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Thursday 03/08/06

6 messages
English Andrion_Dark - subject is closed
Someone tranlate
The first tournament starts at 18h30 and ends at 20h (Paris, GMT 1), the second one starts at 22h30 and ends at 0h (Paris, GMT 1) and the third starts at 3h and ends at 4h30 (Paris, GMT 1)

into eastern US time?
7 messages
English Lonith - subject is closed
I'm getting sick and tired of this.
1. it waist my time and all that play and have someone time out on them.
2. there needs to be a fix. Cause the one in place aint working.
3. Why does the person that didn't Time out have to be penalized by not getting any points or Clintz.
Please fix this and fast. I've had more Time Out battles in the past week then I want to have in my entire Urban Rivals Experince. I really like this game alot cause it reminds me of Magic the Gathering. But there needs to be a perm fix to this.
7 messages
English Schubacca - subject is closed
I decided to buy some credits from paypal this morning. After compleating the transaction the message appeared saying "may take a few moments to process."

That was about 11 hours ago, so I was just wondering how long a "moment" is and how long does it normaly take?
9 messages
English Coure - subject is closed
Maybe a thread for ELO or tournament matches. For example ICE-Kirby left the game after the 3rd round when it was obvious he/she was going to lose. I, for one, will not play him/her again
3 messages
English Lonith - subject is closed
Copper Max lvl ia a 4 Power/8 Damage with Ability Power 5 Bonus Attack 8.

I know Damage is points that hit player
Power Hits other Card
But what does Attack do? Is it also Power? Please help me understand.
1 message
English Collin - subject is closed
If any one wants to join my guild they can its The Supreme Demons.
Wednesday 02/08/06

14 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Will not receive anything anymore (either battle points, xp or anything).
We hope it will reduce the number of players with a "bad attitude".
3 messages
English UC_Cbrdrgn - subject is closed
Does no one accecpt challenges anymore? I've been on for 25 min and had 4 challenges accecped. I'm only lvl 16 not like i'm lvl 43. Come one people FIGHT!
9 messages
English Schubacca - subject is closed
So... we are 45 min into this turny... and I have 0 points.....
Reason? Because most of my challenges don't go through, most of the ones that do either decline or don't respond... and the few that actualy went through ALL timed out after 2 rounds when I had them down to 1 life point.....

45 min (that is half of the turny) and I have 0 points because no one will fight me properly. Do I still get particepent clintz with 0 points?

I don't realy care to punish the noobs that are bailing beyond marking the win/loss (would be nice though) but it would at least be nice to be credited with something, cause I can't even get my cards lvled like this cause I'm not even getting xp for most of them cause they never even got to fight. The situation realy hurts the apeal of the game.
1 message
English Kedanna - subject is closed
And intorduce you all to The Gathering!

We're an honorable guild, and we're all fast players. Members of The Gathering, or *TG* as we add to our names will always play fast, will never time out and if we say Evo, it will be an EVO match. If a member of *TG* ever goes lower then a green smily face they will be removed from the guild. Also, if word of a *TG* member playing with out honor is made, I will do everything in my power to look into it if not remove them from the guild. You don't have to be a high level player, a power player or what ever it is called here, as long as you're honorable and play fast we'll gladly add you until you prove yourself unworthy, so Urban Rivals, welcome The Gathering I hope you're ready for us.
1 message
Česky Tweek - subject is closed
Hi there....i want to improve my deck with one Leader ... but i Don´t know which of them i should choose. Can you give me an advice which of them is better? And what special abilitis they have? Thx you all
3 messages
Español arngrim - subject is closed
I don't have a credit card... do you have a bank account in Citybank or a international bank and i deposit the money for the credits.. please give a solution i want the credits T_T
2 messages
English Bluedrgoon1231 - subject is closed
I live in the U.S.
How do i get credits by the phone?
19 messages
English Myrilith - subject is closed
I've noticed that some of my cards seem to consistently lose battles, no matter what their attack. For example, my lvl4 XU52 with 8 pillz (total of 32 atk) just lost to a lvl1 Robin with 0 pillz. I'd say it was just chance, except that it happened again. And again. My XU52 card has lost to its opponent for the last SEVEN games STRAIGHT, and every time it had a significantly higher atk. I've noticed the same thing with my Candy Jack card, as well. It loses every time.

Are some cards more (or less!) likely to win than others, or am I just the unluckiest person alive?
10 messages
English Kedanna - subject is closed
We have the EVO thing, how about an IPF thing too? IPF standing for "I play fast" during today's tourament, I places 3rd only because I had a hard time getting matches, and then when I did get a match the other play was usally slow. I also started late, but that isn't the point. So for me, my name would be: Kedanna TG/Evo/IPF *TG standing for my guild*. That way you know who to pick, you wouldn't have to guess and hope the person you want to play with is fast, or hope they answer you at all. I'm willing to be one of the first to add IPF to my name but I want feed back on the idea first
3 messages
English Zubbus - subject is closed
Does anyone know a list of Leader abilities (because I can only afford 1 once in a while). Or is circulating this information against the rules?
4 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
If you are interrested in fighting agains't unfair players who let the game run out, please check out the subject "Fair Play" in the "Staff
announcements" theme.
4 messages
English MiLK.TnC - subject is closed
Maybe its obvious, but to me its not. how does it determine whether you are 'novice' 'master' etc.? i was novice, then suddenly master... can someone explain?? the only thing i can refer to is possibly the percentage of battles i have won... but then someone level 1 could be master?
2 messages
English Rabb1t-EVO - subject is closed
My country is not on the list of buying credits , how can i buy credits if i cant send a message or call , cuz i dont have credit card, i want to buy credits but cant , i tried UK, America, France but i cant send them a message , By the way im from Europe !!! Croatia !! please help this game doesnt make any sence if i cant buy credits !!! PLEASE HELP !!!!!
4 messages
English EVO*Whytblaze - subject is closed
Is anyone else getting tired....or even expirencing and error that says something to the effect of "a network error has occured while downloading data" ? I get it almost everytime i try to play now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both java and flash to no avail. Its gotten to the point that i can only finish 1 out of every 8 battles. That is if i can even make it to the lobby.

Anyone else have this issue?

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