you extra experience

como ayuda un grupaje de personas ayuda de aguna forma o no

thats my only question does it help you
2 messages
English hudy - subject is closed
I already wrote it here long time before. and now I ask fot it again. Can you please put that face beside the chalange? there are many players who are hidened during the turnament and we have no chance to see how they play.

F.E. today one jackoass left when it was 18-4 for me. what I had from it? 4 points that is all.
9 messages
English Marsell4000 - subject is closed
Can someone please help explain to me how when I have 3 power and use 4-5 pills I lose to a character that has 2 power and uses no pills? Makes no sense to me and is a little frustrating. There were no abilities or bonuses to take into account.
1 message
Deutsch Champsy - subject is closed
I am looking for a guild, english or dutch please, anyone? I am lvl 14, and rising.
3 messages
Česky cBp_Fojtik - subject is closed
I cannot write in discussion with this topic, that's why I write it as new subject.

Biduin wrote
i`ve got 1 question about credits. i have 10 credits i can buy in the shop 1000 clintz if i`ll buy them after purchase will i be able to sell/trade Characters not to Kate?

Fraggle wrote
Hello, sorry i'm afraid it won't allow trading afterwards. Selling will be unlocked forever after a -credits- purchase at the shop (starts at 2 euros).

Why is it? I should understand if it is because owners want some money for their work. But it is presented that it is against cheaters. If it is only to destroy cheating players, why it cannot be unblocked for example by 20. level of player.
It is true that for some people it is very hard to buy something through internet. For me it is hard too. In Czech republic works Paypal less than 1 year. And it is hard to get it. I'm not cheater and want to sell my characters. I win about 3000 clintz in tourneys and buy 4 characters. Want to sell unneedful.
1 message
English hudy - subject is closed
I will like to ask if are any posibilities to make more but shorter turnaments then are now.
I play from Australia and spend 1.5 hour during the day it is more then time consuming. U know what I`m talking about.

Monday 21/08/06

1 message
English white ninja - subject is closed
My new guild is called legacy. does anyone want to join. anyone can join.
2 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
There is a Yahoo Hall of Fame Picture gallery to post/See screenshots of PLayers that do, well shameful things.

8 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
They never fight when they think they gonna lose..always time out.bas****s
15 messages
English biduin - subject is closed
I`ve got 1 question about credits
i have 10 credits i can buy in the shop 1000 clintz if i`ll buy them after purchase will i be able to sell/trade Characters not to Kate?
4 messages
English Rebooth - subject is closed
What a luck!!! 4 DJ Korr in 1 match against Mojo, Vladhimir, Deiter and Bunny..

i had been battling with Hardkorr 4x times that time having him w/the same deck e.i. 4 DJ Korr..as his team..i always lose all matches except the last one holy cow !! i 'd never thought i would beat that line up of deck..

first move Rebooth
Bunny [max] =6pillz : DJ Korr [max]= 4 pillz
Mojo [max] =0pillz : DJ Korr [max]= 0 pillz
Deiter[max] =0pillz : DJ Korr [max]= 4or5 pillz
still i have this agony... why is it that i'd won? is there a bug? hehhe!!
5 messages
English Slane - subject is closed
Can someone please explain how pills work, and how you increase the starting value of cards pillz?
Sunday 20/08/06

1 message
English Krako - subject is closed
Did anyone else get this message? its in french, and even after being 'translated' in Babelfish, it doesnt make any sense....here's the original message:

Commencement Lundi des le premier
tournois.Topic en ligne Lundi Midi dans Tournois et Evenement.Merci de
transferer ce message a tous les membres de votre Guilde. Merci.

and the 'translated' message

Beginning Monday as of the first tournaments. Topic in
line Monday Midday in Tournaments and Event. Thank you for transferer this
message has all the members of your Guild. Thank you

The sender of the message was some person called L-Grodargakk, does anyone know what the message means? possibly some special tournament?
Saturday 19/08/06

2 messages
English biduin - subject is closed
I created guild 2 days ago and i can`t find it in guild list why?
but in my personal info it is written You postulate in guild smc-clan.
3 messages
English Smc - subject is closed
How to get into evo system i can`t find
7 messages
English Marsell4000 - subject is closed
Can someone help clear something up regarding Leader cards that I can't seem to find an answer on?

It says that leaders help the rest of their team in a fight. How? Am I right in thinking they do nothing until they get to level 5 (or whenever their ability is) and thats when they'll gain something to help their team-mates? I do get the part about 2 leaders cancelling the other out, but don't have 2 leaders. Just wanted it confirmed.

4 messages
English 0 Dark Army - subject is closed
Today I battled the player Moredeth. He/she had 2 times the card Esfalt in play. I'm wondering what the maximum limit is for each cards.

Another question: what does "Courage" mean?

And finally how are the (team)bonuses (like 3 power) applied? Example: I have two Sentinels in play, each with an power of 4 and an unlocked ability "power 5". I'm going to use one of them. I feed him 4 additional pillz. What is his total power?
2 messages
English Neomal - subject is closed
How can you join a gang. Some one please join me to your group.
11 messages
English 2cool - subject is closed
Hi guys i would like to say that most of the players playing this game are children and i dont think they can buy any credits therefore they will be unable to trade as you say that if trading is allowed they may cheat but i would like to put my suggestion you guys change that they cant trade untill buying credits from shop to we can trade when we reach level 25 or something so that they dont cheat who want we children are unable to buy credits and i believe that most of the people will say that my idea is right please guys think about it bcoz i really wanna trade some of my cards and i hope most of the people will agree to me right guys i hope that u guys will think about this and i really hope that you guys will really put my idea on the game thank you guys for reading this and hope it was a good suggestion thank and i even say you guys continue the idea of selling credits through money not everyone can play every tournament and gain credits and i believe you guys will still recieve .

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