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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Monday 16/06/14

1 message
English - ROM12 A - - subject is closed

I would revolutionize the top guilds by "average members". For this, I am looking for active players on the game and minimum level 110.

Feel free to PM me if you want.
3 messages
English SwaggieMaster - subject is closed
Its Free guild to join :- We Are AOT, Attack On Titan . The Best Champion Guild Ever!!!
We Started Level 5+ . We need 4 member to success the guild . Remember!! "We are Champions"
"One 4 all" We Conquer Crown"
Link :- http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=0
Founder: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/player/?id_player=31529041
2 messages
English NickoolasGene - subject is closed
Anyone may join my guild. Just use this link:
1 message
English serial killer3 - subject is closed
Hello Guyz and Galz.. My name's Mustafa and I request you all to join my newly formed Guild "Devil's Den"...
Everyone is welcomed , from legends to rookies...

Guild :

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Sunday 15/06/14

3 messages
English Korrn - subject is closed
Hi. I'm currently looking for a guild to join, have crazy chats with, and learn from. Can anyone take me in? ))
Friday 13/06/14

6 messages
English _SteamThief_ - subject is closed
I am looking for a guild because I've never done well as a Guild Leader in any game and I like to work in groups. I am a bit inexperienced with this game but i can learn with others help. Please consider me for a potential member.
I currently applied to make my own guild but now I would rather join one. So I must wait to accept any invite until I can delete it or if it doesn't get approved.

1 message
English OTK Virus - subject is closed
Im a low level, active player, who really wishes he could find a good guild to join at or around my current level. Or one worth growing in... Problem, none of them seem to be active, or I dont fit the requirements... So I made a clan of my own with the thought that others might face the same predicament I do and end up searching through guilds that wont accept them.

We accept everyone; or moreso, I do, Any level; though higher level players wouldnt want to join me anyways, and the only requirements is at least a semi active account. You have to participate and play a couple times a week if possible... Please, Thanks, and Yeah... XD
1 message
English NekoCutie - subject is closed
My favorite clan is the Pussycats because they stand up for themselves and womans rights!!! That is why I decided to create this guild to show all the people out there that women can do what men can and even better. This is also for the girls who get treated horribly by men. We must stand together and fight for our rights!!!

From NekoCutie

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Thursday 12/06/14

5 messages
English kingcolm565 - subject is closed
To everyone who uses members of the Huracan Clan join The Huracan Warriors today.
Tuesday 10/06/14

2 messages
English play_0 - subject is closed
I'm looking for a nice active guild , wouldn't mind the guild being new
21 messages
English play_0 - subject is closed
This is the ultimate place for spammers , so if you like to spam come over and spam , spam , spam

to join you just have to be active and above level 7

just get the above and join the greatest spammers in spamming o.0

we accept all players even if they dont spam

they just need to be active

please join
1 message
English Ahgreld - subject is closed
Hello all!

For those of you interested, I created a guild named Genesis and I'd like to recruit members. Genesis is centered around up and coming players. Players who are seeking an active guild will be pleased to know that I plan on being active and encourage an active guild.

Genesis can be located at:

Thank you for viewing

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Monday 09/06/14

43 messages
English Saga - subject is closed
Do you want to join a fun active guild with occasional lotterys and helpful people that can help you push your potential to the limit? Then join The Nocturnals

Requirements to join(only need level 20 and one of these requirements):
Level 1200 elo score
5 DM'S won
DT Top 30
Survivor +5
Be Active
Be Respectful

We pride ourselves on fair play and respect. Show it and it will be shown in return.

Inappropriate behavior which will result in a kick:

Begging for cards
Trying to scam
Multiple accounts

The Nocturnals
6 messages
ελληνικά NextLvLStr4ts - subject is closed
If you want me to visit your guild pm me.
Ill join the one I like the most.
4 messages
English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed
Hello guys because my latest guild failed again I am now looking for a new guild. I am active and join events, play many dm and dt. More information PM me, or comment.

Greetings, 0 Crimes_0
Sunday 08/06/14

6 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
Potato Flavored Potatoes a fun guild with tons of people and no activity
we are accepting new members that are
good at insults
mentally ill
join Potato Flavored Potatoes today
21 messages
English Sweet Melody - subject is closed
Hi guys! I just wanted to introduce myself to the public, and I'm also looking for a guild for starter players like me. I'm beginning to like this game a lot more so I'll be playing much more frequently! Please read my bio and I hope we can be friends!
Saturday 07/06/14

1 message
English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed
Because my previous guild wasnt good i made a new one.


This guild wants that you have fun in this game and in our guild and we want to get stronger. Our goal is to make you stronger.

We have some rules:
-Level 10+
-Fair play max. 5%
-Play 1 match in 1 month
-Active on forum and chat
-Nice to other members

We can train you to get stronger and help you with decks and cards.

We also make a avatar for yourself for 2k. Contact Collin master if you want

We also organise events for the guild.

We hope you will join this guild and enjoy it.


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Thursday 05/06/14

1 message
English SwaggieMaster - subject is closed
Nura_Clan is a guild who did a best for yokai.The yokai is an Demon or like monster who eat human liver. Nura_clan has come to clint city to protect from other yokai. Free to join , We have no Fear! .

We only Accept:
Level 5+ , Level 5-100+
The Prefect Founder : SwaggieMaster .

We hope you all joined we. We need you xD . Only STRONG people can join.

Reward : Who Level 40+ & 4 rank will get be administrator.
(1200xp in 1 week)

We are (Nura_Clan)

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Wednesday 04/06/14

1 message
English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed
Hello guys,

District 1 is a new guild from a friend and me.

We dont want to be one of the best guilds we only want fun.

-Minimal level 15
-Fair play maximal 5%
-D1 in your name.
-You need to speak english so we can understand you

What do we want from you if you are in the guild:
-Be nice to other members
-Be active on guild forum (If you can)
-Play 1 match in 2 months

What can we gice you:
-Tips about this game
-Help if you need that
-Special events with prices

Please take a look on our page or join our guild.

We hope to see you soon,


D1-Crimes and (D1)-Ejl

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