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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Saturday 17/07/10

3 messages
English Tazeller - last answer from Tazeller, Saturday 17/07/2010, 14:59.
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Deutsch IDS_XxGOTHxX - last answer from E M E R A L D, Saturday 17/07/2010, 07:09.
Well as title says. pls give some advice and dont forget to rate it if u like it.


Friday 16/07/10

6 messages
English Widowmaker76 - last answer from E M E R A L D, Friday 16/07/2010, 03:06.
I've recently come back to Urban Rivals and looking to play again. Been thinking about the Daily Tournies and trying to figure out what kind of deck to play. I'm running into a familiar conundrum and looking for some thoughts.

In this game like most any relatively balanced TCG, there is a rough rock/paper/scissors system. Execpt with so many options, there's a whole junkdrawer available. However, the decks I've seen still fall into some rough categories:

Aggro (2HKO, +Damage Teams/Naturally high dmg, +Power Teams/naturally high pow)
Manipulation (Life gain, pill manip, poison)
Counter (SoA/SoB, -Atk, Protection)

Decks seem to be either hit 'em hard and fast, mess with them, or shut them down....or a combination of two. There's other variants, but that's what I seem to categorize decks into.

Now, not a a stereotype or a rule, but generally Aggro beats Counter due to big beefy dmg guys smashing in 2-3 rounds. Manipulation can (theoretically) mess with aggro enough for later turn wins. Counter takes away Manipulation's tools. In proper matchups with well funed decks, in theory you should expect at least 50/50 against your favorable matchup, and less than that against bad matchups. Solid play and tactics makes up for some of that as well.

4 messages
English aggiefan - last answer from yk-lyss, Friday 16/07/2010, 02:10.
Like title says I need help making a mono deck for tournys. I have about 50k to spend and I would like T1 but T2 is ok too. Please leave suggestions for me. Thanks in advance!
Thursday 15/07/10

5 messages
English Dexterduck - last answer from mahdin_DvF, Thursday 15/07/2010, 14:30.
I'm playing this deck http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1388768 and have gotten top-100 spots in type 2 tournaments on a regular basis. Am now looking for tips how to make it even more competitive so I can get a top-5 position.

My guidelines for the deck were fairly straightforward:
1. I want to play clans I know and enjoy playing. Aside from Pirates and Sakrohm, these are Nightmare and GHEIST
2. I've played with 35-40 star decks as well, but they don't win me enough battle points, which is why I'm now working with 26 stars
3. I enjoy playing cards that make other people think hard: +/- pillz, - attack, + life etc

If anyone has any ideas for improvement, let me know!
2 messages
English bunzer - last answer from Jin Kisaragi, Thursday 15/07/2010, 01:40.
I have a bunch of Nightmare/Skeelz/Montana
but i have nor idea what to do with them or how to make a good deck out of them i could use some help
my current deck is http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1389286
but i also have cards like : If anyone has any ideas how ican make my deck better please or anything at all let me know
Montana Nightmare Skeelz
------------ --------------- -----------
Avola Eadh Chwing
Ficcanaso Mawpin Deebler
Rosa Pan Redra
Sharon Sasha
Tuesday 13/07/10

5 messages
English batusai120000 - last answer from artax32, Tuesday 13/07/2010, 04:41.
I had hard time in building my deck wich is best for beating other clans
can you help??!
Monday 12/07/10

7 messages
English MrDroxy - last answer from M-Bison, Monday 12/07/2010, 22:51.
I have money but i dont know what to buy my deck Uppers is Burt,Jackie,Nellie,Oxen,Rubie,Samantha,Wayne Stark and Wendel.Just say what i need to change.
6 messages
English PrivatePeterso - last answer from Jin Kisaragi, Monday 12/07/2010, 14:38.
So I wanna start getting into daily tournaments withing a couple weeks.

I tried the search option but cant seem to find a suggested deck type.

Any help? New to this game.

Currently only have Denise, Pam
Saturday 10/07/10

3 messages
English drakenkanon - last answer from SoPunny-Zack, Saturday 10/07/2010, 18:18.
Hallo all

i'd like to hear from some of you with what decks you get good results in the dt's, because i currently do a lot of them but only just get in the top 1/3th, but that is mainly because i play a 36 star deck with 4 elo banned characters, sometimes i only get 2 or 3 points for a win because of these characters. any suggestions on a good deck i could use? i prefer a deck with a couple of "real" t2 cards, because with a 26 star count deck i dont think i whould win much
Thursday 08/07/10

29 messages
English AegisDivine - last answer from AegisDivine, Thursday 08/07/2010, 02:21.
Can someone explain how the point system works in tournies? I just don't understand how if I play my best in 25 min I accumulate 50 points and by then the top player has 200+ points, I mean I can win many matches but damn I just can't keep up to their godlike speed in getting points it all doesn't make much sense to me..
Wednesday 07/07/10

17 messages
Português All-GioYNWA - last answer from All-GioYNWA, Wednesday 07/07/2010, 23:51.
I have been having some ok results at the DT, but I wanted to know how to get a bit more.
I'm using right now a 26 stars Rescue deck, but I rarely get KOs because of the low star count and because the deck is extremaly defensive (Aurora, Suzie, Steve, Slyde, and the support +1 life chick that I forgot the name, Elvira, Kerry, Lea)
Should I risk changing to a more ofensive deck, even though my win-rate on the tourneys will probably drop dramatically? Who should I change out of these?
10 messages
English TheDarkOrc10 - last answer from wasteroftime, Wednesday 07/07/2010, 08:17.
Hey how any tips on this deck would be much appreciated, please read the description so you can understand my thought process for the deck and also what elements of stratergy I want to retain but possibly with better cards


Like all decks without attack manipulation it may be weak if so advise on how to improve that or just how to use my cards better against attack manipulation would be good! Yes I am going to get Striker!
Tuesday 06/07/10

4 messages
English UmExcuseMe - last answer from FAST IS FUN, Tuesday 06/07/2010, 18:05.
When two players have the same number of battle points at the end of a tournament, who is placed higher? I'm asking because in the last DT, I ended up 26th with the same number of battle points as the person on 25th, but I got 234 clintz less.

Wouldn't it be fairest if the prize money for all players with the same score is shared equally?
2 messages
English AoF-Rolfen - last answer from Growing WMD, Tuesday 06/07/2010, 03:33.
Hey guys
Please rate, comment, come with ideas.
And i think i big deal with this deck is missing damage reducing, but it's needed. Discuss

Monday 05/07/10

17 messages
English Jungo SR_OC - last answer from imbrattacarte, Monday 05/07/2010, 19:14.
6 messages
Deutsch Lunabass - last answer from Brusque, Monday 05/07/2010, 18:01.
Ok so i have a not too shabby cardpool, the clans whith wich i'd prefer to build around are:

Ulu Watu

i have no idea how to combine any of them though, mainly cuz i'm just a starter in competitive play (even though i have good cards the mistakes i make are horrible so tips and hints for that are welcome 2)

any help?
1 message
Montana+Hugo Powerfull and cheap
Hugo - get it free when reach lv 15.
Avola - very powerfull 5 star card. Normally i use it after use other cards
Total price is below 7000 Clintz
Easy to win Type 1 match.
It is very good for beginner.
Rate it please.
Saturday 03/07/10

4 messages
English Eogran - last answer from Brusque, Saturday 03/07/2010, 03:59.
Friday 02/07/10

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