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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Wednesday 18/08/10

3 messages
English Zhangoose - last answer from yk-lyss, Wednesday 18/08/2010, 07:44.
Hello there! I recently started the game as Piranas because of the artwork mainly, though quickly got bored of it. Recently, I bought a few things from the shop and managed to build a GHEIST deck with a few expensive cards (XU52, Wardom). I really loved GHEIST, thing is I really hated the style of artwork they did on some cards (Dolly, Dr.Saw). I just sold all my GHEIST cards for a Skeelz deck. Thing is though, none of them really fitted my playing style. Everytime I switch clans, I always think about switching back. My planning style is outpilling the opponent mainly by bluffing a lot, then end the game with a KO. Which clan fits this style.
Monday 16/08/10

7 messages
English xabial - last answer from SpizikeFury, Monday 16/08/2010, 01:30.
In your opinion if you had to pick one clan whats your favorite clan to use , that wins you many games and lets you down a few times. State your reason for so. If you use a Bi-Clan that compliment each other and you feel like they have few flaws and are better than a single clan deck please tell me too. i dont know which clan(s) to use, theres so many of them all with their strengths and weaknesses. I understand theres going to be a variaty of clan selections and i'll really appreciate any responses with explainations on which you think is the best clan Thank you!
Friday 13/08/10

3 messages
English 38thDoe - last answer from papi61795, Friday 13/08/2010, 10:08.
So today I finished in the 60s with this deck in the T1 Daily Tournament.
I don't have a ton of clintz right now, but even if I did, I'm not sure what to substitute to make a stronger deck. Any help at all would be appreciated.
I'd like to keep it ELO so it can be dual purpose, but I guess that's not strictly necessary.
2 messages
ελληνικά St3f - last answer from -Wicer-, Friday 13/08/2010, 04:16.
Since elo survivor events and deathmatch already have why don't we have a dt one ?

Plus we will be able to search through the presets with the new tabs
Thursday 12/08/10

4 messages
English Mumbo Jumbo - last answer from FAST IS FUN, Thursday 12/08/2010, 21:11.
I always see presets intended for T2 tourneys, but they only have 26 or 27 stars. Why not just use as many powerhouse cards as possible to overpower the opponent? Is there a special bonus for using a low amount of stars? Thanks in advance.
23 messages
Português Barney_TnT - last answer from All-GioYNWA, Thursday 12/08/2010, 17:32.
Who do u think r the best 2 stars in the game:

Name 1 from each clan, or simply say you're favourites.
Wednesday 11/08/10

2 messages
English Firefighter_X - last answer from Firefighter_X, Wednesday 11/08/2010, 03:03.
I know La Junta are getting ALOT of play this week. I play a variant myself. I'm considering trying this one out tho. It looks deadly.

Flavor text courtesy of Che.

"I don't care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting."
Che Guevara


Just ran this in a T1 Tourny room. Here's the battle report for & e-mail for that tourny.

Well done Firefighter_X!

You played the last Urban Rivals tournament but you didn't make it to the podium. You ended up 262 with 181 Battle points.
You just won 50 Clintz and 1 Credit !

17:02 ..you narrowly escaped from pipo81 (2-1) – your wins: 18 points and 5 Clintz
16:58 ..you won by timeout against Dfacocero64 (2-16) – your wins: 21 points and 5 Clintz
16:56 ..you almost won against GA madara, ghost of akatsuki (0-2) – your wins: 5 points and 2 Clintz
16:53 ..you beat Toya255 (4-0) – your wins: 17 points and 7 Clintz
16:49 ..you drew with Kukareku (3-3) – your wins: 9 points and 3 Clintz
16:45 ..you crushed mousseFight (12-0) – your wins: 18 points and 9 Clintz
16:42 ..you lost by timeout against Dark_RP, Pitts of Hell Guild (12-12) – your wins: -20 points and -1 Clintz
16:41 ..you crushed Shido85 (12-0) – your wins: 21 points and 9 Clintz
16:38 ..you lost against GED_Naruto, " The Great Empire Dark " (0- – your wins: 5 points and 2 Clintz
16:33 ..you lost against boudergeo, Wind Riders (2-7) – your wins: 8 points and 2 Clintz
16:28 ..you crushed icepunisher, La No Guild (12-0) – your wins: 18 points and 9 Clintz
16:26 ..you lost against GA madara, ghost of akatsuki (0-4) – your wins: 5 points and 2 Clintz
16:22 ..you were annihilated by Sylvain78 (0-12) – your wins: 3 points and 4 Clintz
16:18 ..you lost against Dareks (0-7) – your wins: 9 points and 2 Clintz
16:12 ..you lost against Dreywolf (0- – your wins: 5 points and 2 Clintz
16:08 ..you crushed ashleydie, Just Human Beanz (12-0) – your wins: 16 points and 9 Clintz
16:07 ..you crushed dark ultra, ultima fortaleza (12-0) – your wins: 23 points and 9 Clintz

