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Tuesday 15/08/06

3 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
Can development be done to create a buddylist so I can add players I like playing against to it and do a filter to see if they are online?

This is because if I face a fake EVO person I would not add to my list.

Maybe add a Bounce List also -- if they are on this list their invite to fight is automatically rejected.
6 messages
English Riot - subject is closed
How do you trade
1 message
English Archos - subject is closed
What's with all the network errors?!
1 message
English Archos - subject is closed
Is this commonplace? I've only been playing for a short time but i'm getting seriously ticked off about it
Monday 14/08/06

5 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
Can you add an inflation rate to the market to keep the outrageous inflation of these prices in check? All of the collector cards are in the 100000's!

Limiting the amount of clintz awarded/available, opening the availablity of collector cards and adding an interest rate to market sales (you already have a bank fee) will help get the market into a usable shape.

Basic economics here -- sellers are going for what the market can bear and stagnating the market when no one can bear to buy any of the cards.

Maybe a timeout on how long a card can be for sale before a very high daily fee is assessed on the seller.

Right now people leave these cards on the market at 100000 clintz and hope someone will buy it. Next person sees these cards are there for x amount and do the same. etc etc
7 messages
English Rebooth - subject is closed
Most of cards contains such as bug symbol; P.K.; P.K w/ a heart sign; P.K.OV..what with those signs?in my experience playing this game, i'd say that it affects the ability of the cards...please help me in particular..discuss all about those ... thanks
2 messages
English Rebooth - subject is closed
How will i purchase credits if i dont belong those countries and i dont have credit cards?
1 message
English fefinoEo - subject is closed
1 message
English deaththrow3 - subject is closed
What times are they?
6 messages
English A Ravenshadow - subject is closed
I know that you need to be level 20 to be able to take part in ELO battles, but how exactly do you join them?

And once you have switched to ELO, is there a way to stop being ELO again so you can just play normally?
14 messages
Česky cBp_Fojtik - subject is closed
I play 5 times daily tournaments and 3 times I was to 25. place. Usually I need about 350 battle points to be 25. or better. It was not problem for me when I have characters and this character level during tournament. I take about 300 points by normal play and another 50 points by leveling. But this is too much. I cannot win tournament withought leveling characters.
Usually I can play arount 18 duels. I need to win 14 duels by 25 battle points to have chance be better than 25. But there are players, which win with 1100 battle points. It is impossible withought preparing a lot of characters for leveling and bet battle points by that.
Is not it good idea to reduce battle points by leveling characters? Because IMHO it is not about how good you play now.
6 messages
English uLtImA dUeLeR - subject is closed
Can sum1 train wid me preferable have msn so i can talk too c if ur on becuz i want too lvl cards alot n plz make sure ur at least lvl 8 n max id say 15 becuz i have a few 5stars that r only at 3 star so i must lvl!!!!!!
Sunday 13/08/06

2 messages
English crowley098 - subject is closed
Why did this happen, I was fighting a level 19, and won 3 out of 4 cards. I only fought him 4 times before, is this done to prevent tournament cheating?
1 message
English Jade Dragon - subject is closed
I just started the game at 'Novice' last night, and this morning it says I'm a 'Senior'...I was wondering if anyone had, or knew, the list of 'names' that go with the levels. Thanks...
1 message
English AoD-Tyger-EVO - subject is closed
Looking for a good guild that can help me learn and grow, where I can do the same for newer players as I learn myself in the future...
5 messages
English LoD-ElScumo - subject is closed
What makes a deck an elo deck?
5 messages
English Bryan..TnC... - subject is closed
Hey , can sum1 out there explain to me what guilds are all about ???
do we get more points ?
do we get higher levels?
must i b at a certain level to join ?
please explain
2 messages
English DrBunnyevo - subject is closed
I see people with evo in their name so I assume it means something, but I have no idea what. Can someone please clue me in?
2 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

We have the possibility of opening a premium phone access in the US for the purchase of Credits at the shop.
I know some of you cannot pay by credit card/paypal in the US.
The pricing would be 5 dollars for 70 credits thru just a simple phone call.

If you are interrested, please let us know and we'll add it asap.

If you know some other gaming sites using sms or phone call as a billing system in the US, let us know as well.
1 message
English Ragedoll - subject is closed
Is it woth it to join a guild what are the advantages ???

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