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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Wednesday 27/02/13

5 messages
English simeon.ivanov.3 - subject is closed
My Montana / Upperz preset need some worck got me in the first 100 a couple of times but how can i improve it ?
Tuesday 26/02/13

2 messages
English Shanks Miagi - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 26/02/2013, 18:42.
6 messages
English SKYCLOUD40 - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 26/02/2013, 18:39.
Is there a good replacement for Hawkins? I need a good substitute/cheaper solution to runwith Smokey Cr, Tula, and Tyd.
2 messages
English Shanks Miagi - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 26/02/2013, 18:39.
Shotokan Powa! FATALITY! any suggestions? if i had focused on fast play i'm sure i would have done better
Friday 22/02/13

1 message
18:39 Tourney ..you won by timeout against Ami Kay (7-5) – your wins: 27 points and 5 Clintz
18:44 Tourney ..you won by timeout against zerosense (16-6) – your wins: 29 points and 7 Clintz
18:49 Tourney ..you won by timeout against Quecla, la 13 ème legion (14-5) – your wins: 27 points and 7 Clintz
18:54 Tourney ..you won by timeout against nht2410, WAR ACADEMY (14-6) – your wins: 31 points and 5 Clintz
19:14 Tourney ..you won by timeout against 1kpamaxa1 (9-7) – your wins: 25 points and 5 Clintz
19:11 Tourney ..you won by timeout against glad-kill (12-6) – your wins: 30 points and 5 Clintz
19:28 Tourney ..you won by timeout against lapix99 (12-12) – your wins: 21 points and 5 Clintz

All those fight timed out in 3rd round which was a clear KO. Now question is,if I played them and KO,then I should get 40 points winning first 3 rounds with extra pill,life and less stars. But when it ends it time out I get only 27 points? And that too happened 5 times !! That clearly means 13*5=65 points loss straight away.

I request urban-rival rule maker to at least see the scoring when a battle times out. Sometimes when you were losing you luckily get 30 points and when you deserve 40+ points,you end at 25 points?

Please someone look into it.
Wednesday 20/02/13

9 messages
English TNT_Blue - last answer from TNT_Blue, Wednesday 20/02/2013, 07:12.
2 messages
English Dingus_LOL - last answer from nick OC, Wednesday 20/02/2013, 05:49.
Help me more to improve this deck i think its budget try it urselves http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2539398&list
5 messages
Deutsch AK-Moonstruck - last answer from jlegolas, Wednesday 20/02/2013, 01:08.

I need opinions. feel free to comment!
Tuesday 19/02/13

1 message
I need help with getting a good dt deck please and thank you
2 messages
English rhypher - last answer from MisterRaven, Tuesday 19/02/2013, 13:31.
So i have some of the good cards in these clans and i'm wondering what cards should i use. i like to win most rounds and i'm not a fan of 2HKO, Obviously i'll use this for tourney So please help... Thanks in advance
2 messages
English whosdabossman - last answer from Shanks Miagi, Tuesday 19/02/2013, 05:56.
Hey guys im looking for some help and some advice i have 140 thousand clints and im willing to spend it all to build a power house deck for DTs at the moment im using a junta deck but please if you have any good deck builds and wanna share hit me up with a PM with clan and card names aswell as a strategy if you like any advice is much appreciated
Monday 18/02/13

2 messages
English Sailormoon_RT - last answer from Shanks Miagi, Monday 18/02/2013, 04:32.
Sunday 17/02/13

6 messages
English PVTPeterson623 - last answer from PVTPeterson623, Sunday 17/02/2013, 19:47.
So I do alright in tournaments, but not great. Some of the reasons are because of my skill level, my bluffs dont work some times, montanas, they out bluff me, montanas, etc etc.

Here is my current deck. I know I want Spyke. Don't know who I want to replace him with. And I want advice on the other cards as well. Also, I want to stay a pure Berzerk deck. It seems to suit me well.

Lola Noel

Any ideas how to make it better?
Wednesday 13/02/13

3 messages
English AhmedV2X - last answer from Shanks Miagi, Wednesday 13/02/2013, 08:13.
Below is my cheap Deck it cost less than 4000 and it aleays grunted me top 100 place in both extend and stranded

if you have any idea of improvement to this deck or thought plz don't hesitate to share
Monday 11/02/13

2 messages
English wise owl - last answer from -Bakuryu, Monday 11/02/2013, 05:18.
Does anyone know why type 1 or elo was taken out of daily tournaments? Theres no longer a 25 star cap mode and it makes it so type 1 users such as myself cant compete in DT.
Sunday 10/02/13

2 messages
English SKYCLOUD40 - last answer from Fotakou, Sunday 10/02/2013, 11:43.
I am testing out this deck. I need help, so please comment on any improvements that can be made
Friday 08/02/13

Thursday 07/02/13

4 messages
English Taxt1271 - last answer from about4turtles, Thursday 07/02/2013, 05:14.
That might sound extreme but its how I feel. 28 star DT extended deck. I play on my mobile so there's no preset.

Minerva/Michael/Belgosi/Dr. Falkenstein/Sandro/Chiara Cr/Redra/Sasha

Has it all I think. Well balanced, practically immune to SoA (and SoB obviously doesn't matter a lot either), massive attack and power manipulation between Sasha, Dr. Falkenstein, Belgosi, Chiara Cr, and Minerva. Great DR between Redra and Minerva. Or simply overpower with Sandro and Michael. Really easy to win rounds is what I'm saying. Only flaws I can maybe see are a tiny lack of damage especially in the face of DR and the worst draw would involve two two stars.

Ill admit I haven't tested it much though. Got in half a DT and only lost one match (by only one life I might add). Any suggestions?
Tuesday 05/02/13

1 message
Managed in the top 50 with this deck. Any improvements would be nice


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