I've never seen so many 2hko's.. first 2 mathces i played were 2hko, got 5 total for the whole tourny. Rediculous.! 8 wins 8 losses 1 draw.. meh.. not bad for something i just threw together in 5 mins.
Tuesday 10/08/10

5 messages
English MrLambChopz - last answer from MrLambChopz, Tuesday 10/08/2010, 22:42.
Just wondering which one places higher? I've got the feeling its T2 but unsure.
Also could anyone give me some tips on this deck. I placed 8th but still had quite a gap till 1st.
http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1434924 It's a beast at 2HKO which is how i got so high
Monday 09/08/10

4 messages
English Chaotic212_MS - last answer from Coldberg, Monday 09/08/2010, 23:32.
Hey, ive been playing UR for a very long time, and i still fail to understand how, ten minutes into a tournament, i see someone with 100 points.... even when i play well i only manage like 150... i could use some basic tips.. im already using some low level cards, trying to have more life and pills at the end... it seems like even if i do the things that increase your points during tourney hours i cant keep up.. what is it?
Sunday 08/08/10

3 messages
English Space Age - subject is closed
I Need some ideas for what Piranas to put in my deck, (and 1 Leader probs Morphun) I've got Dalhia and Scubb so far, I need 5 more cards, and dont bother suggesting Smokey Cr.
5 messages
ελληνικά termin0r - last answer from termin0r, Sunday 08/08/2010, 14:38.
What should i do to NOT LOOSE like 5 times per day by lower attacks on ELO?

I tried staying calm. Failed... it happened so many times the last 2 days.
I tried contacting support.Failed... i got an automated reply.
I tried searching the net for tips.Failed...Everyone said just quit that stupid game.

A tip would be nice.
A fix on those *****ing bugs would be AWESOME.
Saturday 07/08/10

2 messages
English Ouroboros-WMD - last answer from Rage, Saturday 07/08/2010, 22:49.

Under 15k. If you play fast a guaranteed top 100. No skill just 2HKOs.

(..and yes i know Thormund maybe an 11/3 but Dean is what i like)
Friday 06/08/10

8 messages
English local256 - last answer from Hilarious_ian, Friday 06/08/2010, 21:13.
Ok everyone so i decided to play with a low star.9 cards type 2 deck and i lost about 2 battles and i still finished 36 how can i finish in top places
3 messages
English LB_Un67 - last answer from neil467, Friday 06/08/2010, 13:29.

Please rate and comment before too many people rate down...
Thursday 05/08/10

1 message

this deck is a beast but im looking for suggestions that will make it a little better

rate up while you are it plz......also thanks
2 messages
English (BR)-Chrome - last answer from Xiander, Thursday 05/08/2010, 14:36.
Can you tell me if my deck is any goo for tournament?
if not can you tell me what it is good for, if any.
Sol Hona
4 messages
English - Wiseman - - last answer from Rage, Thursday 05/08/2010, 08:52.
2 messages
English Fatecalling - last answer from Rage, Thursday 05/08/2010, 08:51.
If i make top 10 in DT, do i make the podium? And According to the mission of winning a daily tournament, do i have to get 1st place?
5 messages
English Steamvalve - last answer from aravan-1134, Thursday 05/08/2010, 05:47.
Hey guys,

Would any of ya'all be able to take a look at my deck?

Miss Chloe

Right now the deck is really clunky, so if there's any way I can clean it up...and yes, I'm a Sentinel fan, so I picked a sucky clan, blah blah blah.
Tuesday 03/08/10

3 messages
English HoA - Zero - last answer from hello2727, Tuesday 03/08/2010, 14:00.
The Future Intesity

What do you guys think ?

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