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Sunday 13/08/06

2 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

We have the possibility of opening a premium phone access in the US for the purchase of Credits at the shop.
I know some of you cannot pay by credit card/paypal in the US.
The pricing would be 5 dollars for 70 credits thru just a simple phone call.

If you are interrested, please let us know and we'll add it asap.

If you know some other gaming sites using sms or phone call as a billing system in the US, let us know as well.
1 message
English Ragedoll - subject is closed
Is it woth it to join a guild what are the advantages ???
Saturday 12/08/06

3 messages
English xujinhua - subject is closed
I have not enough clintz to buy any chracreter.
how do i get more clintz?
4 messages
Česky cBp_Fojtik - subject is closed
For what is Sponsor nickname in registration form? Get sponsor something when he gain new player?
2 messages
English Tyberriuss - subject is closed
I am a few lvls away from elo so I kinda like to know if it's worth it. Please say what exacly are the elo prizes
10 messages
English TnC-Macthorpe - subject is closed
Are EVO players being targetted as a way of gaining points in tourny's? I play in EVO mode most of the time at the mo and only really during tournaments do I get challenged by people who don't follow 'EVO rules'.
I'm not posting this to stir it up between EVO and standard players but am gerally curious. Is targettin EVO players now a valid tactic to gain points?
Friday 11/08/06

5 messages
English Myron - subject is closed
What does fury do in a battle?

Thks in advance
5 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Big news today, every guild now has it's own message board.
Message are DO NOT NEED to be validated: they appear immediatly (even if the message doesn't say so.. yet).
Each board is only accessible to the guild members.
2 messages
Español Chipa - subject is closed
Sup everyone
First i'm from argentina, english is not my mother language, sorry about mistakes. Then i got problems with some abilities like courage, i have not idea how does it affect the game. Then i dont know the exactly differens between the negative or posite at attack and power... and the last thing i would like to ask is not about the game itself. When you get challenge, how do you know whay lvl your opponnent is? Then that's it everything. hope someone can help
2 messages
English white ninja - subject is closed
Lets do a deal. if u buy credits for me at the shop, ill give u two free cards maxed out
1 message
Português Drogba00 - subject is closed
When your opp gives up or times out you get much less or even none experience and Clintz. That shouldn't happen coz some players will do that just to make you win less.
5 messages
English Gawc - subject is closed
I miss, or cannot find a feture in the collection area, where I can see all those NOT in my deck, would be so much more nice to organize them if there was such, I know I can look at the "Put in deck"/"remove from deck", but thats get complex allready at 15-20 cards... so a filter to see whats not in deck would help alot..
2 messages
Español UP FAST EVO - subject is closed
Hey everybody..
5 messages
English LoD-ElScumo - subject is closed
No one answers any questions that i ever post..I was having trouble with the ELO thing and no one will help me....

I dont get the whole stars having to be less than 25 thing, the stars on the card or what? what other stars are there? and do i have to put ELO by my name or what? Someone please help!!!!!!
3 messages
English dizzyhitman - subject is closed
If i use Copper who has power 2 and the ability power 5 and i use 3 pills on him he should have an attack of 21 right? because playin in matches it seems much more like the 5 power works just like a 5 attack
6 messages
English anman786 - subject is closed
I'm thinking of quitting urban-rivals, can someone please tell me how to delete my account?
5 messages
English xylitolian09 - subject is closed
I know I am probably asking this in the wrong place but how do you change your password on this site?
I have looked through just about every single page and have been unable to find the option to change my password.

If there is no option is it possible to have one created?

Please note that if you reply to this and I don't reply back it is because I only check in here every now and then, I am not always in here reading about things because I enjoy playing the game and that is what I am here for.
2 messages
English BurningCherub - subject is closed
Just to clear something up. Does courage activate if you're the one who chooses which character you want to play first, or do you have to be the one that attacks first in the actual fight via using more pillz?
Thursday 10/08/06

2 messages
English dizzyhitman - subject is closed
If my character has a power 2 and the ability 5 power does that mean that each pill i use is worth 7 attack points. b/c playing in matches it would seem much more likely that each pill was worth 2 points and the power 5 works just like an attack 5
13 messages
English DeftMute - subject is closed
I understand your attack value only determines the "probability" of winning a battle, but should a low power character with minimal pillz really be able to win against a higher power character with more pillz played? and yes i understand that there are bonuses and abilties that can reasonably lead to this result and thats okay, but when there are no bonuses or abilities a 40 attack should beat a 10 consistently, hell all the time. it doesnt though and thats retarded. are people cheating somehow? what gives?

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