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Sunday 25/06/06

3 messages
English JolliRoger - subject is closed
At the shop, when you are buying credits, it shows this for how much you get ___ credits (inc. ___ free) .. what does the (inc. ___ free) mean. I was thinking it meant including that many free. But when I purchased my credits I didn't get any free. So can someone clear up what that means?
5 messages
English Bunny_Love - subject is closed
If, anybody knows how to trade - then help me out, Please

These, are a list of all my male cards, that, I, own

1) Lihoi Chun
2} Natrang
3) Sigmund
4} Flyer
5) Vansaar
6} Ogoun Kyu
7) Carlos
8} Robin
9) Bob Joby
10} Frankie Hi

Give, me a good deal on each card - and, I'll, make the trade with
you ....

As, I, only want female cards in my deck

Kathy-Ann (Bunny_Love)
Saturday 24/06/06

6 messages
English AOD_StuntPnut - subject is closed
Can anybody tell me what "Srrike Back" and "Courage" do?
Thursday 22/06/06

15 messages
English Cannon Evo - subject is closed
Eheh... the fun part of this game is to see our character cards level up BUT
why do we players level up?
Tuesday 20/06/06

1 message
English deea - subject is closed
Hi! please tell me wich are the keys for the batlle of game.!!!!
4 messages
English razorborne - subject is closed
Or does Ambre suck? Hugo gives 6 attack to everyone. therefore, you
need to use at least 4 pillz to beat hugo's ability with Ambre, and that's
only attacking. defending, Hugo beats Ambre by 6 no matter how many
pillz you use. I suppose if you're running a bunch of 8-power guys and
your plan is to blitz in at the beginning for ten fury damage, then you'd
probably want Ambre, but I don't see that as a legitimate strategy.
Monday 19/06/06

8 messages
Deutsch freshcat - subject is closed
Only one wish regarding this game: speed it up! After all, it's not chess, you can think quicker than that! Please include some way of limiting each player's time in each turn. Nice game otherwise
2 messages
English no_hora - subject is closed
... Team Attack? I've just see a card with that legend.
4 messages
English Roo - subject is closed
I cant buy credits Dont wanna get trouble, you know.
I wanna sell some cards that i leveld up. Then I can buy more cards. What can be done?

Sunday 18/06/06

2 messages
English TnC-Macthorpe - subject is closed
It seems to me that you have some really great characters in this game. Some of the stories could be expanded futher by the players who enjoy that sort of thing. For example fleshing out characters or expanding relationships hinted at in biogs (Ashigaru and Fang Pi or Charlie and Noon).
However this forum is not the place for it. The 2000 character minimum is too restrictive. Would you consider adding a place for people to showcase their work and recieve feedback from other about it? Depending of course on there being a positive response to this post!
Saturday 17/06/06

6 messages
English Roach - subject is closed
I think in the charecter market you should be able to sort by cost cuz i have little money and it is kind of annoying going through the whole list to find something i can afford.
Thursday 15/06/06

10 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

The game stone heroes has a bug that prevented online play on cellcom.
Please erase it and redownload it, you should be able to enter online play now.
Good fights!
Wednesday 14/06/06

7 messages
English fcc - subject is closed
I lost 3 games already when the game gets an error msg when sending the last char to fight. Then it gets beack to "Your turn to play" and I can´t send any card, sine the last one gives me a msg "You have already used this character on turn 4". How could I use a char on turn 4 and the game do not end?
4 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
The pill/ability/bonus system doesnt add up.

ex. where i have attack of 4 and opponent has attack of 2 (after bonus and abilities) the opp wins.
Monday 12/06/06

7 messages
English Cannon Evo - subject is closed
What's so special about leaders?
What ability do they have?
6 messages
English 69ShawRace81 - subject is closed
I was just wondering if you were going to make any tourney's at other times? It is hard for some people over here to make them cause of work, it is luch and 4:00 p.m. here for tourney's and is hard to get to be in them.So the only ones i can join are on the weekend and right now with race season they are a write off to. Just a thought.
Sunday 11/06/06

2 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
Why does it automatically give up if I hit the right mouse button?

I've accidentally exited/given up out of so many games because of this.

Can't you make it so that you must physically point your mouse to the give up button?
Saturday 10/06/06

8 messages
English crazykiller - subject is closed
You know what woudl be really cool and nice IF you could add into the game to see who is on Cell phones Because since they take so long it would be nice to know that it is a Cell phone user instead of us just thinking it is someone who is tryiign to time out you know, Yeah if you can't understand that at all let me know
Friday 09/06/06

5 messages
English Cannon Evo - subject is closed
Pretty simple question,
they should hav somethn like Urban Rivals TM since 2006 or somethn
5 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
Is there an official Fan/Guild site pack available for download to use on guild sites?

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