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Introductions and Recruitment

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Friday 28/07/06

5 messages
English Zubbus - subject is closed
1) I can't see the description of rank (a la Titan) because it's outside of the window, but underneath the window frame. Does anyone know how I can read about it?

2) I just got 1 credit out of nowhere. No one I referred to could have bought just 10 credits, right? Or do I get 1 for playing in a tournament?

Thank you for help.
1 message
English *TG*chronic - subject is closed
Please tell me how other than them postulating
1 message
English *TG*chronic - subject is closed
How do u make part of your guild name become part of the members in your guilds names.
1 message
English *TG*chronic - subject is closed
I am making a guild called serpents minions go check it out.
8 messages
English TnC-Macthorpe - subject is closed
So now that Nightmare is complete what can we expect? I would like to propose a British clan but then the Americans would want one, then the Canadians, the Aussies, Kiwi's in fact all of our old colonies! However looking at the collection it seems that there are four clans that still haven't got an 'Anti-Nightmare' character. So will we be seeing Fang-Pi, GHIEST, Montana and Uppers this week or next? And what will they be?
Thursday 27/07/06

2 messages
English husky1 - subject is closed
I just realised something if ur cards level up u get a really high amount of points if u wanna win a tournament just play ur deck with cards that are about to level up ull get heaps of points
Wednesday 26/07/06

1 message
English amaziingariiel - subject is closed
I really need to know how to trade ..so get back to me A.S.A.P.
Tuesday 25/07/06

2 messages
English 0-Jade - subject is closed
7 messages
English Gabrelle - subject is closed
How long ago?
Monday 24/07/06

1 message
English jimboford - subject is closed
I want 2 get better cards 1 of mine is 11 i always lose 2 jimbojames
Sunday 23/07/06

2 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
Can you implement a toggle that appends an (EVO) to the end of your Screen Name.

Problem is When I change from CitizenKane to CitzenKan_EVO it messes up my invites... because the invite is based of your screen name i.e. http://www.urban-rivals.com/?sponsor=citzenkane.

It's probably easier to change the sponsor link to use the player ID, but I would also like to not have to change my name and keep a it as CitizenKane.
3 messages
English jugmeet - subject is closed
Do some clans have advantage over some because i put ur Rebecca(second version 6 att 3 damage) with 5 pills and a card without pills beat how is that possible and i t was weaker than her 0.o
3 messages
English GideonTrait - subject is closed
I'm a noob and I urgently need to know what I'm doing cause, as of now I have no real idea. Can someone answer the following questions:

Should I only chalenge those of the same level?
How do I make so decent money to buy some decent cards without paying for credits?

I'm sure I'll have others but that'll do for now =D
Saturday 22/07/06

2 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
Hello everyone! I am a Stone Heroes addict. If you want to play against me, I would be happy to satisfy you. I can play in the evening (19h00,France). But you can try to join me by mails whenever you wants, if I am free, I will play with you.
2 messages
English JohnNitro - subject is closed
Ho ww do you use clitz to get new cards... I see players sellign carbut they are expensive.........oh an I created aguil dnayon ecan join, Im new so yea
2 messages
English Za_Drug_Lord - subject is closed
How can i join a clan??Or can I join a clan??do i get any bonus if i am in a clan(clintz or so ?)
Friday 21/07/06

1 message
English Ramen007 - subject is closed
Im the only one person till now so please join. The only requirement that i have is that only level 10 and above can join because i want experienced people to be in my guild. Thats all.
Thursday 20/07/06

1 message
English JohnNitro - subject is closed
But I thougt you get 4 days to get 4 members ;( only 2 days past had to make it again anways my question is there a gang forum so that members can chat on the gang forum and not here.....also whats the point of making a guild( sorry was calling it a gang before)
5 messages
English Tippsey - subject is closed
I merely wondered if tournaments were watched by staff, as it seems everytime the winner is in a clan, and his score jumps up every 20 minutes by 200 like everyone in his clan, challenged him and then purposelly lost, then waited just long enough so the matches were worth full points again.
1 message
Español AOD-EVOPOCHO - subject is closed
Come on people I want my Urban rivals T-shirt!!!
Make it possible!!.=)
Thank you.....

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