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Friday 07/07/06

8 messages
English diablo1394 - subject is closed
Who is the best Leader and why?
4 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
Is there a way to participate in the creation of the characters?

Is there an org chart to help with the stroy line. I like the way that your trying to intertwine the story lines between the clans. Your not quite succeding but your almost there.

is there a way that a card can get a "home field" advantage? That is if the background image (one for each clan) randomly generated is that of the card then that card get an advantage over non clan members. This adds yet another cariable into the fight. In real life this is a big issue for teams, and boxers.
3 messages
English husky1 - subject is closed
Lol did u guys change the site
Thursday 06/07/06

1 message
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
What exaclty is the purpose of guilds in this game?

There is no ladder or guild only games. Besides info swapping and targeted playing (one guild member allows another to beat him to get other guild rank up), and private exhanges there is no other reason to be in a guild.

Granted those are 3 great reasons -- but thing is there are no guilds to my knowledge that organized. If there are give me a call cause I'd be interested in creating a guild site that is password protected and all that.
Wednesday 05/07/06

2 messages
English Snig - subject is closed
I clicked on the link to sell privately and typed in my friends name and then 50 clinks for the price. Now my friend doesn't have the card and I don't have the card. How does this work?
Monday 03/07/06

2 messages
English 2cool - subject is closed
Hey guys ang gals i got a Hugo at level 4 not at all evolving to level 5 any great ideas to make it evolve.
10 messages
elektro - subject is closed
Hi all,i'm a french player on urban rivals ;o) .I just post this message to say welcome to you .If you have any questions,contact me.Good game,enjoy .
Saturday 01/07/06

5 messages
Español Wiseman - subject is closed
Well i just log in and i have 1 credit..bnbut i havent purchase any credit...any ideas why this happpens? Thanks...
Friday 30/06/06

2 messages
English Txiin - subject is closed
I had a friend join the site, they sold me some cards only we cant figure out how to find them now on my log in.
7 messages
English Gorukha - subject is closed
I thought Java version was going to be available as a choice, what gives ? I hate this client
5 messages
English Gorukha - subject is closed
"In order to prevent fraud, the sale of a character, besides directly selling it to Kate, is available only after the first purchase from the Shop."

After talking with Fraggle, he informed me that it is after the first purchase of credits that you can unlock sales on the player market. Kinda of a big misleading typo, since it leads you to believe you can accumulate tournament credits and make your purchase that way.
Seems this has nothing with preventing fraud , but hey they need to make money too just wish it wasnt by wasting my time .
Thursday 29/06/06

4 messages
English no_hora - subject is closed
The little "P.K." with a heart on some cards?
10 messages
English Gorukha - subject is closed
I'm new, but it occurs to me ,and I hope to be corrected, but are they the worst clan in the game or what ? I don't play Gheists but can someone explain to me how they can possibly stack up to the other clans ?
Wednesday 28/06/06

21 messages
English Z Earth - subject is closed
Hello everyone,

You may have noticed a link above the game to try the Flash version of Urban Rivals.. please do so and tell us what you think
Tuesday 27/06/06

6 messages
English Cannon Evo - subject is closed
Why do we have guilds in this game?
3 messages
English Gorukha - subject is closed
It appears to me that Flavio, one of the few openly gay cards, save for the Pussycats, is being forced out because of his sexual prefrences. I'm not gay or headed that way but this appears to be a very hatefull decision by the makers of this game !! 0_-
Monday 26/06/06

14 messages
English Rollerblade - subject is closed
Something should be done about that cuz i lost few times to lvl 1 card with 1 pill and i used 5 pills on lvl 5 card,odds were like 40-2 for me to win and he killed me on first attack...
and when i use 3 pills and opponent uses 3 pills why does he attack first? he used 3 pills on card with power 2 and i used 3 pills on card power 6 and i lost on first turn,i didnt even get a shot at him
27 messages
English EVO-Coda - subject is closed
There needs to be something done about players leaving when they know they have lost, its happening alot more now that I am playing more ingrained players. The novices obviously don't care about their win loss yet. And I lose out on time and combat gains.
5 messages
English EVO-Coda - subject is closed
Not sure but is there some kind of reward for being top player of the month or top 3 like 5 creds for 1st 3 for second and 1 for 3rd I think there should be promotes play via competition.

there should be a guild ranking like player ranking and everyone in top guild at end of month get 1 credit

just some ideas
Sunday 25/06/06

3 messages
English JolliRoger - subject is closed
At the shop, when you are buying credits, it shows this for how much you get ___ credits (inc. ___ free) .. what does the (inc. ___ free) mean. I was thinking it meant including that many free. But when I purchased my credits I didn't get any free. So can someone clear up what that means?

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