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Wednesday 19/07/06

1 message
English batman52 - subject is closed
I need to figure out how to trade badly
1 message
English Fraggle - subject is closed
I'm sorry but we had a little problem, we lost a lot of players pictures (nothing else, be reassured ). Please upload
one again if you wish.
2 messages
Español arngrim - subject is closed
I'm from Colombia i tried to got some credits by a message text but i didn't see the flag for the other countries could you tell me what can i do... i want more credits
my english isn't very good sorry.
Monday 17/07/06

3 messages
English Death5421 - subject is closed
I'm working on this story for Urban Rivals
Need some help
64 messages
English Z Earth - subject is closed
Hello everyone,

As you know, we are french and we may have made a few mistakes in
our translation of the site. If you see anything that seems oddly
written, bad grammar, or wrong tone, can you help us by telling us
how we should modify?

We want the english site to feels as much "natural" for a english (/
american/australian etc..) player as possible..

1 message
English husky1 - subject is closed
If u have any cards u can sell me for 50clintz ill buy thanx
3 messages
English NN-K_Jun - subject is closed
I still don't get the stars. You are going to lose stars 31 days after your last purchase and on winning a tournament, you will lose it after 7 days without winnig, is that right?
Sunday 16/07/06

10 messages
English UC_Cbrdrgn - subject is closed
The people getting on durring the tournaments, If you are not going to respond or reply. then get off your computer and let those of us who want to play. PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 messages
English hudy - subject is closed
Hi guys.
In last few days I have big problems with this game. Uploading ( refreshing, downloading ) is realy slow or is noone and when I want to play it is the same. ( taking the ages. But when I try to write here something It tooked me few minutes to download this webpage.

Can anyone tell me where is the problem?

I hale 512 kb line and now is saturday morning so shouldn be any problems.
PS: rest of my internet staff is OK.
2 messages
English JohnNitro - subject is closed
I tried to creat a clan but I dont see the name nor am I in the clan I created. an when I submit a pic I dont see it anywhere.....not sure whats up can anyone help
4 messages
English UC_Cbrdrgn - subject is closed
Can someone help me out?
Saturday 15/07/06

6 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
I've create a yahoo group for discussion on Urban Rival stuff. It's part of my Yahoo 360 page (look up Citizen Kane or urbanrivals_citizenkane).
Friday 14/07/06

5 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
How can I delete my account on here?
2 messages
English SWiFTx - subject is closed
Is there a way to make the fight start quicker? For example is there a way to cancel your request for a fight so you don't have to wait for the reject or no response?
3 messages
English NN-K_Jun - subject is closed
Hey Fraggle, can you guys make the collector cards available at the Shop for sometime, like 1 day a month?
2 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
How the hell does this game work????????????????
Thursday 13/07/06

3 messages
English Tippsey - subject is closed
I had 2 small quick questions. Why does Matthew, get 2 attacj at level 3? Merely for flavor? As if he faces someone with 1 attack who doesn't negate his ability he gets downgraded to one damage.

My other question is on characters like Flesh Pimp. I'm guessing that when he's with another Montana both his bonus and ability activate if able on the opponent, but does one activate first? I'm wondering as if he's facing a an opponent who gets boosted up to 16 power after pills, if his ability went first he'ld be facing 8 power which hurts more then if his ability kicks in second, lowering his opponet down to a measly 3.
5 messages
Español KV SecaDanEVO - subject is closed
Why they ask my password when I want to buy something at the market?
2 messages
English Cannon Evo - subject is closed
New ability. what does it do? How does it work?
1 message
English freshprince002 - subject is closed

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